Today we analyze the meaning of music in dreams, singing and musical instruments in the dream world. Psychological interpretation and lucky numbers, winning to play with the Neapolitan grimace. What does it mean in the dream to hear rock, classical, metal, pop, reggae, punk, rap, hip hop music sung? Dreaming of listening to a voice of a man or a woman, of a child singing. Dreaming of hearing cheerful, lively or sad, melancholy music. What does it mean, in the dream, to hear someone sing we do not know or we know out of tune? What does it mean to dream of being at a concert and listening to the sound of a piano? Why in a dream can we listen to a guitar, a violin, a trumpet, a saxophone, a drum, an oboe, a cello or any other musical instrument? What does it mean to dream of listening to music at low or high volume? What does it mean to dream of hearing beautiful music? Deafening music, too loud or so low that you don't understand where it comes from and what kind of music it is. Many people say they have dreamed of hearing a certain song, a specific music or having heard a song, a completely non-existent but beautiful, wonderful, sweet music. Dreaming of sounds is never a trivial thing. Composing songs in a dream, hearing an electric guitar, an electric bass, a drums, a magic flute, a clarinet, a wonderful voice singing a beautiful but unknown or well-known song. Listening to a music CD, music on the radio at low or high volume, far away, together with our parents, mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, grandmother, brother-in-law, father-in-law, co-worker, friend, cousin, nephew, children , unknown people, being at a concert and hearing too much noise or deafening but wonderful music and waking up happy, serene. Dreaming of listening to a voice of a man or a woman, of a child singing. One of the most beautiful things to dream of is certainly music. Obviously it can also be annoying, too high in volume or very melancholy but music and sounds in dreams often represent something very beautiful, moments of our life to live. Let's try to understand the meaning behind this kind of dreams and we remind you that if you want to extrapolate some numbers from them to try your luck at a game of chance, then you can use our book on dreams by clicking on the link at the end of this article.


People often say they dreamed of playing a musical instrument such as a piano or a guitar and incredibly a beautiful melody came out, a poignant, sweet, refined, cheerful melody. To understand this kind of dreams we must always start from the concept of music in real life, in everyday life. In fact, each of us has a different approach to music which for some may be fundamental, while others may even hate listening to music of any kind. This concept is fundamental to better interpret dreams of this type as music is a very subjective thing. Generally and according to many scholars and psychologists, when a dream music is very beautiful, sweet, sweet, pleasant and delicate, we are faced with a dreamer who possesses, at least in a certain moment of his life, a great sensitivity, the ability to get excited very high. Often in this case we speak of the dreamer's honesty, of a character that can hardly be corrupted but in our opinion it is much more likely to speak of sensitivity when referring to dreams related to music. In everyday life, we listen to music because we are happy, carefree or because we are very sad. In short, the musical genre we listen to travels together with our way of being at a certain moment of our life. If we are sad we could listen to sad or completely happy music to detach ourselves from that sense of loneliness and melancholy that assails us. Here, if we dream of listening to melancholy, sad music, then we are probably experiencing or are about to live a difficult period, a phase of our life in which we are not happy with what we are doing. Never overlook this kind of dreams as they always represent a state of mind that must not be neglected. Obviously it must also be said that many people love to listen to melancholy music but to be in a completely happy moment of life and therefore for these people dreaming of this type of music does not mean going through a complicated moment. In short, when evaluating the music that appears in dreams it is very important to understand who the dreamer is and what musical preferences he has in his daily life.

Hearing music and songs in dreams, even musical instruments, is almost always a sign of good luck, luck, an event or a pleasant news coming and can herald a joy, a beautiful consolation. In most cases this happens after having dreamed of a sweet, very beautiful, really wonderful, attractive, exciting music that leaves us with that sense of gratitude towards life even after waking up. So music in a dream seems to go hand in hand with the sensitivity and state of mind of the dreamer but there are many elements that can appear in a dream. For example, we can be completely alone in an empty concert hall listening to music or together with the person we love, our parents, relatives, brothers, sisters, some friends, boyfriend, wife, husband, work colleague. The person who is with us can provide us with really valid clues because, for example, if we are with our mother or father while we listen to music, while we see a musical performance, then here we could live a moment of great harmony with this person, feel loved by it and love this person ourselves. Often the person who is by our side in a dream can make us understand the scope of manifestation in real life, the arrival of good news that can relate to family, work, love. Being together with the person we love indicates that perhaps we are experiencing a very beautiful time with her, a harmony that unites even more and solidifies the sentimental relationship. Being in the workplace and listening to wonderful music and being with some work colleague, could signal great advantages and progress in the professional field, perhaps with a very advantageous project coming up for the dreamer. Obviously all this is valid if the music is very beautiful, sweet, poignant, sweet but if it is sad, the news that may arrive will probably not be so pleasant. In some cases it is not easy to interpret this kind of dreams precisely because music is very subjective and only the dreamer can understand well what it causes in his heart and in his mind. Never forget to analyze, to remember every element of the dream, place, people, sensations, emotions, things, objects you encounter.

But what is hidden inside those dreams in which we unexpectedly find ourselves playing an instrument and maybe in our life we??do not know how to play, we have never played? The musical instrument serves to express what we have in our mind and in our heart. In fact, the musician conveys his creativity, his artistic sense, his emotions and sensations, his way of being and living, what he understands from the world around him, through the musical notes expressed by playing an instrument that can be a guitar, a violin, a voice too. There are many instruments but at the base of those dreams in which you play one of them, there is always the need to express what you have in your heart, what you have inside your soul. Here the dreamer may find himself in a moment of his life in which he would like to love more or be loved more or even show others his sensitivity and his artistic sense and here in a dream he plays an instrument creating a music beautiful, sweet, wonderfully delicate. But what happens if in a dream the music is too deafening, too noisy, full of errors, of out of tune notes? Hearing a music that we do not like, that disturbs us, that does not allow us to be serene and cheerful and that makes us wake up perhaps even annoyed and nervous, however, always concerns our state of mind. Maybe in everyday life we??are experiencing a phase of confusion, of uncertainty in a particular area that can be work or sentimental, family and here we listen to someone singing out of tune or we hear a completely wrong, annoying, stressful melody. We must try to understand what is not right in our life and act accordingly, finding support, help, a solution. Often a music that is too loud as a volume or a music that is too low generates bad sensations in the dreamer, a malaise that in turn identifies a malaise in everyday life, a moment in which one is too superficial in dealing with a certain situation that creates confusion and uncertainty. In short, music and musical instruments are almost always the symbol of a state of mind that you live and that can be beautiful or not. Never underestimate the dreams in which music is presented because it represents what we have in the depths of our hearts.

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