What does it mean to dream of being embraced by a deceased man or woman, a dead man we know and who might weep or laugh as he embraces us? And dreaming of hugging your lover during a passionate night of sex in our bed? What numbers of neapolitan grimace should you play if you dream of embracing or being embraced to try a lottery win according to the dream book and the dream guide? What does it mean to dream of hugging the boy you like? Why do you often dream of snapping, shaking the pope, a parent, an uncle, a relative, a friend or a work colleague, or even dreaming of embracing a very famous singer or actor? What meaning and interpretation do you give to the dreams we receive or give a big or small hug to someone, to an unknown person, to a very sad man or woman who is weeping? What does it mean to dream of hugging a person? "The other night I dreamed of embracing my husband and baby, my son and I was crying so much but I was very happy. What does this strange dream mean? Last night I dreamed of receiving a big hug from behind and the person who held me with his huge arms was my grandfather. This night I dreamed of giving a tiny hug to my dog that was very bad. Last night, in a beautiful hug, my mother and father, and my brother and sister". Hugging an ex boyfriend in a dream or embracing even an enemy in our dreams, what can that mean? Dreaming of being embraced by your own wife or girlfriend or by your husband or dreaming of being embraced by a nun, a dolphin, a newborn, a priest. Strange dreams that can occur in our dream life every now and then. Have you ever dreamed of giving a hug to a pet like a cat or a wild animal like a bear, horse, tiger, lion? And feel embraced by an unknown shadow? Some dreams can be very scared, others can make us very sad or happy.


Certainly, in order to understand this kind of dreams, we must think of the meaning of a hug in real life. When we embrace a person in daily life, this gesture can be a gesture of compassion, a gesture of sharing our happiness or someone else's happiness, a gesture of closeness for a difficult time a person is facing. The most popular dreams are undoubtedly dreams in which we embrace a deceased person, a relative, a parent, a grandfather who has died for a long time or a long time but has left a truly unmistakable void in our lives. So embracing a deceased person merely indicates his memory that he does not want to leave our mind because probably the bond that existed during our life and the dead person was really very strong. The lack of a relative, a person we loved very well, is felt in our own dreams with hugs. And if in dreams, does the dreamer embrace a person who is still alive? In fact, we can dream of hugging a friend, an enemy, a relative, a son. Why do these hugs? These dreams are really very personal and should never be underestimated because they indicate a more or less strong bond in our lives, with the person we embrace or embrace us. While the dreamer embraces someone can also cry because he is very happy or smiling, be really serene. The comfort we experience in the dream can indicate the importance that in our lives has a certain person.

And if we huddle in a big hug our enemy? In this case our subconscious It may mean that the person we hate has some qualities that can instead be very useful to our inner and outer evolution, so the dream suggests to understand what aspects of our enemy can be exploited in our favor to improve along the path of our existence. If a person gets very strong, maybe behind our backs and we find that this person is an enemy then we have to be careful because we can be a victim of a trap . In this trancel we can fall even when the person who shakes us from behind and maybe makes us very bad is a person we do not know. A danger that must be avoided and therefore you have to keep your eyes open. Obviously a very important difference in this kind of dream is there. Being embraced often indicates the need for affection, the need to be loved, the awareness that we need love in our lives, a love that is missing and that makes us suffer. The demand to be embraced is almost certainly the sign of a small or great lack of affection. So, for example, children can dream of being embraced by their teacher, a friend, mom or dad, and point out the need to be understood and loved even more. Often these dreams may indicate loneliness, a loneliness that should not be underestimated because it can lead to depression, obviously only in severe cases. Embracing someone in dreams can instead point out the need to do charity work, to help others, to give affection to someone. Maybe we love a person but we can not prove it in real life and here, in our dreams, we do the gesture of embracing.

Dreams that can be very scary are those where the embrace comes from a shadow or a ghost. Often during this kind of dreams we are really scared and so here we talk about real nightmares that can make us wake up at night with our heart beating very strongly because of the fear we felt. What does indicate these dreams and nightmares? Shadows are often linked to some of the fears we have in our lives and the same can indicate ghosts. So a shadow, a ghost, a monster coming to us because they want to embrace us, may mean that in real life we are afraid of someone or something. In fact, most dreamers flee in front of a shadow, a monster, or a ghost that wants to get close to touching the body. Fear is really too strong and we need to find a solution to it in real life. Let's not forget that to interpret a dream or nightmare very well, we must remember objects, people we see, places we are, feelings we feel, and any other clue that can come back very useful to give a good explanation. In this way, for example, we will be able to understand why we are afraid of our lives and what we are afraid to find a solution. Returning to embrace as comfort, it is often possible to dream of embracing the pope, the Madonna, Jesus Christ, a priest or a nun. All these religious symbols certainly indicate that we are going through a difficult time when, however, we have to have much faith because the situation can improve. Embracing animals Obviously indicates a great love for them but also the need to listen to our instincts, our feelings that need not be underestimated. Finally embrace children Very often means feeling the need to find our childhood, a need to feel happy, carefree, just like when we were children.


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