What does it mean to dream of hearing a weird voice asking for help from us and coming from our lover or boyfriend? What does it mean to dream of asking, searching, shouting, shouting, and having no voice? It often happens to dream a request for help from a person who has an accident in a car or a motorcycle and is about to die or is injured. To dream of assisting, sustaining, sustaining, assisting or hindering, countering a person is really a widespread thing. Why can you dream of saving someone who needs help, such as a child? What meaning and interpretation give the dreams in which we can tear away an imminent danger, to subvert death, to rescue a man, a woman, a relative like our grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, brother or sister, mom or dad? What does it mean to dream of helping someone who needs our hand? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace can you play when you dream of giving a hand to a man or woman who asks for help to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide to dreams? And dream of helping you give birth to a woman you do not know, a dog, a cat, a child, a snake, an animal, a dead person, a long-lost person, a parent? Why can you dream of helping others? Why can we save in our dreams an old person, a friend, a boy, a work colleague, a famous singer or actor or a colleague? To dream of so many people who are celebrating and who at some point asks for help to solve a problem, is a dream that many people do. Dreaming of looking for a person and not finding it, dreaming of helping others. "When do you dream a person what does it mean? This night I dreamed of being with my father who needed help but I ran away and did not help. The other night I dreamed of being home with my son and husband who needed me to solve a problem. Last night I met a person in the street who shouted and wanted to be helped by me. Last night I saw in the dream the pope telling me I needed help". Why is it possible to dream about Our Lady, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, or any Holy One who are asking for help to us? Let's see the meaning of these odd dreams that can often become nightmares. Help in our dreams is certainly linked to fears in real life, situations that we have to face but which we do not face. Never forget that a person who wants to have help from us in real life can also simulate a deception. So let's proceed with the analysis of this kind of dreams to understand their meaning.


In real life we??can help a person who asks for help because we are very good people and our heart as well as our intelligence, our mind, tells us that it is necessary to help, to support a person who is in trouble. The first thing that comes to mind when we make a dream in which we give a hand to a person we do not know is that we are perhaps experiencing a period of great altruism and not selfishness. Generally, when things go very well in our lives, we can dream of helping a person precisely because this need is also present in real life, real life in which we are economically very good, we are happy and therefore we feel the need, perhaps hidden within us, to support a man or a woman. Even dreaming of this need to be altruistic in a certain period of our life can be so obvious that we can dream of saving a person from death, a serious danger, a car accident, a shootout or a possible murder. If the person we are trying to save is an unknown person then our selflessness will manifest itself in a strange way and towards a person who for the moment does not need us. But if a person tries to ask for help and we will not be stuck and do nothing? Well, our altruism is blocked, our desire to do good to someone in our lives can not be manifested because we are stuck, we are afraid of something, or our selfishness is simply stronger than the desire to help people who are in trouble. In dreams we can help a very old person, for example a man with white hair and long beard or a baby. The very old man indicates wisdom and the need to receive advice from a person in real life who certainly knows the world better than us. So this kind of dream is really useful because it suggests to the dreamer not to think only with his head but to ask for the collaboration and advice of people who know very well the problem we are facing. In fact, help in dreams is almost always a problem to be solved.

But in a dream to see a child in trouble, who is about to die, who is injured and asks for help, can report ourselves to ourselves. That child often represents ourselves that we need to be helped. Our childhood side can be very helpful in solving some problems because the baby in the dream often indicates a childlike part of our character. But never forget that in order to give a fair interpretation to our dreams, we must not underestimate the places we are, the people we meet, the feelings we experience, and the objects we see. For example, if we are in our dreams in our office, in the company where we work and a colleague asks us for help, maybe in the next few days we may have a need to settle a working and professional problem that also involves a person working with we. Even some people dream of assisting and assisting a man or woman who is about to die or are injured and lose a lot of blood. Blood in dreams often indicates a period of great physical and mental fatigue while death indicates a change that can be positive or negative in the real life of the dreamer. Obviously it is crucial to remember whether we can help the person or if we have difficulties, we feel stuck and we can not do anything. Feeling stuck in our dreams is a very common thing and shows fears, fears, bad things that we can not overcome. So if we can not help a person in the dream because we are stuck, stuck, we can not move, talk, shout, then the problem is certainly very serious and we must find a valid solution as soon as possible. You should never underestimate this kind of dream because they offer a fundamental message to find a good balance in our lives. Helping a person who is dying, then saving someone in our dreams is certainly a very good clue that can signal a favorable evolution in our lives. Even these dreams can also indicate good news, a chance to earn or work. But let's see the meaning of the dreams we are with our boyfriend, husband, son, parent, brother or sister.

When we dream of being helped by a person we know and who is part of our family or dream of helping a relative, we must take into account the relationship we have in real life with this person, in short, one must consider the interpersonal relationships that are present in our lives. Of course the help of a person towards us or our help to a person we know very well indicates the need to find harmony again. To understand this very important concept, let us take a quick look. Dreaming of helping our boyfriend means that a sentimental problem must be resolved in our couple relationship. With this dream we are aware of the problem and in real life so we have to face it and overcome it. A child who dreams of being helped by a parent can signal the need to find better communication and in fact very often the relationship between parents and children is complex in many families. Helping or helping, supporting, or being assisted, assisted, assisted, assisted or rescued is almost always a signal of a relational problem, a communication problem, a problem of interpersonal difficulty that the dreamer has towards society or in detail of a person with whom he lives. Before concluding this article, we want to focus on asking for help in the dream. When we cry, we shout because we are in trouble because we have done a terrible accident because a person wants to kill or hurt us or because a very fierce dog or another very aggressive and dangerous animal wants to pursue us to bite, we must try to understand that Our life needs support, we must be helped and we must not be afraid to ask for help to someone who can give us a hand. What is the problem we are facing that we can not overcome? What fear do we have in our lives? What illness does not make us live as we would like? Here, in the dream, we ask for help and our subconscious invites us to find the solution not inside ourselves but on the outside, by meeting people who can be useful in solving the problem that could otherwise be worse.


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