Who is the voice that calls us by name, in the night and in our dreams and call me a warning? What does it mean to dream of hearing a terrible voice calling you, who says your name? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace need to be played when dreaming about what they call us to try a lottery win according to dream book and dream guide? Dreaming a voice what meaning and interpretation does it have? How do we know if there is a presence near us in a dream? What does it mean to dream of hearing a voice that calls me? Why can you hear, hear very weak voices or very strong voices that shout our name in a dream perhaps in an unknown language? A voice that calls you into sleep can really scare you a lot. Feeling calling from a voice or from multiple items that come from a person we do not know or from a ghost, a dead person, a shadow. Feel confusing voices in the dream or hear an item calling your name. To hear a female, male voice, a man of a woman, a child, my mother, my father, my grandfather, my grandmother, or some dead, what can it mean? "The other night I dreamed of a voice talking to me on the phone but I did not understand his words. Last night I heard an angelic, marvelous, beautiful, gentle, and sweet voice that invited me to listen to a message. Tonight I hear from a terrible, obscure, scary, terrible voice and I'm very scared. In the past night I heard in my dream my name that was spoken of by Our Lady or by Jesus Christ". Let's understand the meaning of this kind of dreams that are widespread.


One of the most scary dreams we can do is that we hear a terrible voice saying our name and calling us to go somewhere. Often these voices are not sweet and beautiful but terrible and can make us wake up with a great deal of fear. But how can you dream these voices and above all what they want to tell us? Listening in a dream is very important. In real life we listen to other people in order to learn something, to get advice and find solutions to our problems. In everyday life we hear what people want to tell us and then communicate, talking to them. So voice is a means of creating interpersonal relationships, voice is a powerful tool that connects people. When we dream of hearing a small or great voice calling us using our real name, then the problem lies in the communication and relationships that we live in our lives. If the voice is weak, if we can not understand the message, we do not hear its words or it speaks a language we do not understand, then clearly in everyday life we are facing a serious relational problem. With whom do we fail to communicate? With whom do we have a communicative block and with which person we can not speak? In dreams we can also find simple clues that tell us in what relationship of our life the problem arises. For example, if the voice that calls us is a voice we recognize then we have found the relationship that needs to be settled.

Perhaps the voice that says our dream name is the voice of our son or the voice of our father or mother or even a school teacher. Obviously in real life we have to face a serious communication problem with one of these people. The voice that cries can be the symbol of a big problem that we can not solve because we are unable to make us understand. Sometimes these rumors threaten us and tell us that terrible things can happen in our lives. These dream dreams tell the dreamer to be very careful not to underestimate some of the advice that somebody wanted to give us in our lives. Often we do not listen to the advice of our parents but we realize that their advice is right. Here in the dream we can hear their voice because our subconscious warns us that the best thing is to follow these tips. Many people dream of some shadows or strangers, faceless, men or women, or even ghosts, who shout our name and surname so strongly that they wake us up during sleep and in the middle of the night. These dreams can really be nightmares but always hide a very important meaning and communication that should not be overlooked. The dead who speak with us must be listened very well because they can indicate a great event in our lives.

Another meaning that dream voices can identify is what concerns some life situations that we feel guilty about. Are we guilty of committing a crime? This guilt that is not considered in life is because the dreamer does not know how to be objective in evaluating the facts, in a dream comes out with a strong voice or a faint voice that recites our name. Here, in these cases, we feel we have the unclear consciousness and being really guilty. These dreams must open our eyes and help us understand where we are wrong and how we can fix it. One must never forget that in the dream world everything is concealed and never concealed in an obvious way. For example, a place where we are, an object we meet or observe can hide a message that can help us to decipher the situation that needs to be addressed in our lives. And we must not forget the sensations we experience in dreams. If we are afraid, we are afraid, the voice we are listening to is a voice that calls to be very careful to avoid making other mistakes. If, however, the voice is sweet, beautiful, kind and we feel a great feeling of peace and serenity then in our life we??are making the right choices. Let's conclude this article by talking about those dreams where the voice that we hear is a voice that comes from an angel, the Madonna, Jesus or a saint. These dreams often point to the need to regain confidence and hope in our life that perhaps is lacking.


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