Lice, fleas, ticks in the dream can be really nasty. What does it mean to dream of seeing lots of lice on our head or an animal like a cat or dog or dreaming of scratching in the head, in the hair because there are many lice? What does it mean to dream of being in a very dirty house full of lice? What and how many numbers of Neapolitan grimace can you play when you dream of being pushed by the lice to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide to dreams? Because you can often dream of killing a huge louse or cleaning, disinfect the head of our father or our mother, a friend or colleague of work from very small and very annoying insects such as lice, terrible parasites lying in the scalp and between the hair lay the eggs? What meaning and interpretation do you give to dreams where we see louse eggs scattered around the house or within our hair? Dreaming of lice eggs in the head, among our beautiful hairs, huge lizards, big, white, red, black, hundreds and thousands of lice. Why can we dream many lizards and kill them, feel itching in the head? Have you ever dreamed of getting lice in the house or on the bed or picking flowers full of lice? What does it mean to dream of having the lice and wash them? What does it mean to dream of having head lice and trying to crush them? And dreaming lice on another person's head, like a child, a son, a husband, a boyfriend, a parent, a grandfather or grandmother, a relative? Why, when we dream of combing in the mirror, can we see some lice moving between our hairs? Dreaming of lice falling from the head is a widespread dream among people and has a very important meaning. "The other night I dreamed of seeing lice and ticks on the cat, dog, pasta, all over the body and falling from my wife's head. Last night I dreamed of seeing a famous singer and actor scratching in the head because she had many lice. This night I dreamed of eating a louse and then I was vomiting and I felt very badly. Last night I came home and saw thousands of lice in my bedroom on my bed. Why do you always dream of seeing a brother, a sister, a deceased person who has been dead for so long that he asks me to kill some lice?" Today we see understanding the meaning of these insects that certainly in real life are very annoying and dangerous because they can lead to many illnesses.


Lice but also other insects such as ticks and fleas can undoubtedly point to a very annoying situation we are experiencing and so we can not find a good solution. In real life, lice is a serious problem with children's hygiene especially when they go to school because the risk of infecting other children is very high. A paradoxical situation but unfortunately still exists in many parts of the world. Lice therefore not only represents a very complex and annoying situation, boring to solve but also a problem that can be so important to infect other people. Lice is very tiny insects that lay eggs in the hairy parts of our body, especially on the hair. The hair is on our head and it is obvious that the comparison can be made with our thoughts. Perhaps we are experiencing a situation, in real life, very difficult to solve and that brings so many thoughts. Sometimes the lice shows simple problems, little problems that can be solved very quickly and this if we succeed in killing them, destroy them without much effort. Seeing so many lice is definitely a good signal because it can mean that we have been aware of the problem that disturbs our thoughts and our lives. Certainly if in our dreams we see on our head or on another person's head, lice that make eggs, then almost certainly the problems we can increase and not be easily resolved by ourselves. If we find that we have some lice on our heads and wash with shampoo, then in our life we ??will surely find a good solution to solve our small or big difficulties but if the lice does not go away even with washing then the problems will not easily solvable and maybe we will have to ask for somebody's car and in fact it may happen that in our dreams a person helps us to disinfect our hair, our home from the lice. Helping in dreams by a person certainly means that in our lives we will be able to settle things with some people.

But lice, fleas, and ticks can also signal a much greater danger. In fact, they can represent an attack by an enemy, a person or more people who want to hurt us in our dreams, want to create serious problems. In short, we could be a trap, a deception by different people, perhaps at the workplace. As we always say, never forget to remember the feelings you dream in, the objects you see, the people you meet and the places you are in because all these details can help us find a great interpretation of the dream. For example, dreaming of being with a parent who is full of lice on his head or that helps us remove, kill lice from the head, from our bedroom, from our home can of course report a family problem that concerns communication with our parents. Seeing a working fellow with so many head lice can point to problems that may also affect us at work and professional level, perhaps economic and financial situations that can lead us to ruin. Love can also be a manifestation of these dreams. Seeing our boyfriend, husband, lover who has so many lice moving on his head is certainly a signal of relational difficulties in the feelings, difficulties that obviously have to be resolved to avoid worsening the love affair. But in our dreams we can fortunately also try to kill the lice, these annoying insects. Killing lice means to be able to find a good solution to a problem we have and also to be able to get away and defeat some people who want our evil. We have said that lice eggs can represent more problems that may come in our lives and aggravate the already very complex situation but sometimes, eggs can represent opportunities and gain opportunities. We also say something else. Often we can dream of seeing fleas and ticks in the fur of our cat or dog. This type of dream can be a part of our character that we do not like much and we would like to change.

Hardly in dreams we are happy to see these insects and indeed we try to run away from them or try to kill them and destroy them. The discomfort we experience in dreams is obviously a nuisance that we perceive in real life and that our subconscious brings back to our dream world to remind us that we need to solve a problem to regain the serenity we may have missed. Numerous daily worries are often represented in dream by so many insects such as lice that move on our head or even on our body. Often if the lice is on one arm, one hand or one leg can represent some troublesome work problems. Some psychiatrists and dream scholars offer a different meaning to lice eggs. They may represent the fear of saying something that was not told to someone, so that they revealed a secret that was supposed to be hidden. This action can thus have very negative consequences in our lives because of our negligence. Anxiety, tension and concern for the actions we have made for revealed secrets can lead us to dream of so many lice that invade our house or our head and that we are not trying to eliminate it. The guilt therefore becomes very strong within us. The only solution after dreaming these insects is to identify and address the problem and solve all the issues that create anxiety and relational difficulties in our earthly existence. We conclude this article by saying that the dimensions of the objects, the things we encounter in the dream are very important. Although it may seem strange, it is possible to dream of a few lousy but really big, huge ones that point to a serious problem, a great difficulty in our lives that causes a lot of annoyance to ourselves and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Lots of lice can indicate a lot of problems, perhaps very small but easily resolved.


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