Dizziness in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. The feeling of dying in a dream due to a panic attack or vertigo is widespread. What does it mean to dream of having a strong sense of vertigo? What does it mean when you turn your head in a dream? Why is it possible to dream of having a dizziness, instability, a failure, a daze, a serious disturbance or a slight loss? What does it mean to dream of being afraid of emptiness under our feet? And dream of flying on a plane and having vertigo? Why can we dream of being afraid of heights and therefore suffer from vertigo? Dreaming of being afraid of falling from a small or great height, dreaming of being up high and being afraid of falling into a ravine or of descending and ascending the stairs. Many people say they dreamed of falling down the stairs in a never-ending cesspit. What does it mean to dream of being on a bridge, on a river, on the top of a very high mountain or volcano and feeling dizzy? What does it mean to dream of having vertigo? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do I have to play if I dream of being on a tall building and I suffer from vertigo, to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? Being together with parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, brothers-in-law, cousins, relatives and family and being afraid to fly because of vertigo. What meaning is hidden behind these fearful dreams? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother and father while flying in a plane but I was scared and vomited. Tonight I remember dreaming of being on the roof to throw myself down and die but I had a bad headache and I was stuck, I could not move. Last night I dreamed of being with my son, my husband and my grandparents on a big bridge and below us there was a huge emptiness. I was very afraid of falling and strong dizziness. Last night I was with a colleague and a friend of mine and also with my girlfriend. We had to throw ourselves off a ravine but I could not move and my head was spinning. I felt I was dying". In this article we try to understand the meaning of vertigo and similar sensations that unfortunately we can experience in real life but also in our dream world and that naturally hide fears that must be carefully analyzed.


What are vertigo? We must start from the meaning of this word to get to understand the meaning of this terrible feeling that can occur even in our dreams and nightmares. Vertigo is a distortion of the sensory perception of the person. This distortion gives a strange feeling of balance of the body which is actually very dangerous. In short, during a vertigo we perceive everything that is around us very differently and our body is not in perfect balance. So we can fall, faint, vomit. Dizziness is really terrible sensations and those who suffer from this pathology do not have to walk along very tall bridges, climb stairs, go on terraces or in places where you can watch what is underneath. Even traveling by plane can be very dangerous for men and women suffering from this condition. Well, now that we understand that vertigo is a pathology, a symptom of something that does not work in our body, we can understand its presence in our dreams. When we dream of experiencing a small or strong sensation of vertigo, almost certainly, in our life, we are in a period of light or great confusion that does not allow us, for example, to make a choice, to make a decision. Vertigo is therefore the symbol of a period of our earthly existence in which clarity is absent and our mind is clouded by non-positive thoughts. In fact, very often, these dreams come to a phase of our life in which we do not know what to do because our ideas, our projects are nebulous, unrealistic and useless and therefore we should change, we should find other paths, follow other paths and maybe ask for help from someone who can illuminate our existential journey. These dreams are never trivial and their meaning and message are fundamental but the problem is that often we fail to give a correct interpretation, perhaps underestimating all the elements we see in a dream. For example, to understand well the meaning of the vertigo we feel in the dream world, we must also remember objects we see, people we meet, places we visit and feelings, emotions that we experience.

The sensations we feel are fundamental because they can already provide a good dose of interpretation. Clearly having dizziness in a dream is not a good feeling and therefore we can start from here to understand that something is wrong with our life, some situations require a lot of attention on our part and should not be underestimated. Since vertigo is often associated with vomiting, headaches and fainting, sometimes they represent a real physical, but above all mental discomfort which is usually also accompanied by a phase of our existence in which the creative energies are scarce, almost absent. In short, the dizziness in dream can signal a very scarce period, in which things do not go absolutely well and in which we ourselves can not find valid solutions because our mind is blurred and devoid of any positive and optimistic idea. And here we can associate this kind of dreams with pessimism, negativity and a phase of inertia, of loss that can be very harmful to humans. In fact, but only in some cases, these dreams can indicate a period of melancholy, sadness and depression. Often, after facing a terrible loss, then the loss of a person we love, after losing a job or a large sum of money, we can dream of having vertigo and therefore our own subconscious wants to make us understand that we are facing a period really scary, terrible, very negative but you have to have the strength to go out. Never forget that dreams are used to draw lessons, to make ourselves aware of a problem in our lives that must necessarily be solved. The sector of our life in which to face the problem must be very clear, however, and so here the details in dreams are fundamental. For example, if we are at home and have a head turn, probably the problem to be faced is at the family level. Which people are with us in our dreams? Sons, husbands, wives, parents. These people offer numerous clues to understand the problem, to understand what it refers to.

And have you ever been afraid of something you do not know? And here is another possible and interesting meaning of vertigo in the dream world, imaginary world but often very real because it is the bridge between the subconscious and the unconscious, then between the depth of our soul and our mind that during the day can not see, understand, some things. To be afraid of things we do not know. What is happening in our life that scares us? We met a person that we like a lot and that attracts us physically and sexually and maybe even mentally but we do not feel ready for this relationship and then in a dream we suffer from vertigo and maybe we find the person we want. Our discomfort derives from the fear of facing a love relationship which, however, could be very positive. Here the dream asks us to overcome these difficulties, to react, not to be afraid but to face the romantic relationship because its future could be very bright, lucky, interesting. So vertigo can be seen as a momentary obstacle that we are afraid of but only because we do not know it. Dreaming of having vertigo and therefore losing the stability of your body or of objects around us, very often indicates a state of profound anguish that comes from interpersonal, social and social problems with people who live with us, work with us and that we love. These dreams can have a very strong connection with work and social climbing. We follow a path in our working and social life that can lead us to assume important tasks and have, get a lot of satisfaction. Unfortunately, however, sometimes, despite the security that is within us, because we are perfectly aware of our qualities, we live moments of uncertainty, atrocious doubts and we can fear for our realization, we can think of losing all that we are making along this path of life.


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