Abortion in dreams what does it mean? What does it mean to dream of having a pregnancy break or find out that you have to have spontaneous abortion from your doctor, gynecologist? What does it mean to dream of aborting in our home alone or with the help of a person as a friend or parent? Dreaming of one's abortion or abortion can be a really terrible and very frightening dream, especially if the dreamer is a woman who is really pregnant and awaits the birth of a baby or a baby. To dream of involuntarily aborting in really strange places such as the home bath, the bedroom, a strange hospital or medical clinic or in the house of friends during a party. What does it mean to dream of aborting and seeing the fetus live or dead? And dream of an abortion of a relative, aunt, cousin, grandmother, girlfriend, wife, lover, mother? Even some women dream of seeing a famous singer or actor or a brother or sister abort. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace can bring me to a lottery winnings if I dream of attending an abortion, according to the book of dreams and the guide on dreams? What does it mean to dream of having an abortion? "This night I dreamed of seeing and attending a spontaneous, voluntary abortion of an animal and a person. The other night I dreamed of being with my mother, my cousin, my grandmother, my friend and colleague, and going to abort in the hospital, in a private and hidden hospital clinic. Last night I dreamed of aborting two twins, a son and a female son. Last night I had a terrible dream when I saw a newborn already dead. I dreamed of being in my city hospital and being pregnant. At some point I was very scared because I was going to lose my baby, with a lot of blood loss and I was very frightened". One of the worst nightmares a woman may have is to be on a bed while an abortion is taking place with a dead baby or a baby that resembles an animal or a beast with a horrible face. Have you ever dreamed to see a woman crying very scared, seeing another old woman or unknown young woman aborting? And dream of aborting for the sake of unwanted pregnancy? Women unfortunately often do these dreams that are really nightmares of course. Abortion in women's dreams is really widespread and the reasons for this are different. Today, in this article, we try to understand how to handle this kind of dreams that carry a message that is of course important to the dreamer especially when it is a woman but it can not happen rarely that a man assists in his dreams of an abortion.


We begin with a very important speech. In real life women can become pregnant with a baby and dream of their pregnancy very often. These dreams obviously reflect concerns about a pregnancy that maybe has no problem but that in the woman's mind and future mom may become obsessions. Maybe in a real life, a pregnant woman does not make anyone understand what concern is about the child and the fear of losing it with an abortion but dreams do not lie about the mental state of a person and therefore the calm and serenity that one has in real life, just hidden, comes out in dreams with such nightmares and that is with dreams where we may lose the baby we are waiting for. A pregnant woman in real life can dream of seeing a woman who is about to abort, but that woman may just be her own, and even it is often possible to dream of seeing her mother, her best friend, a workman, in short, a person to whom we we want very well but that it represents only the woman she is dreaming of. These dreams can hardly be premonitors dreams, that is presuming the real loss of a child. Very often, however, they come to indicate the normal worry that a future mother may have relative to the birth of a child who is perhaps the first child to come into the family. Aborting in a dream is therefore just a matter of being very worried about your health. If the dreamer awaits the birth of a child, it should still make a check-up to be certain that there is no problem and that pregnancy is going on in the best way. Some psychologists and scholars of the dream world, see abortion, a series of troubles that are about to come to life in the dreamer, especially if it has a strong Catholic faith. We can be really pregnant or not but dream of aborting and maybe losing so much blood. Since the Catholic Church is against the abortions it considers to be a deplorable act as the right to life must not be denied to anyone, then it is very probable, according to some scholars, that abortion in dreams can lead to trouble.

Aborting in a totally spontaneous manner can signal the lack of responsibility, the desire to refuse the responsibilities of life. The fear of accepting important responsibilities in our lives can thus be expressed in a dream with the abortion event, and perhaps during this event, the dreamer feels a good sense of freedom. Abortion in dreams as a refusal of responsibility and comparison is very well built because a pregnancy is a real responsibility of a woman and, in general, of the future parents of the baby that should be born. If having spontaneous abortion in dreams means refusal of responsibility, having a voluntary abortion can signal a desire to be free, to feel free in our lives. Certainly it may seem strange but some men have dreamed of being pregnant and aborting or seeing a pregnant woman who aborted. The meaning, even for men, is the same, so any lack of responsibility and desire to be more free in their earthly existence. But why can we dream of aborting in our home or in a hospital or even in a very expensive private clinic? So abortion at home may indicate that the problem concerns our family because, however, abortion in dreams almost always means a problem to be resolved. So when we do this kind of dreams we have to try to understand what kind of problem is present in our family and a valid help to a correct interpretation of this kind of dreams is to remember places where we are, people who are with us, feelings we experience and objects we see. All of these elements can provide very good clues in order to understand the message the dream really wants to report. Aborting in the clinic, with the help of doctors and nurses, is a good sign because maybe someone will support us in solving problems. Abortion in dreams almost always signals the interruption of an event in our lives, a break that can be experienced tragically or in a truly peaceful and peaceful way when the event that is happening is a dream-friendly event that leads to liberation from someone or something. For example, a girl might suffer from the closure of a sentimental story and therefore dream of being pregnant but of aborting.

A boy might dream of seeing his mother abort and in real life he leaves the maternal home, feeling more free and no longer parenting. Aborting spontaneously in dreams is an event that can be associated with the fear of external events that may affect or change the situation that we are experiencing. We may have difficulty in carrying on some of our projects that must therefore be blocked. We can feel the need to put an end to a period of long-lasting stress that has only touched us, and if in dreams, during abortion, we see so much blood coming out, then the time the dreamer is living can really be very heavy and tiresome. Blood can often be associated with feelings of self-destructiveness that the dreamer possesses, and it is very clear that this kind of dreams must lead to the handling of these ugly emotions that must become creative and not completely destructive and tragic emotions and can have very negative consequences in dreamer's life. But in dreams it is also possible to see an animal that gives birth to a small dead animal and therefore to an animal that aborts. Why can we dream of seeing abortion? Animals in our dreams often identify some of our character features. For example, a fox may indicate cunning, a dog can indicate loyalty, and a snake can signal a sense of envy and jealousy. So when we do this kind of dreams we must always try to understand what the animal refers to, what part of our character refers and maybe try to figure out whether it can refer to a person in the real life we ??are experiencing and that can be wise, smart, faithful, or jealous and jealous. And if you dream of aborting a fetus with a terrible face, a disfigured face, or an animal, a beast? These dreams can really be very scary, but simply indicate that in our lives we have the strong need to abandon a road, to refuse a situation that is no longer positive for us. As you may have understood, terrible dreams, they can bring very positive messages to the dreamer who must, however, be able to understand them to understand what lesson the dream is offering.


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