Meaning, interpretation and numbers of the dream of having a child, a baby, a girl, a newborn or even two, three, four, five, many children. Yes, today in this article we are talking about a dream event that is very widespread among the female population, among women, girls, mothers but not only, even among men. When we analyze everything you will understand why even men can have this kind of dreams. Why can we dream of having a girl or a boy? How many of you have dreamed at least once in your life of having a son or daughter? What does it mean to dream of having a newborn baby in her arms crying or laughing? And dreaming of caressing, kissing, touching a newborn child? Maybe it happens to dream of having a child with a handicap but not wanting it or of having a child with another man or with another woman. Discovering in a dream that you have had, that you have given birth to a female child or a child born prematurely, too small, with a very tiny weight. Let's find out together what it means to dream of having a baby by immediately saying that in most cases it is a beautiful dream. Some people say they have dreamed of a child so small that it fits into the palm of a hand or a child very similar to Jesus, surrounded by a wonderful, very bright and almost blinding light. What does it mean to dream of having a child with an unknown person or with a relative? Why can we dream of getting pregnant even if we are very old and therefore of having a son or daughter? It often happens that we dream of having a child that is not ours, of giving birth to a baby with a friend , with the best friend of our husband or our boyfriend or having a child with a man who belongs to another people, therefore a foreigner. As we always say when we interpret dreams or nightmares, remember that a correct interpretation starts from the real life we??have and from the concepts and meanings we attribute to everything around us. Consequently, if we dream of having a child we must understand in real life what we think of children and if they can be something positive for us. But let's talk in depth about this discourse by analyzing the more or less common dreams, even the apparently trivial ones that have as their protagonist a son, a daughter who could be ours or someone 's.


Children represent our future, the future of the world, the life that is born and develops until it reaches death. First of all, women can dream more often than men of having a baby simply because they can become mothers, feeling a very sweet creature growing in their womb for about nine months. The strong desire to become a mother in real life naturally in a dream can turn into seeing the birth of a beautiful baby. If in everyday life we??do not feel the need to have a new son or daughter because maybe we are already happy parents, then behind this type of dreams there is another meaning. To better understand the various hidden meanings behind the birth of a newborn, we must start from the concept of a new birth, of being innocent who comes into this world which therefore represents a change, a novelty, a new energy that almost certainly affects the dreamer's life. or in some cases that of those who are by our side, that we love, of the members of our family. Yes, because it can often happen to have dreams that do not indicate an event that concerns us personally but that interests a person close to us. Therefore the child can represent a novelty, a renewal, a change, a new vision that appears in your life in relation to some sector that can be work, sentimental, family, even economic. Generally these dreams always indicate positive events and sensations that you will experience in real, daily life but in dreams there is almost always an upset, something we don't like, maybe a little negative feeling we feel, an individual that bothers us, an object that it reminds us of a negative event or, in the case of children, we may notice that he is sad, cries too much, has a physical handicap, is ugly, bleeds, feels pain. Here is that if we notice something abnormal in the figure of the newborn then probably the event we will witness, the news that will arrive in our life, will leave us perplexed, we will not be so happy, perhaps because they arrive unexpectedly and we do not know how to behave. However it is very rare that dreaming of having a child or a child indicates nefarious, negative events.

A very common dream is one in which we hold in our arms, in our arms a child who can be ours or someone 's. This maternal and very sensitive gesture indicates an event that will interest you very closely and that will bring joy, great sensations, emotions, considerable progress into your life and that could affect any sector. In fact, do not forget that in a dream known and unknown places can appear, various objects that remind us of something, colors, emotions. Everything must be remembered and analyzed when we wake up to give a correct interpretation to the dream. For example, if we dream of having a child in a professional environment then an evolution could happen in this sector while if we are surrounded by family members, such as brothers, sisters, parents, then the event will most likely concern the family, the home. Another very important meaning in relation to the birth of a child in a dream is that connected with our desire to return to being like children, therefore carefree, free, serene and happy without the constraints of everyday life that an adult has to face. During a period of stress, a period in which we are unable to have fun, to develop creative skills, to pursue a hobby that allows us to relax and express our qualities, here it can happen to have dreams of this kind, in to whom the presence of a happy or even sad child wants to signal us that to feel more serene we must develop our skills more, becoming more carefree, finding the time to get away from the many vicissitudes and problems that life puts us in front of. And if we are women and in a dream we discover that we have had a child with another woman or we are men and we discover that we have given birth, conceived a child to another man? In these cases it is important to make a differentiation . If in real life we??are in love with a man being a man ourselves or we have a love relationship with a woman being a woman, then the dream can refer to everything we have said before while if we live a heterosexual relationship, here it is. in this case we are talking about an event that is still beautiful but that could surprise us a lot, it could come like a bolt from a clear sky and upset part of ourselves.

It can happen that you give birth to a child who is too small, perhaps obese, too thin, deformed, with some physical or mental handicap. Many future mothers can have this kind of dreams because they are still afraid of not living a peaceful pregnancy and of having a child who has problems and therefore we are simply faced with concerns. If, on the other hand, we do not feel, in daily life, the desire to have a child, then finding ourselves in a dream to have a child with some problem can indicate that the event that will arrive will still be beautiful, exciting but will hide something worrying. In short, we could experience a joyful event but that for some reason could upset us and not make us absolutely happy. Fantastic is the dream of breastfeeding a baby. We ourselves who have given birth to a new creature and that we continue to feed this creature so that it grows healthy. Behind this type of dreams we can see an event that comes or that we are already experiencing and that allows us to give and receive because when a mother breastfeeds she gives love and life to the baby as well as food but also receives a lot of love, affection, serenity and joy. The event that will happen to us will be absolutely our merit, it will be the fruit of our past sacrifices and we will be able to experience immense joy. Now let's analyze another dream and that is the one in which we see a child who is not ours and whom we wish to embrace, touch, caress. We lack something in our life, we feel we are not happy as we would like to be and therefore we seek happiness in that of other people. Here in a dream we could kidnap a child, pick up a newborn that is not ours and feel that we are serene, happy. When we wake up we try to understand what we do not have, what we lack to be more peaceful with ourselves and if we can, we fight to achieve it. If, on the other hand, we dream of having a child who is stolen from us by someone then we are probably full of worrying thoughts that we are living in our daily life and that steal our energy, not allowing us to be happy and peaceful. Let's remove these thoughts from us and we will return to live, much better. Finally, dreaming of a child representing Jesus is the symbol of a great hope coming true or a great inner peace that we are about to achieve.

Often all of us look for in the dreams that we do some numbers to be able to play some gambling to groped for an economic win. Generally dreams do not refer to numbers and cash winnings but who knows that we can have luck sometimes, pulling particular numbers out of the dream world. For this reason there are dream books like the one we have on our website. In fact, below you can find a link to a page where you can find the numerical correspondence of various objects, people, situations that can arise in the world of dreams. For example, in the case of the dream we have analyzed, you could find the words child, birth, surprise and what you can come up with in any case. Good luck and we hope that after dreaming of a newborn son or daughter, you can experience an amazing event that can bring immense joy to your life and to your heart.


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