Prison in dreams. Psychological meaning, interpretation and numbers of the Neapolitan grimace to play. Dreaming of trying to escape from a prison in which we have been unjustly locked up. Being in a dark, cramped, very small and cramped prison with a bed and a bathroom. Feeling very cold and a choking sensation, none helping us. Does dreaming of prison indicate a sense of guilt? What does it mean to dream of being unjustly accused? How come we can dream of being arrested and taken to jail by some policemen or carabinieri? Why can we dream of being caged in a very small cell together with other people? What does it mean to dream of being taken to prison without having done anything serious? Why can prison appear in our dreams? The bars and doors of a prison in a dream have a non-trivial meaning that must be carefully analyzed. What does it mean to dream of being prisoners? What does it mean to dream of being searched for without a valid reason? This kind of dreams can be very scary and make us wake up at night with our heart beating very fast but obviously we must not think that in real life we??will be arrested and taken to jail. What does it mean to dream of going to or being in prison? It can happen to find yourself in prison alone or together with unknown people who want to harm us or together with one of our parents, mother, father, brother, sister , grandfather, friend, cousin, uncle, boyfriend, wife, husband, co-worker. Every dream element that appears is really very important and should not be neglected. So for example if we dream of being in a cell we must also remember the sensations, good or bad we have experienced. Probably being in jail, therefore closed behind bars, we will not experience good feelings and emotions anyway. But why does prison appear in a dream despite the fact that in everyday life we??are very honest people? Why can we be unfairly stopped by the police and arrested while driving or walking? Let's try to understand how all this is possible by analyzing the reason behind this symbolism which is also quite widespread among the population. In fact, many people say they dreamed of finding themselves in jail and even undergoing a judicial process before a judge.


First of all, to understand the meaning of dreams in which a prison appears, we must be careful to analyze our life, what we live every day because it can help us a lot to understand the fears we are facing. In fact, behind the symbolism of prison we often find some fears we are experiencing, uncertainties, doubts, sufferings to which we cannot find valid solutions in real life and therefore have repercussions in our dreams and nightmares through the appearance of a prison in which we can find ourselves. alone or in the company of someone we know or not. The prison cell can be very cramped, dark, very narrow, cold, without a bathroom, without a light and without a window. prison can be really scary especially if we don't understand why we were arrested and taken to that place. What is happening in our life? What fears do we face? What fears are we facing? What kind of uncertainties do we experience? In which sector are we undecided, afraid? In addition to the conditions of the place where we are locked up, we must always carefully analyze any objects, people and sensations we experience. The sphere of manifestation of the dream can actually be varied and therefore only by analyzing all the elements very carefully will we be able to draw a useful interpretation. Therefore prison is a place of punishment but also a place in which to learn to understand from the mistakes we have made. Perhaps in real life the dreamer knows that he has committed something unpleasant that could affect any area of??his life. Maybe it is not an action that has been performed but simply a thought, an idea that is not put into practice but that our subconscious perceives as not positive. Sometimes it can happen in life to do something that we would not have wanted to do, to make a mistake, to take one path instead of another, to make a choice instead of taking another decision and here the prison suggests that maybe we were wrong or in any case we think we were wrong. Each of us makes mistakes in his life, each of us makes choices that can then turn out to be wrong and each of us does not perceive what is around us well, what surrounds us. Here all this is revealed in a dream.

To understand why we can dream of being in jail alone or with someone, let's make brief examples. We could experience a professional moment in which our ideas are not appreciated, in which collaboration is lacking in the workplace, that with colleagues or with the person in charge. Agreements or business are bad, they are unsatisfactory and here we find ourselves alone or in the company of a work colleague, in prison. In the cell we could also be with a parent, mother, father, brother, sister or other relative. Here it is necessary to understand well the relationship that one is living daily with this person in order to arrive at a correct conclusion. A son who sees the relationship with his father or father too castrating, too cumbersome. Two parents with do not give the freedom requested by the child, too severe, austere and therefore the lack of freedom and independence of the child or the boy manifests itself in dreams with an arrest that leads to jail. Especially adolescents can have this kind of dreams because adolescence is a period in which the desire to feel freer grows more and more, it needs to manifest itself. But even if we are adults and have a good relationship with our parents we can dream of being in prison. A guy could be in a relationship with a woman who is jealous, possessive, too obsessive towards him and therefore this lack of trust between them, of independence, this lack of space, generates dreams of this kind in which we could be arrested and taken to jail and in the cell maybe we are together with the person we love. It may also happen that someone comes to visit us in the cell. This is a request for help that our subconscious wants us to understand, wants to bring to light. In fact, we are probably experiencing a problem to which we do not find a valid solution, a problem that does not allow us to be calm and it would be very useful to ask for support, help from someone who can give us a hand. This is the reason for a visit to the prison. The arrest, however, is almost always associated with something we have done in our life that we don't think was the right thing. How many times do you happen to make choices, to make decisions, to go down the wrong paths for various reasons, even through the fault of other people.

Prison in dreams can also be seen in an absolutely positive way because by bringing to light aspects that we are experiencing and that do not satisfy us, it helps us to understand what to face and how to deal with everything. In short, what our conscience does not perceive in daily life, comes out on a subconscious level through the dreams and nightmares that serve us as a lesson. Some scholars and psychologists give this kind of dreams a not very beautiful interpretation because in fact they identify prison as a threat that is being lived, as a hope that vanishes in realizing a project, something in life but we do not agree with this kind of representation and interpretation since the dream world is always so hermetic and cannot indicate very specific things, but above all it does not indicate definitive situations from which we will not be able to get out. If it is true that we may feel threatened by something or someone, that we may think we cannot reach a goal, it is also true that everything can change through a correct analysis of every element of our life, through the analysis of everything that goes wrong and therefore such a terrible dream could prove to be the winning weapon to overcome obstacles and reach the goal. In fact, we must say that one can be imprisoned unjustly, undergo a judicial process and then be released or one can go to prison but live in a very large cell, with a lot of food, with a lot of light and in which we feel that sense of oppression typical of those places. In this sense, therefore, we are faced with absolutely positive dream events that indicate situations that can turn in our favor in real life. Never underestimate the sensations and emotions you experience in a dream because they provide most of a correct interpretation. We conclude this article by also saying that jail can be seen as a punishment, as a lack of freedom or as a reason for rebirth, convalescence after a period of extreme difficulty, physical and mental fatigue and this because in prison you no longer experience the stress of everyday life and therefore you have time to reflect, to find yourself, to rediscover that balance between mind, body and spirit that is often lacking in all of us.

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