Get up in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. The paralyzing dream syndrome is very widespread and is a terrifying nightmare. False awakenings and dreams inside the dream. What is one of the most terrible dreams or nightmares we can do? What does it mean to dream of sleeping and not being able to wake up? Why can we dream of not being able to get off our bed because we have paralyzed legs? Why is it possible to dream of getting out of a hospital bed, from the ground or dreaming of wanting to wake up and not be able to? What does it mean to dream of not being able to get up from a wheelchair because of a paralysis of our legs and arms? What does it mean to dream of getting up from the table after having finished eating? Dreaming of getting up to the sky, dreaming of not being able to get up, get up, get up, stand up, shoot on your feet. This kind of dreams is widespread and at least once in your life you too have dreamed of having difficulty getting up from a bed, a chair, a sofa. What does it mean to dream of being helped to get up from a friend or work colleague? Some people remember to have dreamed of raising their voices and helping a sick person, a deceased person or dead from the coffin. The gesture of raising something in a dream, raising your hands or legs. What does it mean to dream of getting up? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace must we play when we dream of waking up, trying to get up and not being able to move, turn around, walk, to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? "The other night I remember dreaming of being in the bed of my house but I could not get up because I seemed to be paralyzed. This night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my uncle, my grandfather, my brother and my sister who tried to help me get out of bed but I could not lift myself up. Last night I dreamed of falling to the ground and my son and my wife tried to get me up but to no avail. Last night I dreamed of helping a dead relative to get out of his coffin and I was very scared. Sometimes I dream of being helped by a famous singer or actor trying to get me off the ground". Get up in dreams but fail to do this simple action because maybe we are completely paralyzed and we also experience pain. Dreadful dreams that can make us wake up in the middle of the night. Let's try to understand the meaning and give a correct interpretation to this type of dreams.


The gesture of getting up from something, for example from a bed, is a widespread dream. This gesture in our dream world is never trivial and should not be underestimated. To understand this gesture we must start from its meaning in real life. Meanwhile, getting up means obviously moving. In our life we??get up every morning from the bed to start a new day. Here we must start from this concept to understand the dream in which we perform this operation. Get up and get busy, commit to face a new day. When we dream of lifting ourselves from our bed after sleeping or resting, all this means that we need to start again in our lives with some new idea and project. Being able to get out of bed, a sofa, a chair without any particular problems and be able to move, walk, is a very positive thing for the dreamer who can therefore hope to be particularly active and realize some new projects. Our professional life can improve after having made this kind of dreams and often after a period of hibernation, waiting and things that have not gone well, it is possible to start a new professional experience in a very positive way. Getting up then is a beautiful dream because it indicates progress in our lives. Unfortunately, this gesture is not always favorable. Meanwhile in the dream we can have a lot of difficulty when we try to get off our bed, to get up from a chair or another object. This difficulty in accomplishing this simple gesture is a very common thing in the dream world and can have a very clear meaning. In our earthly existence we can not progress very easily but we find some obstacles in our life and on our path. Walking with difficulty means just having to sweat to get small or big hits and to reach the goals. Furthermore, as we get up in a dream, we can feel fatigue, pain, nausea or have a problem with our legs. First of all, the feelings of tiredness, pain, nausea often signal serious problems in dealing with any path of life. We are very tired, probably very pessimistic and with little willpower and here fatigue appears in a dream and does not allow us to be agile.

Trying pain in the dream world is a very common thing and pain is almost always associated with a serious problem that we can not solve. In short, suffering in dreams is equivalent to having some insurmountable obstacles in our life. These dreams rarely concern our health and only if in real life the dreamer has a real physical problem, then these dreams can represent reality. In most cases the gesture of trying to get up and walking is a very strong or very weak signal of willpower. But the most terrible, scariest dreams that make us wake up at night with the heart beating very fast, are those in which we are completely paralyzed and we absolutely can not get out of bed, a chair, a sofa. Unfortunately these dreams are really scary and their meaning is not to be ignored. First of all, paralysis in the dream world helps us to understand that in our life we??are afraid of something. After waking up and having a dream of this kind, we must always try to think about the problem, the fear, the fear we have and that does not make us sleep calm dreams. Ugly dreams that open your eyes to a real problem that can not be absolutely underestimated but for which we must find a solution very quickly. The hardest thing, when we make these dreams, is to try to understand where this fear comes from. First of all, the dream can provide many small details that apparently may seem useless but which can then prove to be very important, fundamental for finding a solution. Therefore, we must never forget the objects we see in dreams, the people we meet and talk to, the places we visit and the feelings and emotions we experience. Being able to remember and interpret these elements is not a very simple thing but in the meantime it is crucial to receive the right message from our subconscious. If not being able to get up means not being able to act and reacting in real life because of a block, being in the house with a parent or our wife, our son, brother, sister, means that the problem is born right ' inside of our family. We do not have freedom of action, we feel suffocated by family relationships and we are not free therefore, to do what we want.

These dreams are often widespread among children who do not feel free to act because of parents who are too strict and who do not offer the right opportunities to be independent of their children. A husband or wife may feel that life in marriage is too oppressive due to a strong jealousy on the part of the partner and therefore in a dream it is possible not to stand up and walk freely in the house. If instead we dream of being in the workplace, then it is possible that some blockage, some misunderstanding can arise with our colleagues or we ourselves that we can not live our work serenely. But the most terrifying dreams are those in which we try to get up because we are pursued by a dark shadow, by an unknown person whose face we do not recognize or by a beast, by a ferocious dog. We try to lift ourselves from a chair, from a bed, but we are completely paralyzed or we move very slowly. Normally, before being bitten or reached, we wake up and the dream finally ends. Paralysis in the dream world is always referred to a small or big fear that must be addressed and must not be underestimated. Certainly it is not always easy to try to understand what we fear but if we can understand the problem behind these nightmares, then we can find a solution and no longer have this kind of dreams. Many people say they have dreamed of at least once in their life, getting up from a hospital bed. The hospital in our dreams is a place of care for our soul, our inner wounds and generally being able to get off a hospital bed, means recovering energies and feeling much better, having so much optimism and being ready for new adventures. Of course being in a hospital bed but not being able to move, has a completely different and not positive meaning because it indicates a very complex period, in which we are very tired, pessimistic and we have little desire to react. In a dream, besides raising our body, we can also raise our eyes, our hands, our voice. The moment to assert our qualities has come and therefore we must react against all those who are an obstacle to our progress.


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