To dream of getting married, getting pregnant, getting away or not wanting to marry. To dream of being forced to marry an unknown man or a man or woman we do not love. Have you ever dreamed of marrying a deceased person, a friend or friend who has died for so many years or for a long time? Dreaming of marriage and dreaming of getting married is a dreamlike event that is widespread among women but also among men. What does it mean to dream of receiving a participation and an invitation to a wedding? What meaning and interpretation do you give to the dreams in which we are dressed in black, red, pink, celestial, blue, blue? What does it mean to dream of seeing us wearing bridal shoes, a wedding dress with a long veil and that costs a lot of money? Have you ever dreamed of buying a wedding dress, seeing one in a beautiful showcase of a shop? What does it mean to dream of getting married? with someone, with her husband or wife, girlfriend, boyfriend? Why can you dream of marrying a former husband, boyfriend, a work colleague, a famous singer or actor? And dreaming a couple of spouses out of the church, in the restaurant, throwing rice to the bridal couple? Marry and cancel marriage, marry our brother or sister, mother, father what meaning can it have? "This night I dreamed of getting married without shoes. The other night I was under the altar of a Church and I was marrying with an unknown person. Last night I dreamed of a bride dressed in white, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic and surrounded by rays of light. The other night I dreamed about the preparations for my daughter and my daughter's wedding. What does this dream mean?" Convincing wedding at Church on the altar, be invited to a wedding, bridal ritual and a beautiful wedding party with many guests. We try to give a fair interpretation to these dreams and we also see it pulling out numbers of Neapolitan grimace numbers with our dream book to try to win the lottery.


Dream wedding often indicates a change that is happening in our lives. Obviously if someone in real life really is to marry then they can often dream of such dreams but generally have other meanings. When we dream of a marriage in our life or the life of a person who is close to us, then a relative, there can be a change, a very important event. Clearly, we must try to remember whether we have had good feelings in the dream or we felt sad or frightened. The dream sensations are in fact essential to give a fair interpretation. The dreams we are invited to a wedding may also mean that a party-like event is about to arrive and we will probably be invited to it. We said before the change. The bride in dreams can just mean an important event in our life, whether we are marrying, or in the life of the person being married. So you have to remember the people who are in church, at the altar, and are clinking at the wedding. Often, there are changes and events that are conducive to the life of a relative, a friend or work colleague to whom we are very fond of, and so change can indirectly affect us as well. But it would be foolish to think that these dreams lead only to changes in the life of the dreamer. The meanings that lie behind a dream wedding are many more.

For example, when we dream that we are marrying but fleeing away, we leave the Church leaving our bride or groom at the altar, means that we are fleeing from our responsibilities. What makes us afraid of life? What do we run away from? Here are the questions you need to ask as soon as we wake up. Rejection of accepting a job, accepting a sentimental relationship, getting compromised with someone is just a few stains of responsibility that we have and that in dream can manifest itself with a failed marriage from which we run away. So these dreams just want to say that we do not run away from the responsibilities that life faces before us. Often many women dream of marrying a famous actor or a very famous singer or a friend or colleague of work. These dreams have another important meaning. You may be thinking that they may say that we will betray our partner but this is not the case. When we dream of being in the Church and we are marrying with a friend or with a work colleague or even with a television or show character, simply the dream wants to tell us that we appreciate that person for some of his talent, for some of his quality and We have the desire that this quality is present in our husband, in our boyfriends. If the dreamer is a woman who is wearing a dress that is tight, she does not like or with very tight shoes then probabilemnte an event that is going to come to her life will not be pleasant and will bring some worry.

Generally most of these dreams also indicate a possible work agreement, a contract, a professional success, especially if we get married to a person we do not know. In real life, therefore, we can conclude some good business agreement and that can also bring money. But why do many women dream of being dressed in a black or red wedding dress? Why is the dress not white? Black color identifies a profound change in our lives, a necessary change that we can not say no. Sometimes it may signal a mourning in the family but it is a fairly rare event. And the red color? Red has always been a color matched with sexual energies but also with our willpower. If the dress is red means that in our sentimental life we need to be more passionate with our partner or we are asking our love partner for greater erotic involvement. Red can also indicate a period of great work that can lead to a lot of energy being lost, so the dream wants to tell us to find some time to relax and recover strength. Here you find the meaning of colors in dreams. So summarizing and concluding, wedding and bride in dreams are often a symbol of responsibility, joy, sadness, jealousy and maturity.


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