"The other night I dreamed that I went up towards the sky, towards the clouds, walking on them, and I felt very light when I was flying on. What does it mean when you dream to get up in the air and get into heaven? Why I can dream of seeing someone who rises to the sky is clear or with rain clouds and storms? Last night I saw my father with my mother who came down from the sky, smiled at me, talked to me and then returning upward. Last night I dreamed I heard a voice telling me to follow Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit to the blue sky while day. I remember a very radiant sun shone in the sky. Last night I dreamed of being called by God in a dream or an angel. Why and why I can dream to follow a stranger going up into the sky at night? Why dream of falling out of the sky or to go to heaven with my dear friend dead, dead now for several years?" What does it mean to dream of getting into heaven on the clouds and walk over them feeling really well and feeling beautiful feelings? What it means to be thrown down into the ground while flying in the sky, along with our father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, cousin, aunt who are dead, dead for a long or a short time? What it means, what it means to dream of seeing someone ascend into heaven? Which the meaning and interpretation to be given to these dreams? Let's see.

When you have dreams of this type is very important to remember the feelings you have experienced. The emotions in dreams can tell us a lot more places, objects and people we meet in our dream world. Dreaming of getting into heaven there must assoluutamente scare because it does not mean that we will die soon, and if we see that someone rooms in our place does not mean that he will die. The sky often has to do with our inner selves and when it is serene, with a sun shining and beautiful snow-white clouds, we can hope to be in a period in which we are really very nice evolving, maturing and we feel happy and full of energy. If not we are still living this period then it is very near. Ascend into heaven is a confirmation of all this and makes us understand how our life is much better. Probably when you dream of going to a blue sky try fantastic sensations, a sense of comfort, lightness and lightheartedness truly unique.

But often it can happen to ascend to heaven but to fall immediately after the ground even if we wake up again before falling. The fall can be a symptom of a kind of insecurity that the dreamer has and that can relate to the character, his state of mind but also a sentimental situation or job-related and profession. Walking on clouds is a good thing because it means that in our lives we feel very confident about what we are doing and we have no fear of making a mistake and move on. This is obviously less safe if we fall from the clouds, or if we find ourselves in a storm with lightning, thunder, rain. Many people dream to see flying in the sky Mom, Dad, Grandpa, a dear friend or a work colleague. If these people are living in daily life then it means that they are going to live a good time full of joy that we will be an active part as if these people are long dead, then we must pay attention to any words that we communicate.

If we go up into the sky accompanied by one of these dead people we have to think that someone can help us, support us about any problem that we are experiencing. Often we can also dreaming of being called by Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, from God, the Madonna, an Angel He is asking us to come and fly skyward. These dreams may mean that we are very religious people, or that we feel the need to find help and support in the faith. When we do this kind of dreams we always expect a positive period that allows us to maybe get out of a period that was a negative for us. So these dreams are very favorable to the dreamer.


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