Boredom in dreams. Loneliness in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Is it possible to get bored in dreams? What does it mean to dream of being nostalgic, to suffer from nostalgia? What does it mean to dream of boredom? Why is it possible to dream of being alone in a dream and feeling a strong sensation of monotony, tedium, existential discomfort, nausea? Why can we dream of being sad, melancholy, regretting old times of the past and thinking of memories? Sadness, melancholy, regret, memories that are accompanied by a strong sense of boredom. What does it mean to dream of being in a dream with your parents, brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, cousins, uncles, grandparents, friends or co-workers and not be happy but feel a great sense of great boredom, malaise, inadequacy? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace is it useful to play to try to win money when we dream of being alone and feeling a sense of loneliness, according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? What does it mean to dream of getting bored? What does it mean to dream of yawning out of boredom or dreaming of getting bored at a show, during a trip by car, by plane, by train or even during a lesson in the classroom, at school or at work? "The other night I remember having dreamed of being alone at home and I felt a strong sense of monotony, fatigue, depression and even a lot of boredom. I did not want to do anything. Last night I was at home with my parents asking me to do a job but I did not want to do anything and sat there. This night I dreamed of being with some friends though, while they enjoyed themselves a lot, I was very sad and I was bored. Last night I dreamed of being with many people who were happy and instead I was very depressed, discouraged, yawning for the a lot of boredom I felt". This type of dreams is very difficult to find and to try but it can have a very important meaning in the life of the dreamer and therefore its message should not be underestimated and here we must draw from this kind of dreams a useful but above all correct, interpretation.


Boredom is a physical and mental state in which we are not satisfied with the things we are doing. When we do not act in our life, we remain still and idleness prevails in our days, then we can enter a phase of light or great boredom. Boredom can also occur when we do a very monotonous or very repetitive job, in which the choice of what to do is non-existent. So the first meaning that we can attribute to dreams in which we feel boredom, we experience a typical feeling of boredom, a desire to do nothing is the lack of enthusiasm and blockage. So in our life we ??can certainly live a period in which we do not want to do anything, a period in which we have no reason to act, to commit ourselves and to get busy. Our life is monotonous, it is very flat and does not offer us any opportunities. In fact, when we dream of being particularly bored in our dreams and therefore in our dream world, we are probably living a phase of life in which the opportunities do not come at work, sentimental or economic level. Everything seems to be firm and not progress. At work but also in love and in other areas of life, the desire to do something new, to create new opportunities, to fix things that do not go and to change everything that can be changed to improve our lives, is still , stuck. Maybe we are living a period in which we are not as lively as in the past because maybe we have achieved a satisfaction that allows us to feel good and not to act or react again. Clearly this kind of dream serves as a shock, they must serve the dreamer to understand that the monotony of the days must be fought otherwise things can get worse. In fact, from a situation of blockage, of inertia, of monotony, it is possible to fall into a difficult situation from which it is very difficult to come out.

So what meanings can be pulled out of this kind of dreams? First of all you have to work hard to get more money, more satisfaction, praise and gratification. To understand if it is work the sector that has made us fall in a very monotonous and not very lively period, we must remember, upon awakening, all the elements of our dreams. Emotions and sensations we experience, objects we see and use, people we talk to or meet and places we are in or who we visit. For example, if we are at work, together with a colleague and feel this strong feeling of boredom and malaise, then work is the sector that must be renewed, it is the existential sector of our life in which we can do something new , invent new ideas, new things to do. If we are freelancers then the boredom of dreams must lead us to think we can react to invent new ways to earn and increase the number of customers. Being bored in front of a show, in front of a party, is a symptom of little happiness and serenity, of impotence and of a slight or great distrust that must be fought, perhaps asking for help from someone in our family. Here in a dream we can be sitting on a chair, on a sofa or lying on a bed and we do not want to get up, maybe we do not even have the strength to get up. We remain still to wait in vain. A very clear picture of our psychological, mental but also physical situation. Obviously boredom can also affect the love life, especially when in our dream world, our girl, our wife, our girlfriend, our husband or our lover appear. These dreamlike figures represent a terrible feeling of static sentimentality that must be elaborated on a conscious and unconscious level. If we are talking to the person we love and during the speech, the dialogue, we are forced to yawn, then the relationship with our partner is not positive.

After having had a dream like this, we must always ask ourselves what is wrong with our romantic relationship and what we can do ourselves to improve this interpersonal and affective relationship that could worsen. Enthusiasm, trust, vivacity are all words that highlight what needs to be done to revive the relationship of love that is certainly experiencing a very complex and monotonous period and we know very well that when two people who love each other, they live their love story in an overly repetitive, monotonous, boring way, most of the time the same romantic relationship breaks down. So the warning of our subconscious is to act, react, move, try to make the relationship of love much more lively than before and much more inclined to change. Often it can happen to dream of being bored because in our daily life we ??are very tired, very depressed, sad, melancholy because of a serious event that has hit us very deeply, so in the soul. Maybe a person we loved very much is dead or our love partner left us, went away or betrayed us. And here in a dream, all this malaise becomes boredom, a boredom that apparently is not very important and that when we wake up we can easily forget but that almost certainly hides an inner malaise that must find a solution, must be solved. Often, during periods of boredom, in fact, we can be a victim of fraud, cheating, we can fall into the temptation of some vices such as the habit of gambling or alcohol. All this happens because our mind is no longer active and lively but it is sleeping, it is asleep and does not recognize any dangers. So getting bored in a dream can also mean risking losing control of our earthly existence and being the victim of bad situations. Very rare dreams that can highlight a very concrete and widespread problem among people, a problem that should not be underestimated.


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