Dreaming of flying and flying at night as if we were an airplane or a bird. What does it mean and why is it not always a good dream? Who has never dreamed of flying? In this dream guide we will understand the significance of the flight and we will also see a fair interpretation, also trying to figure out the numbers to play the lottery according to Neapolitan grimace. Flying in dreams what does it mean? What does it mean to dream of not being able to fly, not to fly, try to fly but fall to the ground from a ravine, a terrace, a roof from a house, a balcony, a cloud, flying on houses, clouds, on your own city. What does it mean to dream of flying along with a friend or friend, to a relative who has died for so many years or together with a parent, mother, dad, brother, sister, son, husband, boyfriend or a man or woman we do not know? Why can we dream of flying in a room with some children, floating in the air alone or in company, planing in a field full of grass? Dreaming of getting up from the ground to fly in the air and feel happy and light, is a very popular dream and generally very beautiful. "This night I dreamed of flying away from a ravine. The other night I saw an unknown person flying in the sky. Last night I was flying in the clouds and I was very calm. On the past night I flew to the sky with so many birds and an airplane". Let's understand this important dreamlike symbol.


Generally, flying in our dreams is a symbol of great psychophysical wellbeing. When we fly in the dream, we are experiencing a great time with great strength, but above all with a great inner serenity. Perhaps the period of our lives we are experiencing is excellent at work, in interpersonal relationships, and we are in peace with the world. This type of dream is never trivial, and it never hides a foolish meaning because flying for a man or a woman is virtually impossible unless using particular equipment. The man with his alone arms can not fly and therefore why do some people tell you that they have taken flight in their dreams? We have already said that we are probably experiencing a beautiful moment in our lives and that we are in a very peaceful phase where everything seems to be good and where we are very optimistic but this only if the flight in our dreams has no problems. In fact, if we dream of flying, but we have trouble flying, we risk falling or falling into the ground, then something in life is not as we would like. Flying in dreams is often linked to a great desire to achieve a happiness that unfortunately can not be achieved and here we try to fly in the dream but we fall or we have several difficulties in keeping us in the air.

When the flight is quiet and we travel through the clouds with a beautiful sun that maybe illuminates our journey, then the meaning is very positive and indicates a great period of well-being and optimism, instead when the flight in dreams is disturbed by something then perhaps we are taking a wrong path in our lives. For example, the dreamer can fly between the clouds that are full of rain and lightning, he may risk falling or being blinded by sunlight. What does not go in our life? Perhaps we feel superior to someone or think we can solve a problem easily while the solution is far from us. Often dreaming flies alone but some people remember to have been accompanied by a late relatives either by a child or by a relative, friend, work colleague or partner. It is fundamental to remember the person who flies with us because it can make us understand the scope of life in which the dream can manifest itself or to which it can refer. For example, if we dream of flying with our love partner with us, then perhaps we are experiencing a beautiful sentimental story that is very engaging. Flying together with a fellow worker can indicate great professional collaboration and flying together with a family member with whom we have argued in the past, maybe it means that soon a peace period will come.

Unfortunately, some people often say that they dream in dreams of fly-flying birds or black-colored birds that are usually unhappy. Black, never forget this, is a sign of mourning is true but often indicates a phase of great change. So if we dream of flying with so many black-eyed birds, we must not be afraid because in our life there is a change that will be very positive for us and the same thing if we see a deceased person. And the children? Well, children who fly with us can point to a childish side of our character and may want to tell the dreamer Not to hide this childish side but to pull it out and use it in everyday life. Trying to fly, fly out to reach cities or fantastic places is a beautiful dream that can mean a very important thing, namely that in our lives we have a lot of courage and the choices we are taking are great for our evolution. And if we dream of trying to fly and fall down? How many times have we dreamed of throwing you down from a ravine But unfortunately we could not fly the fly? When we do this kind of dreams we must try to understand what we are doing in our lives, what choices we have taken and whether these choices are positive or not. So maybe we have taken a road that is not the right one and to avoid getting in trouble we should change, make other choices, make other decisions.


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