Find out what it means to dream of precious or fake money and coins with us. What number does the money make in the grimace? Does dreaming of finding money bring good luck or bad luck? Are we facing a positive or negative dream event? What is the truth? In this article we try to understand the psychological, psychiatric meaning with the interpretation of money in a dream. Have you ever found money at home or in any other place, for example on the street or to have plenty of money in your wallet? Money and coins are a very widespread dream object. Why can we dream that someone offers you money, perhaps a friend, a work colleague, a family member, a stranger? What does it mean to dream of money? What is the meaning of the dream of money? Counting money, finding bills in unusual places and giving them to your mother, sister, brother, friend, cousin. What are the numbers to match when you dream of gold or silver coins or paper money according to the Neapolitan grimace? Have you ever dreamed of receiving fake money or giving someone a lot of money? For some scholars, dreaming of money and money represents prestige and well-being on the way but who knows what will be true. What does it mean to dream of finding money or coins that are not ours but someone 's? Dreaming of money - what does it mean? What does it mean to dream of finding money and returning it? What does it mean that we find money in our purse or in a drawer of the wardrobe or bedside table or desk? Some people say they dreamed of walking on the street and found a lot of money on the ground and returned it to someone, other people say they dreamed of seeing money, withdrawing it but subsequently losing it or being robbed. The places where we can dream of finding money or coins are many and in most cases each place has its own justification, its own meaning. For example, someone says they found them in the sea, right under the water or on the beach. Many people think that after having this kind of dreams it can really happen, in everyday life, to make a big profit or to win money at some games but this is not the case because we know how dreams are very hermetic, very complicated to interpret and often do not indicate what we see or perceive. At the end of the article you will find a link to go to the page where you can enjoy the book on dreams, a book sorted by alphabetical letters in which to find words that represent objects, emotions, sensations, places, people, animals that it is possible to dream. So you can, if you like, try to win some gambling.


Surely behind the meaning of money in a dream there is an important meaning because it is a very widespread dream among the population. So let's try to analyze this dream element in various situations, however, remembering that the interpretation starts from the study of the dreamer's life and therefore everything becomes very subjective. In order to actually understand what a dream wants to communicate to us, we must remember when we wake up the most important elements, the places we have been, the people we have met and also the sensations we have experienced. Furthermore it is essential to understand the relationship that we ourselves, dreamers, have with money in real life, since we are talking about this object today. So the most trivial dreams are those in which we see a lot of money, a lot of gold coins and actually in everyday life we??are facing a period full of expenses, of little earnings, of economic difficulties that we would therefore like to overcome. Here our subconscious expresses a simple desire. However, some scholars agree that behind this dream archetype there is some positive event, favorable to the dreamer, an opportunity, an opportunity, an advantage. In fact it is very likely but almost always the positive event reported by the money in a dream is almost never connected to actual earnings. In general, however, dreaming of paper money or money, is always considered a good omen and if there is a lot of money or coins then the event will be important. For example, to better understand what could happen when we find money in a dream let's make an example. It can happen that you walk down the street and find money on the ground, collect it and take it with you. Here is probably good news will come in real life and we could experience excellent prospects in a certain sector of our life and if the place where we made this discovery is unknown, here is that the news will be unexpected and surprising. We must not underestimate the details of the dream and therefore if we are with a person, if we meet someone during the journey, even the emotions. For example, we could withdraw money but feel that we have done something not beautiful, as if we knew that money is not ours but we appropriate it anyway. Here, perhaps, we will experience an unexpected, pleasant situation but which perhaps does not derive from our actions and therefore we think we do not deserve it.

We can find money in many completely different scenes in dreams. In drawers of the house that we did not know we had, in strange places, in clothes that we have never worn, in the workplace, in the house of friends or family. Here the people who are with us in a dream take on a fundamental meaning to direct our interpretation in the right direction. For example, if we are together with the person we love, with our girlfriend, wife, husband, lover, it is likely that the dream finding of money is connected with a project that we are carrying out together and that seems to be a good omen, so it seems to be progressing. If we are with a child maybe our relationship with him will improve, we will spend good times together, we will enjoy a greater harmony while if we are with a work colleague it is likely that we could have an excellent idea precisely in the professional field, an idea that concerns also the others who work with us, so a team project that will be positive. Money in dreams rarely signals negative events but there are cases where this happens and we explain some of them now. Money can be fake, coins can look like gold but they are fake or we dream of stealing money and running away. Some say they did a robbery in a dream and ran away with the money. What do these dreams hide? Well, fake money probably signals a hope that we have but that is not achievable. As we have said before that money can indicate good news, a project to be carried out alone or with someone, it is evident that fake money indicates exactly the opposite. What we intend to do is not possible to put into practice and the news that arrives may not be positive or beneficial for us. In a certain sense these kinds of dreams signal a phase in the dreamer's life in which he does not feel serene, happy, satisfied for what he is doing, wanting something that for the moment does not come. And here maybe you dream of making a robbery, of running away with the money but discovering that it is completely false or even getting caught. Unexpressed desires to reach a happiness that for the moment it is not possible to reach and therefore we must know how to be satisfied, waiting for better moments.

The place in a dream is very important because as we have said that often dreaming of finding money is a sign of an unexpected but favorable event, of good news coming, then it is evident that the dream place where the scene takes place, indicates precisely the sector of our life in which we will receive this good news. For example, money at home indicates incoming news that may concern our family or money in a friend's house signals a novelty that concerns our relationship with this friend. In short, never underestimate every dream element even if some may seem completely useless. Even colors are also important and it is not uncommon to have dreams in black and white, for example finding money that is not in color maybe it can signal news that we were waiting for it to arrive but it is not what we hoped for. Obviously, analyzing this kind of dreams we understand how the positive interpretation comes out above all from the emotion, from the feeling we get when we find money. An almost always positive feeling, of wonder, of surprise and here all this is related to the arrival of unexpected and surprising news and events in some cases. But has it ever happened to you to dream of money, to find it somewhere and then to be robbed? Here we are instead faced with a dream that cannot be interpreted very positively. The theft of an idea, a project of ours that does not take place because of someone who gets in the way, a collaboration that fails for various reasons. Here is what such a dream can indicate. Let's say that in these cases our subconscious puts us on alert and tells us to be careful of someone or some situation that could get out of hand, do not go on as we wish. In fact, we remember that often the dream world is a set of unrealized but achievable desires, of advice, of possible solutions that can come and it is we ourselves who, upon awakening, must understand what they represent exactly. We conclude this article by saying however that in most cases, money, of any kind, that appears in our dream world often represents our hope that things will go better, that some situation we are experiencing better and not worse.

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