Be weak and tired and faint in dreams. What is the meaning and the interpretation of this kind of dreams? What does it mean to feel a strong tiredness in a dream? Why do you often dream of being weak and failing to do anything? And dream of having a lot of sleep? Suffer from a terrible feeling of tiredness and exhaustion in dreams, feeling very tired and unable to do anything, not even walking or getting out of bed or chair. Why do you often dream of being without force? What does it mean to dream of seeing and talking to a very tired person? Fatigue, fatigue, weakness, weakening, numbness, exhaustion, spilling, exhaustion, killing, debilitating, depletion, prostration, extenuation, are things that you can experience in our dreams. What does it mean to dream of trying to sleep in a dream but not succeed? We can also dream of rest, energy, vigor. What does it mean to dream of feeling very tired? What numbers can we play when we make a dream in which we have a strong tiredness to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and guide on dreams and using Neapolitan grimace? Why often do you dream of not being able to move your legs, hands, neck or head? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my brother and sister who were very exhausted and did not want to do anything. Last night I dreamed of helping my grandparents and my uncles who were in a hospital bed and were without force. This night I dreamed of seeing a friend of mine, a colleague of work, a famous actor or singer who was asking for help because he did not feel very good. Last night I dreamed I was in bed with my husband and my son and I was not able to get up because my legs were very bad. Why can I dream of seeing a dead person for so many years, a deceased who walks with great effort to me and asks for help?" Let's see the message that this kind of dream can bring to the dreamer. Many people believe dreams can not feel emotions and feelings but this is a big mistake and the dreams where physical tiredness is proved are a proof of all this. Debilitating can be of a physical or mental nature even in our dreams and surely it hides a trivial meaning but absolutely to be considered to improve our lives. This fatigue we try to see in people who appear in our dreams can cover any area of ??our earthly existence.


Being tired in real life means that forces are lacking and we can not do almost anything. Physical weakness can be so great that we can not even walk or get out of bed. Clearly the energies are not enough and therefore these elements must start to interpret the dreams in which we are very tired. To dream of being unable to get out of bed, from a chair, or not to walk can happen when in real life we ??are experiencing a serious time of apathy and boredom. These dreams do not indicate a real physical tiredness that we are facing but a period of great boredom, malaise and perhaps depression. In fact, many people who do not want to do anything, often suffer from depression, a malaise that can really be dangerous and lead to death, suicide. So a first meaning of fatigue in dreams is a malaise we are experiencing and that does not allow us to live quietly. How do you figure out what this malaise is about? Simple, we must first remember the places we are in the dream, the people we meet, the objects we see and of course the feelings we experience. Some people even say that they have dreamed of trying to walk but unfortunately the strength was lacking, the sweat dripping from the front and could not even ask for help. How many times have you dreamed of having problems in your body movement and can not even say a word to ask for help? Behind these dreams there is certainly a small or great malaise that is living in working and professional life or in love. To understand the tiredness in dreams, let's take a couple of examples. Suppose a boy has a girlfriend and that the relationship is going through a bad period where there is a lot of monotony, little desire to do and have fun. Here in his dreams the boy can see his girlfriend and try to reach her but a physical problem, a great weakness, prevent him from getting to the destination. Dialogue is mediocre, discussions and controversies are many and many other relational issues can lead to a sentimental crisis.

Let's take another example. Suppose we dream of being in the workplace and failing to do anything because we feel a great physical tiredness. At our side maybe we see a work colleague who is very busy and does not even try to help us even though we ask for help. In real life these dreams may indicate a difficulty in making us understand at work or in a mental fatigue that does not allow us to live a serene life. Very often, in dreams, physical debilitation is a mental debilitation, lack of mental energies, ideas to carry on in our lives, and this is why we first talked about apathy, boredom and malaise. Certainly, these dreams may indicate us the need to engage ourselves and not to stand still waiting for things to fall from the sky. Clearly, very often, these dreams can also represent a period of our life where we are doing so many things, we are engaging in a thousand projects and naturally tiredness comes. Here, dreaming of being very fatigued may mean that we need to stop for a moment, to rest, not to do too much but to miss out on some of the projects, following perhaps the most important and essential ones for our inner, sentimental and professional maturing path . Some people dream of not being able to walk, not getting up or down the stairs, not being able to even get out of bed or a simple chair, and maybe when they get up, they fall to the floor . Dream body parts represent various things in our lives. Bed and chair almost certainly refer to a period of great tiredness, especially mental, when the need is to recover energy while the impossibility of walking can refer to a work block, a blockade of our emotions, to a serious difficulty in moving forward in our earthly existence. And these dreams can be terrible very often because the feeling of not being able to walk or move really very slowly can be associated with the feeling of not being able to ask for help with the voice coming out of our very weak mouth and even dreaming of being chased by someone who wants to hurt us.

What does it mean when we can not move a leg that maybe is injured and loses blood? We have already talked about various leg items that may have problems, be injured and do not move. Legs obviously have to do with our difficulty in moving on in life and their tiredness is synonymous with the few available means that the dreamer has to do especially in the work. Generally the left leg is about our ideas, our creative energy, our imagination that can then be blocked in a decay period of our lives while the right leg signals working problems and often also relational problems with a male figure present in our life as such as a father, then a parent. The legs can be so tired that even in dreams we can feel and feel a lot of pain. Pain, in fact, when it comes to dreams and is very similar to the pain we can truly experience, can represent a very serious situation that must be addressed by seeking the right solution. And hands? Hands are very important because with them we can grab objects, create objects, write and then communicate, touch people, and so they are a greeting, courting tool. To dream of having very tired hands and being unable to move, picking up an object, caressing or greeting a person or writing is obviously a sign of little will in life to go ahead. In short, the tools to improve our existence are lacking, but we also have no desire to improve, to progress. Before finishing the article, we would also like to talk about the head in dreams that are often heavy, it does very badly, it can not turn around, move. Our head is obviously linked to our ideas and it is very obvious that feeling very tired head means that our ideas are not good or we have no idea to develop and therefore we are experiencing a period of strong apathy with little desire to engage ourselves.


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