Falling from a very high height like that of a mountain, with speed and a lot of violence, risking death. fall off a very high bridge, from the fifth floor of an apartment and from a terrace or from a plane in flight that falls into the sea or on our house. we do not see the bottom . Horrible nightmares that unfortunately we can experience at least once in our dream life. Fall, fall alone or together with the person we love. Waking up during the fall and finding yourself on the ground, under the bed. What numbers can we associate with this dream if we want to try to win money at some gambling? The interpretation, the symbology, the psychological and psychiatric meaning of the dreams of fall are not easy to understand because they hide an important sense of anguish but difficult to pull out, to bring to light. What does it mean to fall into dreams? Why can we experience the terrible and unpleasant sensation of falling into the void and dying? Why can we dream of falling, stumbling, plunging into a ravine and never reaching its end? Dreaming of falling into the void but being able to save yourself. This is a very common dream among people and very close to a nightmare because the sensations you feel when you fall are not absolutely pleasant. What does it mean to fall into dreams then? What does it mean to dream of falling into a completely dark void? Sometimes it can happen to have a dream of this type and then wake up and find yourself on the ground, out of bed. What does it mean to dream of falling into the void with the car or motorcycle? Maybe we are driving or walking and falling. The distressing truth that lies behind this kind of dreams that can only involve us or even someone we love. How many times have we dreamed of falling alone or together with our wife, husband, mother, father, brother, sister, friend, colleague, relative, boyfriend. From the psychological and psychiatric point of view but also from that of dream scholars, the concept that we find at the basis of this kind of dreams is really very clear. In fact, almost everyone agrees with the intrinsic meaning of widespread dreams and consequently of dreams that reveal something that can commonly happen. From a psychological point of view, dreaming of falling into the void has some very precise and well-defined meanings. So let's try to understand and better understand this type of dreams so that you can interpret it in the best way, always remembering that dreams are very subjective because they reflect the personal life of the dreamer, they are a mixture of what you live every day. After analyzing everything you can find a link to go and look for the numbers related to the fall, to then try to win some gambling but obviously without exaggerating because there is no certainty of victory.


Generally the first concept that underlies this kind of dreams is a lack of self-control, the loss of control over an aspect of our life, over a situation we are experiencing that can therefore get out of hand. A situation that is perhaps greater than us, an event that we cannot control as we wish and which therefore risks attacking us, of backfire. The solution to the problem is not easy to find and we feel lost, at the mercy of the waves, we do not know what to do, how to act, how to move forward and indeed we risk making everything worse if we make some choices, make some decisions. This loss of control of a certain situation in our life and which can affect any sector of it, the work, economic, social, family, sentimental sector, generates a dream in which we fall into a ravine while we are walking, a ravine that can be so deep that I can't see its end. Fortunately, in most cases when the dreamer falls on a dream precipice, he wakes up before reaching the end but still the feeling is really terrible. During the fall we cannot cling to anything, we see nothing and there is no one who can help us, save us. When we wake up, let's ask ourselves what is the reason why we don't sleep soundly but very exasperating. Maybe we are experiencing a not so pleasant moment in the family, in the workplace, perhaps on a sentimental level the relationship we live is not what we hoped for and therefore we feel undecided, you do not know whether to go on, whether to give up. Maybe a work project that is confusing, which seems to lead us nowhere. In short, we are experiencing a moment of strong indecision that probably derives from the lack of control, decision and firmness that are necessary to continue, to evolve, to overcome the obstacles that we find on our way. Obviously, to better understand what is the sector that makes us think so much and in which we are not able to find the right solutions, we must remember when we wake up everything from the dream, objects, places, people, sensations and emotions that we have tried and also the colors. For example falling off a precipice with a car or motorcycle and therefore having a road accident means not having the right means or not knowing how to exploit our qualities to move forward in life.

Here the concept of self-control always returns, which therefore fails and the car that skids and ends up in a ravine is the typical dream of expression of this lack in life. If in the car or on our motorcycle we find our girlfriend, our husband, then probably the uncertainty we are experiencing is in love. Maybe our romantic relationship is full of confusion, we don't know what we want from our partner, we don't feel in tune and we don't have a common goal to reach. Inevitably, these dreams want to tell us to stop and think for a moment, to come up with something that allows us to understand the problem and find a solution. It can also happen to fall into the void and be saved by someone or to be able to cling, also saving the person we love. Obviously these dreams tell of a difficult moment in which we will be able to find the solution but only if we find that self-control that we lack. Often, however, this kind of dreams is an indicator of work problems, uncertainties and doubts that assail us in the workplace and that maybe we tend to underestimate making everything worse. Who knows maybe we are carrying out a project bigger than us in which we cannot express all our potential or we do not have the qualities to face this important path and we need to stop to understand how to proceed. In these cases it is always very useful to be supported, to be advised by someone who can enlighten us while we are completely in the dark and confused. But what about dreams in which we fall from a plane or a train or a very high building or a mountain? The concept that underlies all these dream falls is always the same and that is a lack of self-control that can be very accentuated or even very light for the moment but with the risk that it can get worse. Never underestimate this type of nightmares because through them our subconscious wants to communicate to us in addition to the moment of confusion we are experiencing, also a possible solution, or in any case it wants to make us understand that a solution must be found as soon as possible. Generally the higher the height from which we fall, the greater the problem or situation that haunts us in real life.

Many people said they woke up and found themselves on the ground when they dreamed of falling. A fairly normal thing even if risky because during the fall from the bed we can hurt ourselves a lot. So why do we fall out of bed? Some dream scholars agree on the discourse that identifies the dream of falling with the real fall, the real one from the bed. In short, when our body is poised on the edge of the bed, our subconscious expresses this lack of balance by generating a dream in which we fall. Here we are in front of a mind that is on alert and that understands a dangerous situation that we cannot perceive because we are sleeping. However, we can find another justification for this kind of dreams because we must not forget that during the sleep phase in which dreams and nightmares occur, the so-called REM phase, we move our eyes a lot as if we were following the dream scene but in some cases the body can also move. What happens to sleepwalkers, that is to those who wake up during sleep, get out of their bed and walk at risk of getting very hurt, can happen in a less serious way to many people who move their hands, arms, head, neck, legs, risking then to fall out of bed on the floor. It must be said that generally during the dream phase the rest of the body, except the eyes, remains motionless, the muscles are almost paralyzed but this does not always happen and not a few people get agitated while they are dreaming, making movements unusual and these movements often occur during nightmares, precisely also during those dreams in which one falls into the void. We conclude this topic by talking about those very rare cases in which falling into a ravine we reach the end of it, dying or hurting ourselves a lot. A terrible dream that fortunately happens to very few people because most of them wake up earlier. What lies behind this dream symbolism? A very serious situation for which finding a solution is not impossible but very complicated. We must therefore understand what this life situation is and get help if we are not able to find the solution, otherwise we could create enormous damage to ourselves.

As mentioned before, you can now have fun using our dream book. In fact, below you will find a link that will take you to another section of our website where you can choose from hundreds of words sorted alphabetically that will allow you to extrapolate the numbers to try to win some gambling. In short, a classic Neapolitan grimace in which to find words relating to objects, places, sensations, emotions, people, animals that can appear in our dreams. When you wake up, choose what to look for in the book and then pull out the numbers that we hope will be winning but do not spend too much money because dreams are not used to win but to better understand our life. Do not underestimate every detail of your dream because it could hide a number that could turn out to be the lucky one and then when you wake up write the dream in detail on a sheet and then calmly go to find the corresponding numbers in our dream book. Good luck.


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