Dreams about food. Psychological interpretation of dreams in which food and lucky numbers appear, winning the Neapolitan grimace to play. Have you ever dreamed of eating? This is what it means to eat, drink and have fun at the table with friends. What does it mean to dream of food, foods? Food in dreams is almost never a trivial symbolism and therefore pay attention to what you dream of eating. What does it mean to dream of food? What does it mean to dream of eating with someone? Why can we dream of being at home or in a restaurant while we eat with many people or completely alone? What does it mean to dream of eating focaccia, fruit, cured meats, cheeses, vegetables, pasta, raw meat, cooked meat, sweets, bread, fish, chocolate, pasta, white grapes, sweets? What does it mean to dream of eating food spoiled or very cold or even too hot, boiling? Dreaming of being in company at the table, together with parents, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, grandfather, mother-in-law, friend, work colleague, boyfriend, wife, husband, famous person. What does it mean to dream of bingeing on food and drinks? Why is it possible to dream of eating too sweet or salty food and being very thirsty? Have you ever dreamed of being in front of a table full of good food but refusing to eat it? And why is it possible to dream of eating foods that have no taste in the mouth? Some people also tell of having dreamed of eating poisoned food, rotten, rotten, smelly food, with worms. What lies behind these very widespread dreams among the population? Let's try to understand the meaning of this type of dreams and provide a correct interpretation by reminding you that dreams are still very subjective and it is important to know some aspects of the dreamer's life to interpret them correctly. Behind this kind of dreams there is almost never a trivial meaning because food in real life is a very important thing. At the end of the article you will also find a link that will take you to a page on our site where you can use our free dream book in order to extrapolate some numbers from your dreams and try to win some gambling. Enjoy the reading.


Therefore food in dreams is almost never trivial precisely because in real life food is an important thing, fundamental for ourselves, for the growth of our body. Without food and water we could live very little because our physique would weaken too much. Proteins and vitamins are important to nourish every organ of our body and therefore when food appears in our dreams in any form then we are faced with an event that is almost never superficial or to be underestimated. First of all we describe those dreams in which we are at a party, for example, in a restaurant with many people who are serene, happy, who smile and eat a lot and well. If we live such a dream and we are immersed in a very beautiful atmosphere and that leaves us with a good memory when we wake up then here we are in a phase of life in which we are evolving, we are maturing, to face a very lucky, fruitful, full of good ideas, a period in which we will be able to progress, in which we will be able to reach important goals or in any case goals that we have set ourselves here. The company of people can be a detail not to be underestimated and in fact eating together with the family can mean joy coming in this area, serenity in family relationships with parents, brothers, sisters, relatives who may eventually appear in a dream. Eating together with a friend indicates that we have a good connection with this person and that perhaps we will probably have a carefree and fun time with them in the future. In fact, it often happens, after having dreams of this type, to be simply invited to a party and therefore meet many people. What if we dream of being together with our boyfriend or husband? If we are together with the person we love, eat and drink then our love story will probably experience moments of expansion, evolution, improvement and we will be able to make choices, make decisions for the future together. Almost always dreaming of good food is the symbol of a good period that is being lived, of a fortune that is coming, of a carefree, of a phase of our life in which we feel particularly optimistic, full of energy and vitality. These dreams often also signal a considerable creative power that must be exploited in everyday life, at work but also in private life.

But food can also be spoiled, spoiled, smelly, tasteless, tasteless, too salty, bitter, sweet. When in a dream we eat food that we do not like, that has a very strange smell or taste, then almost certainly there is something wrong with our life. If food is a positive dream symbol, however, we must not think that bad food can bring bad luck or experience negative events. Perhaps we simply have to be very careful not to underestimate some details of what we are doing to avoid encountering bad surprises and therefore not being so happy when we reach the goal. Sometimes, indeed very often, to reach a goal we are forced to overcome obstacles, to face difficulties because not everything can always go well and here spoiled or even poisoned food warns us and wants us to understand that path will certainly be favorable and we will reach the set goal but facing obstacles and difficulties. Some people say, about this topic, that they dreamed of eating poisoned food and feeling sick, even being fainted or dead or even being transported to the hospital by ambulance. Here the poison in food asks us to be much more careful in relation to some personal situations we are experiencing and which could, in fact, backfire. Feeding our body and mind in a balanced way, eating healthy, nourishing ourselves with healthy, natural foods, without exaggerating and therefore being able to reach goals serenely, confident in our qualities. This often indicates the food in our dreams if it is very good, tasty, if it is eaten in the company of people with whom we feel good and feel in tune. But what lies behind those dreams in which we are at the table with an enemy, with a work colleague with whom we do not have a good relationship? These kinds of dreams can tell us not to underestimate the importance of competition, struggle, envy which are sometimes essential to achieve certain professional but also personal goals. So a dream of this type invites us to reflect on what useful we could draw from a person who is against us.

Within this kind of dreams there are other important meanings to be analyzed. For example many scholars and psychologists agree in saying that food in dreams can be the symbol of a desire that is being fulfilled, of something we have longed for and that is about to come thanks to our commitment. Obviously this can happen if the food is good, tasty, very pleasant to eat and if by eating we feel satisfied, we quench our hunger and we are happy, perhaps surrounded by other people who have fun with us. Realize your desires but also improve your character. In fact, often when you are in a phase of life in which you are maturing, evolving positively, reaching important goals, then it is likely that some negative aspects of our character go away and therefore allow us to improve as people. mature. A beautiful meaning that we wish you all. In fact, it is not uncommon to dream of eating food in those periods in which dreams and desires are realized, in which goals are achieved, one matures professionally but also temperamentally and therefore becomes older. From childhood to adolescence, from adolescence to youth, from youth to adult life and so on. These are all stages in life in which dreams of this type are very likely. According to some scholars with whom, however, we do not agree very much, when you dream of refusing food then your health risks being frail, of worsening. Certainly very often our subconscious can make us understand if we find ourselves in a psychological or psychophysical condition that is not good and therefore in a phase of fatigue, depression, melancholy or even poor health but the refusal of food simply indicates, according to , we, refuse to evolve, refuse those opportunities that can allow us to move forward in our life, to mature, to achieve important goals or in any case those we have set ourselves. Not eating therefore indicates not wanting to progress, accept the challenges of life and move on. In short, we are almost always faced with a phase in which for various reasons we decide to stay where we are without having the courage to act and react to change our lives.

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