Medical analysis in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream to go to the doctor and receive a positive or negative response regarding some medical analyzes we have done? Maybe you dreamed of having a very bad disease and your doctor told you that you were going to die, you had little time to live. What does it mean to dream of discovering that you have an illness after having done some blood and urine tests and taking lots of pills and medicines? What does it mean to dream of being in hospital together with many doctors, doctors, nurses who are worried about our health and want to work urgently? Why is it possible to dream of going to withdraw clinical analyzes with positive or negative results or very worrisome medical analyzes? Why can we dream of pulling a blood syringe that turns out to be infected? What does it mean to dream of doing different analyzes of the head, leg, arm, hand, shoulder, heart, lungs, liver and knowing that you are completely healthy, in perfect physical shape or discover that you are sick? Performing hospital analysis, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, a complete psychoanalytic treatment in our dreams is a rare thing but offers many food for thought. What does it mean to dream of doing medical analysis together with a deceased person, dead for so many years? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can I play to win at a lottery if I dream of being in the hospital doing blood tests, according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I remember dreaming of entering a large hospital that I do not know to do some medical analysis and I was with my mother, my father, my brother, my sister and my grandparents. Last night I dreamed of going to a hospital clinic with my husband, my son, my lover and even some relatives. This night I dreamed of going to my doctor and analyst because I was very worried about the health of my cousin, my brother-in-law, my mother-in-law, my uncle and my baby. Last night I remember doing my blood tests and I found out I was pregnant". Dreaming of doing medical analysis or going to one's own psychoanalyst is a fairly widespread type of dreams that can reveal a very important message that our subconscious wants to communicate to our unconscious. Let's try to understand the meaning of this kind of dreams that can make us wake up with a great fear on us.


First of all we must always start from the concept of medical analysis in real life before trying to interpret this kind of dreams. So medical analysis is essential to understand if our health is good or it has some problems. In everyday life, at a certain age, performing medical analysis, blood tests, urinalysis, faeces, stomach biopsies, is a very normal thing. As time goes by, our body ages and therefore is not very efficient anymore. Here are some diseases can arise and we must not neglect any symptoms. So medical analyzes are a preventive and useful tool for understanding the health problem we have. From these simple concepts we have to start to be able to interpret the dreams in which we go to the doctor to talk. First of all, the doctor is a person we must trust and who can interpret, analyze medical analyzes. When we dream of being in the studio of our doctor or a doctor we do not know, then we are probably worried about a situation we are living in our lives. This situation does not necessarily affect our physical condition but could affect our mental condition. If the dreamer is a very old person, he could clearly be really worried about his health and dreaming of being in the hospital or visiting the doctor. Even a very young man or woman could be worried about a health problem and then have dreams when they are in a medical clinic or take various medicines. Obviously this kind of dreams has a meaning not very deep but banal. However, very often, behind doctors, hospitals and medicines, much more interesting meanings are born. For example, dreaming of doing blood analysis almost certainly means that we are experiencing a period of intense mental and physical stress, a period in which the energies are very lacking and so we need to recover. In real life we??realize the difficult and difficult situation we are experiencing and therefore it is projected into our dreams.

If we are experiencing a very complicated period, a period in which we are physically and mentally tired and we do not realize that we must rest in order to recover energies, then it is our subconscious that the alarm sounds and invites us to become aware of the problem. Generally doctors, nurses, hospitals, medical care, medical analysis, medicines, are good signs to take back our lives. However, going to a hospital clinic to perform medical analysis or simply going to a doctor in our dreams, almost always signals some fears, fears, anxieties we have in our lives and that we can not overcome, to solve. Here, going to the doctor and talking, going to a psychoanalyst or a psychologist or going to a hospital to perform some medical checks, means that we are becoming aware of these fears, anxieties, tensions, fears and we want to find a solution. But how to understand what these fears and anxieties refer to? We use the usual technique of dream interpretation. In our dreams we visit places, meet people, see objects and experience feelings and emotions. First of all, emotions are fundamental because feeling, feeling worry while doing some medical analysis means that these concerns are very evident in real life and do not make us sleep at night. What is the part of the body that is suffering and that is sick? If we dream of making medical analyzes of the heart, then sentimental life hides some danger, some of our fear. If it is our head to have a problem then ideas and projects are scarce while sick legs and arms are a symptom of work and economic problems. Contagious diseases of the blood almost always signal energies that are lacking and therefore the need to find a period of relaxation while the lungs can indicate an inner malaise that we live in our life and that does not allow us to enjoy the beautiful things that life offers us.

So, to understand even better the sector of our life in which we have some problem that creates tensions and anxieties, we must never forget the people who are with us in our dreams. Often this kind of oneiric manifestations concerns the interpersonal and social relationships that we live, and therefore also family and work relationships. For example, if we remember having dreamed of being in the office of a doctor and having our side our father and our mother or our husband or our son, then the dream signals the possibility of having a communication problem, the impossibility of talk to some people. Here the disease has been found and the treatment depends on our attitude towards these people in everyday life. Many boys and girls dream of being at the psychologist or in the hospital to be treated and with them is the boyfriend, the lover, the wife. The fears that afflict our soul are related to the love life and therefore we must understand everything that is not good and must be arranged in the relationship of love. Another aspect not to be underestimated, in this type of dreams, is that related to medicines. Medicines are a cure for solving a health problem. If we dream of taking pills and other medicines, then we have probably found a good solution to our problems, while the refusal of medicines signals the impossibility of solving a problem that we have understood the cause. Some people remember doing medical tests on their own and without the help of any doctor or nurse. To dream of carrying out medical analyzes in complete autonomy means having many uncertainties and many doubts in life, thus living a very complex period for which we can not find a good solution. We are perhaps experiencing a situation that is not very clear, a situation in which we are involved and which can be involved, and therefore we are progressing negatively for ourselves. Therefore dreaming of medical analysis expresses our desire to understand, analyze this situation to try to live it much better and without particular problems and useless anxieties. Deepen and learn all aspects of our lives and especially those that are still very confused, to find the right care and return to feel good.


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