What does it mean to dream of burning your hair or dreaming of combing, smoothing, drying our hair with an hairdryer? And dream of eating their own hair that maybe have lice, ticks, fleas and are also very dirty? Among the most popular dreams we certainly find the dreams in which the hair is the protagonists. Can these dreams be a trigger for events in our real life? But why are we all often dreaming of our hair that is disordered, disheveled or with lots of knots? Dreaming of the fall of our hair that is sick or healthy, dreaming of cutting hair to someone, an unknown person, a friend, a relative, our fiancé with scissors, a shaving blade, a knife, With a handle, with a mannaque, with an electric razor. But what does it mean to dream of dying red, blue, green, yellow, orange, blue, black, brown hair or dreaming of having blond hair and long hair or really short hair, practically shaved? What does it mean to dream of cutting hair? That they may be wet with water or are full of blood? Dreaming they cut your hair in a hairdresser's shop or in a barber. According to Neapolitan grimace, what numbers do you need to play to win the lottery when we see the hair in a dream? "This night I dreamed of seeing my falling hair, weak, broken, broken, with double tips, completely ruined and I was really scared. Last night I dreamed of seeing all my hair on the ground. Last night I dreamed that my hair burned and I broke fire with water. I felt a lot of pain and I was crying. I dreamed of having some hair in my mouth and in my throat and could not speak, indeed I could not even breathe. I dreamed of having a strange haircut by man or woman". Dreaming of tearing, brushing, shaving hats. How many times have you dreamed that someone would pull your hair or you dreamed to wash your hair with the shampoo and dry them in front of a mirror. All these dreams what meaning do they have and what interpretation can we give? Let's see.


First of all do not forget that to give a fair interpretation to your dreams you must always remember the people you meet, the situations you live and the feelings you dream in addition to the objects that are present. So with regard to the hair they are really very heavy in our dreams. Understanding the reason for this is very simple. Hair, in real life, is really very important to appear, to show to others, to show that we are beautiful and we are fine. Messy, torn, and ruined hair certainly does not make us a pretty figure in front of people especially at work. The first thing we have to think about when we dream of our hair is if in real life we feel accepted by people. Do we estimate ourselves or do we have a period of severe depression, malaise, and pessimism? Seeing hair that is ruined, torn, difficult to comb and that we do not particularly like, is certainly a little esteem. Perhaps some people have judged us not very positive in our daily lives and we turn our dream into dreams, seeing the hair that is not in order, are not perfect but have some defects. Often when the hair is very dirty or even full of ticks, fleas, and lice, then we have to deal with our dirty consciousness because perhaps we must repent of a situation that affects us in everyday life.

And if ours fall to the ground? If, instead of having a thick hair, we even find hairless in our heads and then completely shaved, peeled? Do your hair also have to do with our physical and mental strength, with our energies? You remember the legend of Samson And the people of the Philistines? Having very damaged hair, badly cut off or having hair falls in the dream is evidence that we are living or are going to live a very difficult time where the energies are lacking. So this kind of dreams asks us to find the right forces to face the difficult time of our lives. This is even more true if in real life we??have beautiful long hair, strong and in good shape. And if someone in the dream decides to cut our hair even if we do not want it? In real life we??will be forced to undergo a major change that we do not accept, a change, an event we do not want and that creates us so much fear. When in the dream we care about our hair and they are very beautiful, long and strong then the life we??are living is very positive and we can then expect some pretty positive event. Hair often also has to do with our interpersonal relationships, with our sentimental relationships. To dream of seeing our love partner with beautiful hair It is a good sign because our relationship is going forward very well, but if your hair is booming, dirty or falling on the ground, then you have to try to solve some relational problems and communication in love.

Another very important aspect of hair in our dreams is that of their color or different hairstyle. If we dream of seeing the hair that is different from our reality and so we have for example a man's hairstyle or a hairstyle that we do not like, then we need to understand what's wrong with our lives. If we have a man's hairstyle, but we are women, then we have to pull out some male talents in our lives that can be useful to solve some issues. How many times have we dreamed of having a different hair color? What does it mean to have red, yellow, green, celestial hair, etc ...? Behind this dreamlike dream lies a strong desire for change. In everyday life when we cut our hair often, consciously or unconsciously, we want to change something in our lives, we want to leave an old road and face a new road, we want to leave our sensory partner, etc ... So the Hair color or a different hairstyle can indicate a strong desire for change. For the ultimate analysis, we want to talk about those dreams in which the hair gets focused. We can dream of giving fire to our hair or those of another person or we can dream that an unknown person burns our hair. These dreams can be very scary but they always hide a stupid but important meaning. Fire is energy, desire to live and great moral strength. So when the fire burns our hair we have to accept a time when we have to do a lot to achieve the goals we set ourselves.


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