Tears in dreams have a meaning a fairly defined and clear psychological and psychiatric interpretation. Dreaming of crying or seeing crying for a dead or injured person, for an accident, for the mourning of a friend, for the death of a mother, father, brother or sister, for love or because we were abandoned by our girlfriend , boyfriend, wife, husband. Dreaming of a Madonna, Jesus, an angel or a saint who cries. What lucky numbers are hidden behind the symbolism of tears and therefore in the Neapolitan grimace? What numbers can we play to attempt a cash win at some gambling? What does it mean to dream of crying and being comforted by someone? Have you ever cried in a dream because of a love betrayal or for having lost a loved one? Dreaming of crying for the death of a dog, a cat, a person, a relative, a friend, of a parent who may have been dead for many years. Why can we dream of being in tears? What does it mean to see someone cry? What does it mean to dream of crying desperately? What hidden emotions are hidden behind this kind of dreams? What does it mean to cry for a person? Maybe dreaming of hugging or kissing a person and crying continuously? What does it mean to dream of crying? Have any of you ever found yourself crying in a dream and being conied by someone you may not know well? Dreaming of weeping blood from one eye or both eyes or a substance other than tears. What does the dream in which we find ourselves crying really turn out to be? Here is what is going to happen in real life if you have dreamed of tears remembering that the different interpretations to be analyzed are many because each dream is really very subjective and should not be studied without knowing the dreamer's life well. So let's try to interpret this type of dreams in a general way that sometimes become real nightmares and then you can find a link to a page on our website where you can go to identify the numbers connected with crying in dreams to try to win something. We remind all of you that you must never neglect anything in a dream, you must in fact try to remember emotions, sensations, places, objects, people, colors to give a correct interpretation and understand what our subconscious wants to communicate to us.


To understand this type of dreams that can sometimes turn into a nightmare, we must first start from the concept of crying in real life. In fact we can cry for love, for a bereavement, therefore for the loss of a person home, for inner sadness, for a moment of depression, for a moment of strong tiredness, for a job or a professional project that fails, for the loss of a substantial sum of money, for an illness but also for a joy, a happiness that we have experienced. Generally the first meaning that is associated with the dream plan is a liberation, the need to carry out a cleaning in our life, an inner cleaning, which affects not only what surrounds us but also what we have inside, our soul as well as ours. heart or our mind. In fact, in everyday life we??often find ourselves having to endure restrictions, difficulties, very complicated moments, abuses and we don't know how to get rid of all this. The dream therefore becomes a moment of liberation in which those cries that we are unable to express, to bring out in real life, are expressed. Therefore dream crying is often associated with a moment of inner liberation that makes us understand how a real situation, which we are experiencing in everyday life, is particularly complicated and makes us suffer in silence. In this case the dream is very positive even if we can experience unpleasant sensations while crying and this is because when we wake up and in the following days we will have a better view of the situation that makes us suffer and maybe we will be able to find the right solution. In fact, remember that the subconscious is much more powerful than our unconscious and works effectively when we sleep to allow us to find valid solutions to the problems we are experiencing. If you are very attentive to the details of the dream you will also understand the right way to find the solution to the problem. The interpretation of these dreams is really very subjective and we must always try to remember every detail when we wake up, everything that apparently seemed useless but that can provide us with useful information. But in a dream you can also see another person crying and not just ourselves. Let's try to interpret this kind of dreams too.

First of all, the cry of another person refers to a sector of our life in a particular way. For example if we see a parent cry like a mother or father or a brother or sister, clearly there is something in family life that we are not happy with, something we cannot express or the relationship with a family member is not happy. is sincere, clear, honest. In the dream then this situation comes out. So we must always ask ourselves what is the relationship we are living with this person and what not to like about this relationship. Often you dream of seeing your boyfriend, husband, in short the person we love crying and from what we have said before, you understand well that here we are living a sentimental relationship in which we are not able to express our ideas, what we have in the our heart but it could also be that we realize that the person we love does not feel free, perhaps he feels oppressed by our way of behaving. A difficult moment to which a solution must be found immediately by asking for more freedom and space from the person who is by our side or by giving ourselves more independence to her. Speaking of another type of dream that is really widespread, you will now understand that crying can also refer to the loss of hope. Have you ever seen a Madonna, Jesus, an angel or a saint cry? Even simply a statue that represents them. We are probably in a phase of life in which we feel lost, we do not know which path to take, we are not able to understand well what our role is in society, in this world that often assails us. In addition to a certain situation that is assailing us and does not allow us to live well, here we are faced with hope that is failing, with a confidence and optimism that drop dramatically in our life pushing us into an abyss from which it is not possible. easy to get out. When we have this kind of dreams then it is clear that our subconscious wants us to understand well that we must find that certainty, that inner strength, that trust that we have lost, perhaps asking someone for help. But let's analyze still other kinds of dreams in which crying is quite important as an element if not the most important.

Have you ever cried in a dream because of a person who died or is dying? Who knows how many times you have had this type of dream. Crying for a living person who dies in a dream as a result of an illness or crying when meeting a person who has really died for a short or long time. Obviously, here we must distinguish the type of dreams. So if we cry for a person who is alive then we are probably worried about a situation that may concern this same person and therefore we reflect their life in ours. If, on the other hand, the dream concerns a deceased then clearly this is a kind of dream that is easy to interpret because it indicates the pain that has not yet gone away from our heart and from ours while for this sudden death. A mom that we have loved so much in real life for many years and who suddenly dies can go back into our dreams for many years, several times and make us cry a lot. These dreams only want to tell us that our love has not ended for this person who has been fundamental in our life. Some scholars of the dream world but also psychologists and psychiatrists also identify these dreams with something beautiful that can happen in the life of the person who cries, such as the arrival of good news, a joy, a favorable event after having lived. a bad period. In reality this interpretation does not seem so justified and find solid bases on which to rest but we hope that it can really happen to you that a joyful event can happen after a dream of this type. In general, however almost all scholars of the dream world agree in identifying crying as the need to get rid of something that corrodes us in everyday life, of something that can refer to a personal, work situation, sentimental, familiar but also to a person who does not allow us to live as we would like. Let's conclude by talking about those dreams in which we often hug someone and cry together. It is necessary to understand the relationship that one has with this person in real life to understand what the dream wants to communicate to us but in general it is a positive interpretation that signals the possibility of being in tune, of living a very satisfying relationship with this person.

After understanding the meaning of this kind of dreams which is in fact very widespread among different populations, let's find out if it is possible to find a series of numbers that you can play and thus try to win a small or large sum of money in some game. of gambling, however, remembering that dreams are not for this and to always spend little money because the certainty of a win does not exist. Then following the link below you can go to a page of our website you will find yourself in front of a book on dreams, sorted by alphabetical letters and therefore in which it will be very easy to find the words that you are interested in, for example, the keyword of dreams that we explained earlier and that is tears. You can extrapolate all the numbers you want after analyzing the dream well and understanding what the main symbolisms are. We wish you the best of luck.


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