The cockroach in a dream. Meaning and psychological interpretation of cockroaches and other insects in a dream. Lucky and winning numbers with the Neapolitan grimace. Among some populations the cockroach is a symbol of luck but in other populations it does not assume this symbolism. The meaning of the cockroach in dreams is almost never trivial because it represents something that we all encounter, even often, during our life. Why can we dream of feeling disgust, horror, disgust in front of a cockroach or other insect in a dream? What does it mean to dream of flying cockroaches or cockroaches that sting and inject poison? To see in a dream a big, huge cockroach that hurts us, that makes us lose a lot of blood. Maybe it can happen to dream of finding a cockroach that runs in our house or workplace or that after flying around us it lands on our head, hand, fingers, face, foot, leg, shoulder. Have you ever dreamed of stepping on and then killing a giant or very small cockroach or another stinking insect under your feet? What does it mean to dream of a giant cockroach? In a dream it can happen to see insects of all kinds, black, brown, yellow, red, green, white, gray and even cockroaches can take on particular colors that have a meaning. What does it mean to dream of flying insects? What does it mean to dream of insects and cockroaches that invade our home and attack us? The most terrible and frightening dreams are those in which it is told about cockroaches or other types of insects that have come out from under the skin. Let's try to understand what it means to dream of cockroaches and other insects which can appear in various situations and which are absolutely the symbol of something that must be understood and improved in our life. Before moving on to the interpretation of this kind of dreams that in some moments can turn out to be real nightmares, we must remind all of you that if you are passionate about games and want to try your luck maybe after dreaming of some cockroaches, then at the end of this article you will find a link to go and extrapolate some numbers from our famous dream book and then groped for a cash win at the game. Enjoy the reading.


A giant cockroach that flies and lands on our window or enters the house or lands on the face of our father, mother, boyfriend, husband, wife, work colleague, brother, sister, relative, friend. Have you ever witnessed and taken part in a dream scene of this type? The cockroach is an insect and therefore in our interpretation we must refer to the category of insects in general. The first meaning to be associated with the insects that appear in a dream is alarmism because perhaps we are experiencing a situation, a moment of life in which we feel disturbed, disturbed by someone or something. In fact, if we think of some very annoying insects such as flies or mosquitoes but also of other much more dangerous insects such as hornets, this thing takes on a very truthful connotation. So an insect that appears in a dream is an indicator of a situation we are facing and that is unpleasant, it does not make us live well, it makes us nervous and perhaps even agitated. A boring period also, a confused phase of our life in which we do not know what to do, which path to take, in which we feel immersed in very unclear situations. Confusion, stress, nervousness, tension, agitation are all related to the dream of insects. Obviously these insects can attack us, even pinch, sting, eat us or they can be exterminated, killed by the dreamer. Clearly if we kill one or more insects the interpretation to be given is quite positive because we have probably understood that we are in an unclear situation but perhaps we have or are finding the right solution to get out of this problem. Hunting insects, moving them away from our home, from the place of work, from above our body is a very positive sign because we will be able to fix a cumbersome and annoying situation. But the cockroach also takes on other meanings which in some cases are very favorable to the dreamer, even we talk about luck, small or big luck, even of an economic nature but obviously not always. Let's try to understand the reason connected to this kind of dreams by reminding all of you that the dream world is very subjective and therefore if in real life you are still afraid of any insect, then it is likely that the meaning is related to what we have said before.

Before moving on to the meaning of cockroaches in a dream, let's also say that another interpretation is possible regarding insects in general. In fact, they can often represent emotions and sensations that we are not able to control in real life and that therefore assail us. Emotions that could also be beautiful to live but that if not governed well can be a boomerang and therefore come back to haunt us. Some scholars agree on another meaning to be attributed to the appearance of cockroaches, cockroaches, insects in general and that is unexpected, unexpected changes that can come and that are really very annoying to bear, to face. For example many people say they dreamed of many cockroaches invading their home or workplace while they were experiencing a chaotic, confused phase, also full of pleasant events both in the family and in the workplace but that it was not easy to govern. In short, the dreamlike representation of the cockroach seen as a positive factor in life which, however, risks backfiring. In fact, the cockroach in the tradition of some peoples indicates unexpected changes that may or may not be advantageous. The cockroach is a very symbolic animal and can often refer to fear, anxiety, disgust, envy, wickedness, irrationality, torment. Furthermore, the dreamer can experience a moment in which he faces problems that are very complicated to manage or he possesses within himself a dark, gloomy force that asks to be manifested outside. In short, reading these meanings we could conclude that the cockroach is not really a symbol of luck as many people think but connected with unpleasant events. However, we remind all of you that dreams do not indicate certain events, events that will surely happen but that can evolve thanks to our intervention, to the situations that change in today's life. So if we realize that we are in a complicated, difficult phase, full of annoyances and problems, we can act and improve everything. In fact, the cockroach can be seen as a symbol of rebirth after an absolutely nefarious period of our life, as a sign of recovery. Everything depends on us and dreams can only give us indications, make us understand that a problem exists and must be faced.

But the cockroach in some peoples is a symbol of luck, of unforeseen events that may come but which are absolutely positive. Particularly when we dream of seeing a beautiful cockroach surrounded by nature with a wonderful, shimmering color, then it is very likely that we can experience a peaceful, lucky, advantageous period in a certain area of??our life. Let's not forget that the sensations and emotions we experience in a dream are essential to provide a correct interpretation and above all to understand if the dream offers us a positive or negative meaning. So if while we observe a cockroach or even a beautiful butterfly or dragonfly as they fly or land on us, on our hand and we feel no disgust, no fear, no disgust, we are ready to receive a gift from the destiny, we are ready to face a period of evolution. Many times insects such as cockroaches simply represent a state of well-being or discomfort that we are experiencing in everyday life and do not indicate concrete events that will happen. So we can see our house invaded by tens or hundreds of insects and experience a whirlwind of very confused, very agitated emotions inside us or be happy to meet a small harmless and colorful cockroach eating a leaf, giving the idea of a moment of serenity of great psychophysical well-being. Never underestimate this insect when it appears in your dreams and even if in real life you are afraid of it, know that it can often signal not only luck but a period in which our soul is joyful, happy, serene, at peace with everyone and with everything around us. If in fact we understand how its dream meaning is associated with a moment of confusion, doubts and bad luck, then it is always good to remember if we can kill, chase away, remove this insect in a dream. Thus we will understand upon awakening that we are absolutely able to face the situation that creates discomfort and to find a favorable solution to it. We conclude the topic by also talking about those dreams in which, even if rarely, you eat an insect, a cockroach. Here we are faced with the very strong need to attract positive energies to us, lucky events.

Now we leave you with our dream book where you can find some numbers related to the words that represent the dream we had. For example, if you have dreamed of killing a cockroach you could find the words kill and cockroach and then try to win some amount of money at a game. In the book there are hundreds of words sorted according to the alphabet and therefore it is very easy to do a search. Places, things, objects, people, actions, sensations, emotions, colors, animals, all this can be found in our famous and free dream book which, however, must not be used excessively. In fact, dreams do not come to us to provide us with numbers and make us win money but they are a very useful method to improve our life, to become aware of what we are doing. However, sometimes extrapolating numbers from dreams and trying to win some gambling is possible but remember not to spend too much money.


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