Being anorexic in dreams, eating very little or a lot of dream food and becoming obese. Hunger and thirst in dreams what does it mean? What does it mean to dream of being very hungry? Why do you often meet people who are hungry and ask for food? Dreaming of having appetite what meaning brings to the dreamer? And dreaming of being hungry and failing to find good food or finding dead food? Why can you dream of having an appetite in your dream? Dreaming of greed, voraciousness, delicacy, satiety or lack of appetite. Why can you suffer from malnutrition, famine, languor in the stomach? Feeling satire in a dream can be a very common thing. Hungry and be very poor in dreams, meet a hungry, miserable, poor man. Ask for a piece of bread, ask for some food on the street for strangers, have lunch or dine at a table full of food in the company of parents, relatives, boyfriend, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister. What does it mean to dream of a dead man who says he is always hungry? What does it mean to dream of being too hungry? Why in our dreams can we go for food and water? What meaning and interpretation do you give to the dreams where we see abundant food or where do we dream of feeding to many children, very hungry men and women? Dreaming of a tableau of people fed up with so much food is a very common dream and also dreaming of cooking for someone, cooking together with so many people. But why can we dream of refusing to eat, not hungry, or satiate your hunger with little food? How many times have you been eating pasta, pizza, sandwiches in a dream? "Last night I dreamed of getting up to go to the fridge because I was so hungry. On the past night I dreamed of eating food that was dead and vomiting all I had ingested. The other night I dreamed of being together with my dear friend and a colleague working at a restaurant while eating good food and we were happy. This night I dreamed of finding so much good food in a store but I did not have the money to buy it". It often happens to dream of eating together with a famous actor or singer, along with a son, a relative, uncle, aunt. These dreams are never trivial but they signal to the dreamer messages that can be really important. Let's see the meaning of dream food.


Food in our dreams always has an important meaning that is often linked to our psychophysical energies. Eating food in real life means staying alive because without protein, vitamins the body could not go on and the cells would die. When we dream of something we must always try to make a comparison with our real life. Obviously, if we dream of finding and eating good food means we are probably in a phase of our life where we are recovering physical and mental energies. So the dreams we eat are really beautiful dreams that indicate a positive time and where we can recover very well after having faced a negative and very tiring period, full of stress, anxiety and tension. Eating food is therefore a very positive thing except food is dead. If we eat food that is not good then we risk facing a very difficult time where we will miss the resources to do well in our lives. To dream of being in front of a table full of good food and eating up to be satiated, filling our stomach, can be the symptom of a beautiful period of our earthly existence in which we are evolving, we are maturing and we are becoming very wise. Also, very often, these dreams can indicate the possibility of having excellent working and professional opportunities and earning money. Especially if we eat eggs. But food in our dreams is not only beneficial because we can also refuse to eat or dream of finding nothing to eat and suffer so much hunger. Hunger in our dreams can be so high that we can wake up with the strong desire to look for food. These dreams can happen to those people who go to sleep without having eaten anything or with great hunger and consequently our subconscious, with such dreams, makes us understand that the physicist needs energy. Eating is a primary necessity for man and eating food is really indispensable, so when we dream of finding, seeing so much food means that in life we need something really important. The dreams we eat and enjoy, we feel the flavors of the foods we eat, are happy and maybe we are happy because we are eating in the company, they are really beautiful dreams that can signal a fantastic time of our life that is happening or that is still to come.

Never forget to remember, when you wake up from sleep, to write on a notebook the feelings you have experienced, the places you visited, the people you met and the objects. All these details can help you give a better explanation to your dream. For example, if we dream of being in a restaurant and eating together with a friend or a work colleague, then it might be that the relational relationship with this person can improve. In the past we could have had a conversation, a small or big discussion, and then eating with this person could signal the need to make peace or change anyway in the relationship. Often, these dreams indicate job opportunities just when we dream of being in the workplace and eating in company with other people and work colleagues. Usually eating in dreams is always a very favorable thing, especially if, while we eat, we feel satiated because even in dreams we can experience beautiful and bad feelings as if it were reality. If we eat in the family around a beautiful table full of food, then some beautiful happening could happen in our lives and some very positive event that a member of our family could arrive and we would be very happy. Also in these cases, dreams also indicate that a family relationship can improve after a bad time, a time when some discussions have created a bad climate. And if we are with our boyfriend, lover, husband, wife and eat? This is also a great dream because our sentimental life is satisfactory, we are going through a great loving time in which we can love and love ourselves. Of course, besides the people we meet, even the places where we are in the dream can give us useful indications that can help us understand, understand better the meaning of dream food. But we have not finished yet because one of the most popular dreams is where we are very hungry or we see someone, a baby, a man or a woman we do not know that they are asking for food, they need to eat otherwise they are likely to die.

Being hungry in dreams obviously means a period of our life where we need to find the right way. Things are not going well, we suffer from a period of physical and moral fatigue, the energies are at a very low level and we obviously need to recover the strength to face life. Even some people dream of being very poor and asking alms in the street. These dreams may indicate that we are experiencing a very difficult time but it is not said that the difficulties are concrete, material, perhaps economic or working, but they may also be mental. And if we dream about eating a person we do not know and asking for a piece of bread or something to eat and drink? Often these dreams indicate that we have an altruistic side that must necessarily come out. Perhaps at some point in our existence we feel the need to help people, a troubled friend, we feel the need to be no longer selfish and the message is really beautiful because it leads to a positive evolution of our soul, our inner life as well as external. Sucking hunger in real life is really a very bad thing that we should not wish for the worst enemy and so if we dream of eating, our stomach is empty, we are hungry and thirsty, then we almost certainly have to face an important problem in our life, a problem that should not be underestimated. Eating in dreams even if we do not have this desire or feel the inability to ingest food can affect a strong discomfort or malaise in some aspect of the dreamer's life but he does not try to solve it. Before concluding this article we talk about a last aspect of food in dreams. The strong appetite we have in dreams can also be compared to the need for sex, the need to have sex. Especially when we are in the dream of a person we like, our husband, wife, boyfriend, lover or a beautiful woman, a wonderful man or even an actor or singer who we really like, perhaps we are facing a period when the sex is not lived as we want, we would like to be able to do more, have a better erotic life and then vent all our energies under the sheets with a person we love.


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