Choking in dreams. What does it mean to dream of being stabbed, killed with a large and sharp dagger, a kitchen knife, a sharp, sharp steel knife, with a great manna, with a punteruolo maybe from our boyfriend or husband? What does it mean to dream of taking, receiving, having a knife, stabbed by an unknown man or woman? What meaning and interpretation do you give to dreams where a person hits us with a large knife or sword in his leg, arm, face, heart, behind his shoulder in our genitals? Why can you dream of being stabbed to your left or right hand, foot, head, chest, throat, stomach or eyes and lose lots of blood? What does it mean to dream of being stabbed to the belly, belly, face, or neck? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace should you play if you are dreamed of being stabbed fiercely, losing a lot of blood to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? What does it mean to dream of being stabbed and feeling a lot of pain by feeling the death approaching? "The other night I dreamed that they stabbed me but not dead and instead of getting out of the blood, water came out of the wound. This night I dreamed that they struck me with a stick or a sword and then with an arrow pulled by an arc. On the past night I dreamed that a man with a clair, whip, hammer, hammer, ferret was trying to hit me to kill me but I could run away. Last night I saw so many guys I did not know they were coming to me and they wanted to beat me with a plump bat, a crooked sword, a bayonet, a knife and a knife and a gun and a gun. I dreamed of being with my mother, my father, my sister and my brother and somebody came home with a knife to kill us. I remember I was in my bed with my wife and my children and was stabbed by a shadow". Often, it may happen that they dream of being attacked and beaten, but especially affected by a friend, a colleague, a famous singer or actor, or his grandfather, uncle, relative. Why can you dream of knives and killing, aggression and wounds? Let's understand and understand the significance of these important dreams that, as always, are not trivial and we must try to interpret it very well.


To understand the message that can hide behind this kind of dreams we must absolutely start from the meaning of the dagger, the knife and its use in real life. The knife and other types of weapons can be used positively or negatively. If the knife is used to strike and hurt a person or animal then it is called a weapon of offense and of course dreams in which we are hit and injured by a knife of a large or small knife must be well valued because in real life someone may want to make us hurt, maybe not physically but morally, someone does not digest our presence. So the first meaning to associate with this kind of dream is a real-life danger, a difficulty in understanding a problem that can be absolutely negative for us. For example, a dream knife that strikes us without we can not do anything and defend us, means that someone can hurt our pride, someone we might want to do is trap. The knife, therefore, as a weapon of attack, indicates a dangerous situation for which you have to open your eyes. Of course, these dreams almost always indicate a real physical attack by a person in everyday life, but here we talk about moral attack, in short, a person who wants to put sticks between the wheels and prevent the dreamer from doing something, to carry on a project. Knives, blades, sticks, daggers, swords. Many pointed and heavy objects can cause pain, bleeding and death in a dream. When we dream of getting hurt and losing a lot of blood, we must never forget that blood is a period of strong physical and mental fatigue, so a period when we must try to recover our strength. We can be pursued in a dream by a person we do not know, from a shadow that even wants to kill us and this event can really be terrible but just maybe the meaning is that we need to be aware of a difficulty in our lives that we can not escape , at least for now.

Being stabbed with betrayal by a person we do not know can indicate that we really will face a defeat or attack from a person we do not like. Never forget that to give a true interpretation to a dream, you have to remember the emotions and feelings you have, the places you visited, the objects we saw and the people we met. Often a strong dislike for a person we work with as a work colleague or a school friend can lead to strong dreams that use knives. Another trivial thing about these dreams is to be able to remember the point of the body in which we are hit by the knife, stick, dagger, etc. ... If we are hit in the head then perhaps our ideas can endure a halt, our projects can be blocked, stay for some reason, maybe someone's fault. If, however, we are struck in our eyes then the risk is even greater because we can not understand, observe, understand the difficulties of our lives. Being injured to a right leg or a right arm means that we can have work and professional locks while the left part of the body is linked to our imagination and creativity so a knife that strikes and wounds left hand or left means that we are experiencing a period complex in terms of ideas, creativity, imagination. So the inventive is missing. And if someone hits us behind us? These dreams are very widespread and to get a proper interpretation you need to understand why in a dream a person attacks and wounds behind. Whoever hits another person behind is certainly a villainous person, a traitor, an infamous. So here's the comparison with the world of dreams. If someone dreams of hurting us and we can not figure out who he is, then in real life we ??will face the attack of a person we will hardly be able to answer unless we recognize the person in a dream and we can avoid it 'stabbing us behind us. Then the knife is seen as an attack, an aggression by a person who wants to hurt in real life but not physically, rather morally, financially, working.

We have said before that when we try to interpret a dream we must remember the places we are and the people we meet. For example, being stabbed in our home by a family member like a mother, father, brother, sister, what does it mean? Certainly some family problems will come to light and we will be forced to face some family discussions, which may also be negative for us. If, however, in the dream we see a son attacking us and want to hit us with a knife then we must be very careful about the relationship with our son and try to understand what he wants from us because often this kind of dreams want to communicate the lack of something in the relationship with other people. Lack of communication, understanding, forgiveness can affect dreams and cause blades, pointed objects, arrows that strike us at points in our body. And the eyes ? Great dreams because dreaming of being stabbed to the eyes can really make us wake up with so much fear and the heart that beats very hard. The eyes are used to observe, to look and then somebody in real life, does not want us to understand something, a person wants to prevent us from understanding. But in dreams we can be hit but we can also be hitting someone with a knife. Knocking a person without a doubt indicates that we are in a period of strong stress, tension, anger that we must channel in the best of ways without instinct but using our reason. Let's take an example to understand the concept. Suppose we dream of trying to kill our husband, our lover, our boyfriend. Obviously such a dream indicates a serious sentimental understanding problem that we have not yet been able to solve. So in dreams we can attack the person we love with a very dangerous object. In our awakening we try to understand why the affective relationship does not go as we would like, we try to figure out what the knife and the gesture to hit it is because only so can the calm, serenity, harmony in our couple relationship return and not we will have more dreams of this kind. Google Traduttore per le aziende:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti web


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