The sea in dreams. Dream of the sea meaning and symbolism. Dreaming of the sea: meaning and interpretations. Bathing in a beautiful blue sea. Who knows how many times it has happened to you. What does it mean if you happen to dream of the sea, calm or rough? What does it mean to dream of the sea at night? Dreaming of a calm, rough, rough or stormy sea has a very special meaning and symbolism that we will try to interpret in this article. What does it mean to dream of the sea at home? What does dreaming of the sea mean according to psychologists and psychiatrists? After the interpretation we will also try to extrapolate some lucky and winning numbers from the Neapolitan grimace to try a cash win at some gambling. What does it mean to dream of swimming in the sea? What does it mean to dream of being in the sea alone or in company? What does it mean to dream of a sea of??dark color or completely black or still very transparent and that allows us to live under its surface? Who knows how many times it will have happened to you to dream of being at the sea or on the beach with someone we do not know or with mother, father, parents, brother, sister, son, family, boyfriend, husband, friends, work colleague, uncle, deceased grandfather . Diving into the sea, hitting a rock and getting very hurt, dying, drowning, floundering in the sea, asking for help, drinking a lot of sea water and feeling bad, doing so many all from very high and steep rocks. What numbers to play if we dream of the rough sea? Why is it possible to dream of seeing a beautiful blue sea at night but at some point a storm arrives, the sea shakes so much and a strong tsunami comes over us and we go under the water and die? Swim towards unexplored shores, towards a splendid land that we do not know in the middle of the ocean or see wonderful depths with fish and lots of vegetation. Let's try to understand what lies behind this kind of dreams which is quite widespread among the population. The sea in a dream can have very different meanings but ultimately it represents our soul, our current state of mind. Immediately after the various interpretations you will find our dream book, a book in which you can find the numbers corresponding to certain words that represent dream elements.


First of all we describe those dreams in which we are in front of a beautiful calm sea or even swim inside it without particular problems. If the waves are calm, then here we are facing a very positive dream that indicates a moment in life in which you know what you need to do to feel serene and happy and you know what choices to make, what decisions to make. The dreamer's will to change allows you to make very important and positive choices, favorable, advantageous for your own evolution because you are in tune with your soul, mind, body and spirit traveling on the same track. So we could say that the sea can represent the rhythm that we live in reality and that it is absolutely in tune with what we are doing. For example, if we are in a situation where a choice must be made and we dream of swimming in a beautiful blue sea and of which we also see the seabed for how transparent the water is, then here we are ready to take the step in forward with the certainty of reaching the goal. Some scholars of dreams when they talk about the sea refer to any trips that can be fun trips or for work reasons precisely because the sea is often associated with holidays but things are not always like this because almost everyone agrees with the discourse. that the symbolism of the sea is associated with our soul. Other scholars do not even agree that a very calm sea condition is an omen of favorable events and a peaceful and positive life but of any projects that will have to undergo changes and above all postponements, be postponed for some reason. We absolutely disagree with this explanation and we believe that a flat, calm, not stormy sea is always to be associated with absolutely pleasant events, with a moment in the dreamer's life in which everything is going well and one feels satisfied with what you are doing. We must also say that there is another wonderful dream that you can refer to the sea and that is the one in which you go under the water and swim together with the fish observing the marine flora. Very pleasant dreams that on awakening can give us a feeling of amazement, sweetness, surprise and great serenity, indicating that we are experiencing a good time.

Yes, probably the dreamer is in a very interesting phase of his life, in which mind, body and spirit have found the right balance and every battle, choice, decision to be taken is favorable for an evolution. But the sea in a dream is often not always calm but very agitated, stormy and inside it becomes very difficult to navigate with a boat or dinghy or swim. Typical is the dream in which you risk drowning, in which you are unable to stay afloat, you drink salty water and sink to death by drowning. Furthermore, the sea can be dark, dirty, very little transparent, sometimes the dreamer who swims inside it can feel sensations of too cold or too hot. Maybe some of you have found yourself immersed in a terrible storm with thunder and lightning but also with a great tsunami, very high waves crashing on the rocks. Referring to what was said above in relation to the calm sea, an absolutely positive dream that signals a period of inner peace, obviously a rough sea signals a moment of strong tension, dissatisfaction, struggle, uncertainty, doubts that they are born in everyday life and do not allow us to be what we want. An inner block, a difficulty in expressing what we have inside, our emotions and sensations that risk being overwhelming and not being able to be controlled. What needs to be done in such moments is certainly to act, understand that we are living in a complex situation and take the reins in hand of our life. In fact, dreams are used for this and that is to find solutions to the various life problems of which one becomes aware. And when do we risk drowning? Why can we drown in a dream? Not being able to stay afloat is a symptom of a life that is perhaps too stressful, perhaps full of commitments that it is not easy to carry on. Then we drown because we don't have the right energy to go on. But in a dream we can find ourselves in love together with a person who can be a family member, a friend, a work colleague or even an unknown person. The presence of another person in this type of dreams, perhaps of a person swimming with us, can be positive or negative, obviously depends on the circumstances.

For example the dream of being in the company of a parent and swimming together freely in the sea simply means that we are living a good relationship with our father or mother and the same thing happens if the swimmer with us is a boyfriend, husband , wife. The sentimental relationship is beautiful and satisfying and full of surprises, never monotonous, especially if you sail together under the water together with colorful fish and splendid seabeds. The life that surprises in every moment. Swimming with a work colleague or a client could be a good omen for an agreement, a deal that can be in our favor and therefore we must continue to follow the path that we are already following in real life to achieve the objectives set. The sea in a dream can really appear in many situations such as the one in which we ourselves help someone to get out, we save a person who is drowning or in any case is in great difficulty. Perhaps we will actually help someone in daily life or we simply realize that we have great energy, qualities, qualities that we can exploit to move forward, to make decisions, to make important choices that can even be useful not only for ourselves but also for other people. Diving from even very high rocks instead means having the desire to do something unusual in your life and that leads to a change, in short, you feel the need to fight boredom. We conclude this topic in which the most important dream element is the sea, with those dreams in which maybe you are on the beach, relaxing and sunbathing alone or in company. Another meaning that hides behind the sea and also the beach is that relating to the need to stop for a moment, to find a moment to rest and to recover energy because we have probably worked too much and the moment comes when we need to find the calm, tranquility. Here the sea can also represent a period of stress that you are experiencing, a phase of life in which it is absolutely necessary to unplug and have fun, be more in tune with ourselves to avoid entering an even more negative phase. In short, the sea in a dream is full of meanings that connect us to our way of being and living.

Now as we promised you during the article, below you will find the link that will take you to the web page where you can extrapolate the lucky numbers to try and win some gambling. On that page you will find the famous book on dreams, a free book that we offer to all our readers and which obviously allows you to come up with numbers. The use of the book is really very simple because all the hundreds of words you find are ordered according to the alphabetical letters. In the case of the sea dream then go to the letter M and find the word sea, then find the other words to which the dream refers. Things, animals, people, actions, objects, places, sensations, emotions. All this is important in a dream and this is the reason why you find all these elements in the book. Of course you know very well that dreams are not a way to have economic luck and therefore do not waste too much money in the hope of winning some gambling. Dreams are used above all to better understand ourselves and find the right solutions to the problems we are facing in life.


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