Sometimes you may do strange and terrible dreams in which a person is behind us. We can not run away, we feel stuck and we can not even take a step with our legs. These dreams are so terrible that we can wake up in the middle of the night really scared. "Why dream of being achieved, stalked, researched, chased by an unknown person to be killed? Why do I dream of seeing a man or a woman with the face covered or not recognizable trying to reach me to strike at death? The other night I dreamed of seeing a very high and thick that he wanted to hurt me. Last night I saw a man in a dream really great that he tried to hit me with a knife, then tried to kill me. Last night I dreamed that a man chasing my parents, my mother and my father, my sister and my brother, my grandmother, my aunt, my friend, my colleague and she wanted to take their lives. Last night I was chased by a long stretch of very dark road by a ghost who was very afraid ". But what does it mean, then, dreaming of being chased to be killed and try to run away, run away, cut and run? What lies behind these dreams? What is the gold meaning and interpretation? Let's see.

First of all, when we dream of this kind of thinking we have some problems in real life, some situation that creates some difficulties, problems that we can solve. So the unknown person who pursues us is often a problem, a difficulty of life that we may not face as we should. Well perhaps run away from our responsibilities and then what happens? What happens is that in a dream the individual who comes to us can make us very sick, it can even kill us. Death we know to be a symbol of change in dreams and is often favorable to the dreamer but in this case it tells us that we must necessarily change the way we act, to deal with situations if we do not want to fall victim to abuse. So despite these dreams do a great deal of fear carry a positive message that should suggest the dreamer and it must lead in a stage of maturation and evolution over the inner and outer.

Of course it is always very important to remember when you wake up from a dream, the places you have visited, the people I met and the objects as well as the feelings who have proven that obviously these dreams are often feelings of fear and anxiety. Certainly being chased so it is a sign of extreme importance not least because otherwise we avoid situations that may precipitate in real life, get worse and then maybe a solution will be even harder. If the person behind us is a person we know in real life then we should expect to be conscious of the problem that we have, we know the causes of this problem and probably also know the people who are involved. An unknown person may instead indicate that we are not yet able to understand the situation and how it was generated. Certainly the terrible thing in these dreams is being chased and shot dead. We can try to think really so afraid of dying because few perosne make lucid dreams, dreams that they are conscious to dream.

But the most terrifying dream is one in which we are chased by a person running toward us with an incredibly fast pace and we can not run away, we feel stuck, legs do not move, we seem nailed to the ground, or we can only make small steps in slow motion. We start to have a lot of fear, sweat and sometimes it fails the breath. If the person being pursued has a relative, a coworker, a friend then the situation, the problem may affect our relationship with this person, so we are perhaps facing a family problem or professional. Sometimes we are chased by our partner sentimental and this means that we live a loving relationship very morbid, the fact of jealousy and when we feel very little free. Ultimately it happens to dream about being chased and managing to escape and to find shelter. These dreams are only apparently positive because they indicate that we are not facing the problem in real life but we are just trying to get away from our responsibilities.


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