Who has never happened to be followed, achieved and surrounded by a terrible and hungry tiger that makes a lot of fear? Have you ever had a dream in which a tiger attacks you, bites you and you ravening with his big teeth and sharp? And have you ever dreamed of seeing a tiger that wanders into your house and is very threatening? And a tiger in a cage or on a leash? And a tiger eating or hunting and trapping another animal? Why and why we can dream this animal? Why do we dream often this feline that want to attack, you want to hurt us? Sometimes we dream of seeing a little tiger, a tiger cub that died or been injured in the leg or still playing. What does it mean to dream of being chased by a giant tiger or like a fox? "Last night I dreamed of seeing a black tiger, almost like a panther who wanted to attack me, and he wanted to kill me foaming at the mouth. Last night I saw in a dream a white tiger and the yellow and black roaring against me. It was very large and came towards me, approaching. Last night I dreamed of seeing three male and female tigers protecting their young and attacked some people in which I saw my mother, my father, my sister, my aunt, My grandfather, a friend, a coworker, my boyfriend?". But what does it mean to dream of seeing a tiger very fat or very thin that he's very hungry or a tiger that is coupled, has sex with another tiger? What it means to see a tiger that is bleeding and is sick and about to die? Let us understand the meaning and interpretation of this dream symbol that can really make a lot of fear.

How do we know the animals in a dream often identify sides of our character or problems, dangers that we face in our lives. Many times the animals indicate some people or a particular person in our lives plays an important role. As for the tiger, it is often connected to a woman in general, a woman can be very aggressive, provocative, disturbing and with a strong sex appeal and sexual transport. Tigers in a dream are therefore often symbols of sensual woman. When we dream of this animal so we have to think to have at our side a woman who has a very important role and that can dominate over us. This woman is independent, strong, knows how to act, very smart just like a tiger. Clearly this woman can have a positive meaning for us or negative and this depends on the type of dream we do. If a tiger is behind us because he wants to kill us or bite us then clearly the dream is asking us to be very careful to a person, a woman in our real life can lead to serious problems. So the tiger than to indicate a danger, it may think proper to a person.

If the tiger is docile, if we can stroke his black and yellow cloak, and so it's very good and affectionate with us then we have with us a very sweet woman. That's why this animal can also represent our mother or our sentimental partner. Often the mother tiger indicates a hyper protective or is the symbol of a love affair based on exaggerated jealousy, morbidity or on physical attraction. See a tiger in the house is good sign if it does not attack us or we talk about problems of misunderstanding with some of our family. A tiger tied with a leash or locked in a cage can also mean that our maybe are blocked, our ability to lead are inhibited. And because this wonderful animal personifies ourselves in a dream. It may indicate that we are in a phase of very active life where we have a lot of energy and creative imagination to use, especially when we see the tiger hunt, chase other animals and eats them.

Some people dream of seeing a tiger which mates and this dream is always related to our intimate life and sexual. He has perhaps a strong sexual desire is to come out or we feel the need to have a child. Other people instead dream of seeing a beautiful white tiger, definitely a symbol of purity and nobility of spirit, qualities that may relate to the dreamer or a person close to the dreamer in real life. However, a white tiger symbol is always very lucky unless it's dead or wounded. Recall that when an animal is hurt can mean that our forces, our energies are in a recovery phase, a phase in which we must necessarily recover from a stressful time. Ultimately we want to remember that the tiger in our dreams often is also the strong desire for freedom that maybe in real life we can not express but for this we must find a solution for this desire to realization.


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