Did you happen to see an aggressive lion in a dream? "Why do I dream of seeing lions? Last night I saw a great white lion in a dream. Because I can dream of being chased by lions? Last night I saw a lioness who wanted to bite me and I got very scared. Last night I dreamed of being hit by a terrible lion that was very hungry. I ran away but he could not reach me. I dreamed of a white lion that was in my house. I saw in a dream a lion black very fierce that assailed my parents, my brother, my sister, my grandparents". Because we can dream lions and what is their significance? Because it can happen to see lions in a dream that they are very docile and are caressed? What does it mean to dream of being chased by a lion or a lion? What it means to see lion cubs playing with their mother and father? Why, because I can see lions in a dream that they are locked up in cages? We try to understand the meaning of this beautiful animal, king of the forest.

The lion symbolizes often positive qualities for the dreamer who are nobility, creative force, fervid imagination but often these qualities are out of control and that is not easy to dominate. The lion was in fact a wild force, aggressive, indomitable and dream often this animal can show our own person and want to make people understand that we are living in a time when we need to use our talents, strengths, abilities intelligently and not random and confusing. The lion is so in these cases a very favorable sign that the dreamer must understand, understand the life lesson. Often, however, a lion or a lioness does not represent the dreamer but a person close to the dreamer in real life that can be a friend, family member, co-worker, your love partner. This person is so important in our lives because it gives us protection, we feel good with it. Sometimes if the lion is aggressive and wants to bite we think that a very powerful person has the desire to do us harm.

In fact, when we are chased by a lion in a dream we have to be careful with a very proud and powerful who may harm our business, our life or maybe that person is ourselves, and we do not know to use our quality. In fact, do not forget that animals in dreams often have to deal with our instincts. When a lion has a particular color we have to try to remember this color because, for example, a white color is positive index of wisdom, intelligence, ability to make the right decisions as a lion in black can indicate just the opposite besides the fact that we risk falling into the trap of being the victim of a misunderstanding, a matter which can arreccare much damage to our people. If we are boys often the lion can be one of our parents is our authoritarian or a teacher or school teacher, a friend, much more powerful and proud of us who hinder us.

In many cases, see a lion in a dream means that we must deal with a problem in real life and this we must do so with absolute confidence in our quality, without acting on instinct but using reason why we have all the capacity to solve this problem that occurs before us. Clearly it is very important to try to remember the location where there is the lion because the problem or the person that is represented by this animal I just can regard a certain environment, and so if we see a lion in the office then its meaning is work-related and if we see it in the house, its meaning far as our family. Often the lion or lioness represent our sentimental partner that is really too aggressive with us and we ourselves perceive it as such. Ultimately it can happen to see a lion tied with a rope or locked in a cage close and small. Perhaps our instincts are trapped, stuck and find no relief? Perhaps we feel the weight of the responsibilities that life puts us in front of every day? We feel really free to express ourselves or not?


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