What does it mean to dream of a raging bull that comes after you? Dream bulls with two large horns and large or with broken horns? Dream of a bull with golden horns, injured or sick, crazy and aggressive? But why dream about the bulls? " Last night I dreamed of seeing a big bull that wanted to use his long horns against me. What does it mean when you dream bulls? Why can dream often see bulls in cages or in a stable or even grazing? Last night I saw a black bull locked in an arena as he was killed and had their horns cut in half. I had a lot of fear. Why and why I can dream baby bulls? Last night, the other night I remember I dreamed of a terrible and terrifying bull that wanted to kill me. I saw a bull in a dream that he killed my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my aunt, but I managed to get close to him and I did some caresses". What does it mean to dream of being chased by a bull white or dark or of several bulls who want to attack us? Because the bull in a dream can do a lot of fear? Let's understand this dream symbol and what meaning and interpretation has.

The bull is still an animal, and from here we start to give a correct interpretation. As we have often said animals represent ourselves, sides of our character that can do a lot of fear in ourselves because we can not control them, to control them. The bull is often a symbol of virility, strength and fertility. What does this mean? It means that if we dream of this animal and this animal probably in dreams is ourselves, then we are in a good period in which we have a very lively and creative mind, we feel very strong, powerful, full of initiative and desire to do and then we people very fertile especially in the field of work. Unfortunately, this is a generic interpretation which must therefore take into account all that surrounds the bull in dreams. For example, a bull paws because he wants gore, he hits us with his horns and therefore seems an indomitable animal, means that our manhood, our strength and imagination are not well controlled and can only cause harm to our person or to those around us in real life.

Often the bull in a dream is related with our fertility and with our love life and sex. So often in real life if we really like a person, a woman or a man, then we can dream of seeing one or more bulls that mate or who approach us. In such cases, the desire for a romantic relationship and a sexual relationship can be the predominant theme of these dreams. For women however this symbol can go up to represent a strong desire to have a child, to become a mother, and this especially if in a dream bull fertile cow. The bulls can also be the fear on the part of the woman to be betrayed by her man. Generally, however, these dreams, especially when the bull pawing, is nervous, angry, may indicate that we are living a situation of life that brings us many problems, not solve a situation that instead requires our resolute action. If we can control the bull, to make it docile, then we will be able to solve problems that do not make us sleep at night. So a bull that pursues us means that we run from our problems.

Among the most common dreams, in which the protagonist is a bull, we find:

Dream angry bulls chasing you: You have a problem in real life it is not addressing.

Dream bulls with two big horns and thick: if the bull is docile can be a person who protects you and loves you otherwise is a big problem to solve if it wants to hurt you.

Dream a bull with horns of gold: Your concern is money. Often it catches the dream indicates that you are dazzled, fascinated by something and in this case maybe by a person but this dream can also mean that you can make great gains.

Dream a bull injured or ill: the problem that you are interested in real life is not so bad but it can be a wild-brainer. Maybe your love partner is cheating on you or you think this.

Dream a mad bull and aggressive: often this kind of bull is yourself and a time in your life when you are just too out of control. So try to restore calm.


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