According to the dream book what winning numbers can we play to try our luck if we dream of a big ferocious, terrible dog chasing us to give us a bite? What to do if you are bitten by a dog in a dream? What does it mean when a dog bites you? The meaning of dogs in dreams is almost never trivial. Dreaming of a dog biting you - this is what this dream means. In fact, biting in dreams is something that can rarely happen but being bitten by a snake or even a dog is very likely. Dreams that are really scary and make us wake up really scared. Let's try to understand in this article what it means to dream of being bitten, bitten by a dog, with oneiric, psychological, psychiatric interpretation, grimace and lucky numbers. Dreaming of a dog that bites often has a meaning and an interpretation that are by no means trivial. Being bitten by a small or large dog, by an animal, by a person always hides a danger. Dreaming of ferocious dogs, injured or dead dogs. What does it mean to dream of a big and scary dog, with sharp teeth, with very long, sharp teeth, that comes towards us with the inside to bite us in the calf, leg, arm, hand, head, neck? Why can we be bitten and lose a lot of blood, run away from a huge black horrible dog that comes towards us and growls in a terrifying way? What does it mean to dream of so many dogs that want to bite us? What does the bite of a dog in a dream mean? Why can a very beautiful white dog try to attack us in a dream? What does it mean to dream of being bitten by a dog? When the dog bites your hands or legs or your head, the meaning can be different and must obviously be interpreted taking into account the real life of the dreamer. Often dreaming of a dog biting a part of your body is never a stupid dream but it hides an important meaning and if the dream is frequent, you must evaluate it carefully because almost certainly in our life we??are facing a fairly important obstacle. In this article we will also see what it means to dream of your dog or the dog of a friend who is really aggressive towards us, wants to kill us, hurt us very much or a dog that does not want to bite but to be stroked or play or even a little dog that bites. our mother, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, sister, boyfriend, wife, husband.


First of all, before moving on to the explanation of this kind of dreams really widespread among the population, we remind you that at the end of the article you will find a link to go to our dream book from which to extrapolate any winning numbers for try your luck at some gambling and then try to win money. But why do dogs often appear in our dreams? To carefully evaluate the meaning of this kind of dreams, which often also manifest themselves in the form of nightmares, you have to think about what a dog represents in real life. The dog is an animal, considered the best friend of man among many populations and a very faithful animal. Here the characteristics we have mentioned now are very important to give a dream meaning to this symbolism. The life of the dreamer is of fundamental importance to understand what dreams mean and therefore if you dream of a dog, first of all evaluate whether this animal is favorable for you or not. Yes, because unfortunately there are people who do not like dogs, they are afraid of meeting one even on the street because maybe as a child they were bitten or for another reason. If the dreamer does not have a lot of sympathy for this beautiful animal then here is that its presence in a dream must be an alarm, it must make us think of a rather worrying situation that is coming or that you are already experiencing. In short, the dog is seen as a signal of danger, a danger that could come and be particularly annoying to deal with. For example, a dog chasing us in a dream perhaps represents a very oppressive life situation from which we are perhaps running away, of which we would like to get rid of. It is not always easy to understand what this situation is but some dreamlike elements that accompany the figure of the dog can come to the rescue. For example, we could be in the garden of our home, in the workplace and being chased and bitten by a ferocious, very large, huge dog. Clearly the situation that worries us so much in real life can concern family life but also work life. A mother or father too oppressive for a child, a work colleague who does not allow us to work peacefully or a romantic relationship based on jealousy and possessiveness. In short, the dreamer is experiencing a situation from which he wants, consciously or unconsciously, to free himself and her subconscious trying to get all this out.

Usually if the dog is very big and dangerous, it comes towards us in a frightening way, with the will to bite us with its huge teeth, then we must certainly consider that the problem we are facing in life is very important, not to be underestimated absolutely. As we mentioned in the introduction, colors are also fundamental in the dream world and here is that a white dog could have a completely different meaning from that of a completely black dog. If the dog we see in a dream is white and docile, he wants to be stroked, maybe he asks for food and water, then it is very likely that near us we have a pleasant, sincere person who can support us or maybe that dog is the oneiric representation of us. same that at a certain moment of our life we??have particular characteristics. In fact we have said before that the dog is often referred to as man's best friend, a very faithful animal, always available with us and here in a dream he can represent a friend, a person who is by our side and who supports us. sincerely. But what if the animal is black? The black color is often not negative but is still associated with the need to close something, to put an end to a situation that perhaps oppresses us, is tiring, tiring, to start over again. But returning to the concept of a bite in a dream, why might a dog want to chase and attack us? Why can we be bitten on the head, legs, arm, neck? Being bitten and losing a lot of blood, risking bleeding to death and even experiencing physical pain. Yes, because in dreams like this it is very likely to really feel the pain of a bite or a similar sensation, however painful that makes us wake up suddenly. Here the pain of a bite is the representation of a daily situation that does not make us calm, it suffocates us and should not be underestimated. We must not neglect these dreams especially if they become recurrent and therefore occur every now and then or even very often. Almost always behind a terrible, frightening, ferocious dog, there is a great problem from which we must not escape as we do in a dream but which we must face, finding the right solution.

Obviously we all know that dreams do not indicate definitive, irreparable situations but that can change over time and based on our actions. Here is that if the dog represents a danger and we become aware of this danger in real life, then here is that by acting accordingly and in the right way, we can improve everything, find a solution, help, support. The point of our body where we are eventually bitten is also crucial. For example being hit in the leg or arm is perhaps a sign of a work problem while being bitten in the head can signal a problem that is very overwhelming. The bite in the neck which is usually a very weak point on the body, perhaps indicates that we are unable to defend ourselves effectively while dealing with a certain situation. Even the blood that comes out following a dog bite is not an element to be neglected because it almost always indicates a lack of energy, the loss of creativity and a phase of our life in which we are not attentive to details, to everything that surrounds us, to what is happening in our life. Here perhaps we are facing a very hard battle, a difficult situation that steals a lot of energy, which does not allow us to be effective and weakens not only our body but also the mind. What if we are chased and joined by many monstrous dogs? Usually a dream of this type should indicate various annoying situations that we are experiencing or always a very big, really important situation that steals energy and time. The dog is a friend, the dog can be trained to improve our life, to do many things that we could not do. When it appears in a dream, even if it appears in a way that can make us so afraid, we must not be scared but understand that this dream figure has come to help us overcome a problem, to help us overcome a difficulty which, however, we must immediately take. consciousness lest it get worse. We conclude this article by talking about that dream in which we try to defend ourselves from a dog's bite and attack. Unconsciously, perhaps we have found the solution to address the problem that haunts us and if we are able to move the animal away then we will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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