What does it mean to dream of making horns for your boyfriend? What winning numbers are hidden behind the dream of betrayals according to the Neapolitan grimace? Do you know what it means to dream of suffering a betrayal? Dreaming that your boyfriend is cheating on you with the ex is a classic dream of love affair. A friend or a friend who cheats can make you wake up crying especially if we are teenagers, if we are very young, teenagers because when you are a boy, love is lived in a much more passionate way. What does it mean to dream of being cheated on? What does it mean when you dream of leaving your boyfriend? What does it mean to dream of your husband seeing himself with another woman or even with a man? Why can we dream of being betrayed and what do current psychoanalysis and psychology say about it? Dreaming of a betrayal is not what we think because we remember that dreams speak in a completely different way from real life. Dreaming of a betrayal by the husband, the boyfriend, the wife, the girlfriend can hide completely different meanings from each other and which can be different from person to person. Betrayal in dreams that sometimes become nightmares because we can cry, be afraid, be sad about what happens, reveals what you will be amazed by as soon as you read them in this article. Why can you dream that your husband leaves you for another woman? Dreaming of being the lover of your boyfriend, dreaming that your girlfriend is cheating with a stranger, dreaming of cheating through a kiss, a sexual act, dreaming that your boyfriend is cheating on you with a friend, dreaming of a partner's betrayal with a married person. All these dream events can represent different situations in real life, they can mean various things that we are going to analyze very calmly. Let's analyze this kind of dreams which obviously is very widespread and at least once each of us will have experienced it in his dream world. Immediately after the general interpretation of this type of dreams you can also find a link to calculate the exact numbers in relation to what you have dreamed of, using our book on dreams . So good reading and do not forget that every dream must be interpreted by analyzing your life because everything is subjective and therefore only studying what is happening in your daily life can we come up with a correct interpretation.


Certainly one of the references to be able to interpret this kind of dreams is that of the insecurity of the person who experiences these dream situations that can often be really absurd . Dreaming of being betrayed by your boyfriend, by your loved one, identifies a doubt, an uncertainty, an indecision that you live within the couple relationship as if in some way you are afraid of being abandoned in some way, for some strange reason. although maybe the romantic relationship is gratifying and goes on very well. The low esteem towards herself and a lowering of the level of trust can create a lot of damage in a romantic relationship and even many of these uncertainties arise after having suffered real betrayals during past love relationships. So the first thing to do when we find ourselves living a dream of this type is to wake up and try to understand not if our partner will betray us because this will not happen, at least in relation to the dream we had, but why we are uncertain, hesitant, doubtful about our sentimental relationship. Our insecurity, our fear of being abandoned by someone, a period of inadequacy that we are also experiencing at work, school, family level, must be analyzed very calmly and carefully to understand where to improve, where to find a valid solution and not to do. so this kind of dreams that often turn out to be real nightmares. So this is the first reason behind the dreams of betrayal and therefore you know very well if your personality is this here, so you know how and where to improve. Low self-esteem, pessimism, past traumas that have made us weak can be fought and overcome by becoming more aware of ourselves, our abilities for rebirth and the qualities that we can bring out at any moment to neutralize the shadow of uncertainty, of the doubt that does not allow us to live love well, especially at a young age. In fact, dreams of betrayal are very common among boys and girls, especially teenagers who are still very stable in character. But let's try to understand better and differentiate some dreams of betrayal from others that we can all live in our dream world.

Dreaming of seeing our boyfriend or husband kissing or having very intimate attitudes, even sexual with a friend of ours, a colleague of ours, perhaps or with a person who lives near our house or even with our sister or brother, it can be an easy dream to interpret. We must first try to understand what relationship there is, exists in real life with the person who appears in a dream alongside our sentimental partner. If the relationship is positive, favorable, then here is that the dream represents precisely this and that is the person we love simply lives the relationship with this person, in real life in a constructive way and obviously not at the level of betrayals. If with this person, for example, there has been a quarrel, a quarrel, a strong argument for any reason, then your dream can be premonitory and identify a future phase in which your partner will make peace with this person. Here comes that sense of protection you have towards the person you love. What if your boyfriend is seeing another guy, with a man? Nothing serious because it is always what we have just said and if it were not so then we can interpret this kind of dreams in another way that always hides a positive meaning. Dreams of betrayal can often bring to light the qualities that our boyfriend would like to see, notice within you but that we currently do not express, do not have. For example, the person who is betrayed in a dream could be not very generous, not very passionate, not unselfish, maybe always agitated, quarrelsome, not friendly, not knowing how to forgive and therefore in a dream the need to possess these qualities comes out with the betrayal with a person. who possesses these qualities. Let's take an example to understand. If we are a woman and we dream that our husband is cheating on us with our sister or even with our brother or even with our work colleague or friend, let's ask ourselves what this sister, brother, colleague, friend possesses that we do not possess, what quality and value has and that our partner would like us to have. Here in this sense dreams are an open book that invite us to improve our character to live every relationship, not just the sentimental one, in an even more advantageous way.

Trivially even on a sexual level we could have something that our sentimental partner does not like and therefore, for example, we dream that he makes love with another person who perhaps in real life is more passionate than us, more attentive to amorous effusions, in short, that possesses qualities that our partner would like. Mind you, however, that everything starts from the awareness of being people with a character that is not yet very stable, full of doubts, uncertainties, from a character that perhaps has suffered in the past a real trauma in love, a real betrayal and therefore it could also happen that we think that the person we have at our side desires something from us but in reality she is happy and it is only our thought. At the base of these dreams and nightmares, therefore, there is almost always the lack of self-esteem, optimism and confidence which, unfortunately, if not improved, can really worsen the love relationship. In fact, dreams are almost never trivial and with their strange language also made up of archetypes, not very easy to interpret, they want to tell us that something is wrong as we would like in our life and therefore we must act to fix everything otherwise not only these dreams of betrayal. they will come back but in real life it may happen to argue, to separate, to no longer live the love life well. Rarely and we rarely emphasize, dreaming of being betrayed identifies the real possibility of suffering betrayal unless we have paranormal powers, powers of foresight or in any case our subconscious has grasped something in daily life that our mind and conscience has escaped. In fact, we know that it often happens to observe an object or a situation in everyday life, a detail that we do not consider useful but that in some way our subconscious captures and brings to light. Here in rare cases it could be confusedly understood that your partner can cheat on us but we don't think so much about this until our very powerful subconscious pulls it out, brings it back to light and asks to consider it. Remember that many situations and events that we experience in our real life are the consequence of how we act, of how we are, of the doubts and uncertainties that we experience and therefore also the betrayal, which we think can happen in the our life is the fruit of all this.

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