What does it mean to dream of seeing a funeral with a large and ancient funeral carriage drawn by black horses?, The funeral of a person I do not know or the funeral of a baby or newborn dead in a white coffin. What does it mean to dream of seeing a funeral with so many people or being in a mortuary room? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace play to try a lottery win according to the dream book and the dream guide when we dream of being at a funeral to attend a funeral ceremony? And dream of being in a morgue or dreaming of being in a church to pray for the funeral of a relative, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, uncle, a friend of work, her boyfriend, her husband , Mother or father or a very Meaning and interpretation of dreams of this kind are very important and may concern an existential revolution of the dreamer. What does it mean to dream of being at the funeral of a stranger? Why can you dream of bringing flowers to a funeral or are you thinking of seeing a dead man, a dead man who comes out of the coffin, opens the coffin, speaks, shouts, and walks? But what does it mean to dream of seeing your funeral? Why is it possible to dream about the funeral of a famous actor or actress, a singer or politician or a priest or a nun? And what does it mean to dream of being at a funeral where there is no coffin? "This night I dreamed of seeing a terrible funeral with many people crying. I was very sad and I was scared. The other night I dreamed of being in front and kneeling at a coin of black color, open and broken that then fell to the ground but there was no body in it. Last night I dreamed that I was at the funeral of my already dead mother. Last night I dreamed that I attended the funeral ceremony of my best friend and accompanied the deceased to burial in the cemetery". Exults, extreme honors, extreme greeting, funeral honors. So many words to describe the party for our better life.


Existential revolution and change. When we dream of a funeral, the first thing that comes to our mind is that someone, in real life, will die. Luckily things do not go that way and the meanings of funerals in dreams are so many. Certainly such a dream must never be under consideration because it can bring truly meaningful meanings to the dreamer's life. The first fundamental meaning is about the word change. The change concerns death in dreams, but the funeral is connected to all this. Certainly if the dead at the funeral are us then the meaning is much more important. So if we dream of attending a funeral ceremony in the Church or going behind the funeral carriage, we must expect, in our life, or in that of some of our family, friends, acquaintances, a change that can be positive or negative. Always remember the sensations we experience in dreams over objects, places, and people we meet. If, as we participate in a funeral, we are very sad, then the change that is happening in our lives is probably a change we do not want, a change that makes us suffer. Seeing people smiling at a funeral is not easy but if in the dream this happens then we can hope that our lives will change positively very soon.

The funeral represents a celebration in which the transition from the earthly life to a new life is celebrated for Catholics and Christians as eternal life. So in fact the last greetings to a recently-dead person is a greeting that brings with him a message of serenity and happiness that we wish the deceased. If we know the person who is inside the coffin then we probably know what change we are going to meet while a deceased who we do not know can represent the fear of a change we are absolutely unsure of. And what if are we in the coffin? Have you ever dreamed of your death and your funeral? You attend the funeral ceremony of your funeral in the Church with other people. This dream speaks of a great existential revolution that is happening in your life and you are aware of this great revolution that should not be underestimated. Usually after this kind of dreams your life can change in a very important and positive way, even though the funeral means an unfavorable event. Often, unfortunately, we can not understand the person who died because perhaps the coffin is closed. The change that is happening in our lives is therefore sudden and we can not do anything to avoid it.

When in a dream we attend a great funeral where we see many flowers, lots of people and a long funeral procession that accompanies the cemetery at the cemetery, then the change can really be huge and can affect any area of our lives. But how do we understand what is the sector of our life where this change can take place? You have to try to remember places and people we see in your dreams. For example, if we dream of seeing our boyfriend in our coffin, our husband then the change will affect our sentimental life. If the funeral is of our best friend or work colleague then we can hope to see changing the relationship we have with this person in real life. And if we dream of the funeral of a relative or our mother or father? Important changes in family life, in the relationship with parents. Very often, in fact, children and young people dream of a funeral when they have a need to break away from their parents in the life of their parents, thus becoming more adults. Another very important dream is when we dream of seeing a small white coffin with a dead baby inside. White color indicates purity and innocence, and often the child is a side of our character, the most childish side that does not have to die, must not disappear in everyday life because it can help us solve various problems in life. Dreaming of the funeral of a well-known person, a politician, an actor or a singer indicates that we may want to achieve a great success in our lives, we want to achieve some truly amazing achievements.


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