Abandoning a dog, a dangerous friend, a very small baby, a newborn. The abandonment of dreams as meaning and interpretation can have? What does it mean to dream of being abandoned by your partner, your family, your father or mother on the road, night or day? And what does it mean to dream of abandoning a dog, a cat, a child in a cradle or a garbage dump? Leave alone, neglect, forget about a very old person or your partner because he is betraying you. Why do you often dream of being left by a person who can be your husband, wife, lover, boyfriend? Have you ever dreamed of abandoning a dog, a friend in danger, an entire family or being abandoned by your family, friends, but being able to find a safe haven? What does it mean to dream of being alone, to dream of being excluded and forgotten, or being avoided by other people? What numbers of Neapolitan grimace should you play if you are dreamed of being left to try a lottery win according to the dream book and the dream guide? What does it mean to dream of being abandoned? Why is it possible to dream of being left by her husband, a working colleague or a dear friend on an unknown street? Sometimes it also happened to dream of a deceased who carries us in a scary place and leaves us alone with so many wild beasts who want to kill us. Leave the altar in the Church while we are about to marry. This dream is very widespread. "Tonight I dreamed of being with my father, my brother and sister and I felt very alone. The other night I saw a dog that was abandoned in the street. Last night I dreamed of being with a man I did not know was asking for help because she felt very and sad. Last night I saw so many animals who were in the rain because they were abandoned by their masters". Today we try to understand, understand the meaning of dreams where abandonment is very common because behind this kind of dreams lies a very important and never trivial meaning. Of course, this type of dream often brings sadness and melancholy to the person.


So being abandoned by someone or abandoning someone clearly has two different meanings. These dreams are certainly not trivial and hide a very important message that you must try to understand. Meanwhile, we try to understand what is the abandonment in real life. Abandoning our dictionary means leaving places or people forever, giving up something, ceasing to do a job, etc. Clearly abandonment is never a very nice thing, even if at times, leaving a person or a job, it may be the best thing to do in a certain period of our life. But behind an abandonment in the dream world what can be hidden? The first thing that comes to mind is that those who are abandoning or abandoning are feeling a strong malaise for a rather complex situation that is being experienced. Obviously, the sector where this malaise is experiencing can be the sentimental, family, business, and economic sector. And how to understand where the dreamer is experiencing this malaise that in the dream comes back protagonist? You should never forget the emotions and feelings we have experienced in the dream, the objects we see, the people we meet and the places we are in, the places we visit. All of these details can offer a very correct interpretation. Our dreams are not all the same, but very personal, subjective, and being able to pull out a correct, correct message is not quite easy. So when we abandon a person in a dream, perhaps on the street or in the Church or in a forest or forest, we have to think that we no longer need anything in our lives. What do we need in our lives? What has become useless in our existence? Maybe a love, maybe a family relationship, maybe a work colleague or a job. Let's take some examples to understand. If in dreams we have our mother and father alongside and dream of going home or being thrown out of the house or worse still dreaming that our parents leave us in the street or in a dark and unknown place, then probably in real life we are experiencing a detachment from our parents.

We do not agree with them, maybe we believe that they are too strict for us and this discomfort manifests itself in a dream with a terrible abandonment. Certainly, however, one must not think that these dreams have only a negative meaning because in a boy's life the time has come to take a very personal road, avoiding being succubi of parents' decisions. So if we dream of abandoning our parents' home we may have realized that the time to move on with our legs has come and needs to be exploited. So very positive things so. But generally when we are abandoned by someone in a dream, for example by our parents, then the motives can be varied and the malaise we are experiencing may have different nature. Understanding between us and our parents is lacking, they do not understand us, they do not understand our needs, or we are having such a rebellious character that we can not easily live a parent-child relationship that could be very good. The most popular dreams however are certainly those in which we are abandoned by our affectionate partner or by a friend or colleague of work. To be abandoned certainly marks the lack, the loss of confidence in real life towards a person we know very well but who we did not think could hurt us in an unacceptable way. Here we are dreaming of being left by our wife, our lover, our boyfriend, our husband and inevitably something in the love affair is breaking, something is coming to an end and we must be aware of this, of this change to reach. All the situations ending, ending in our lives, can be represented in a dream by abandonment that can be experienced with the smile and give us a good feeling if the dreamer understands that the conclusion is the best thing to share ever stronger.

Being abandoned by people denotes therefore lack of confidence in these people or the need to get away from them because they no longer offer us what we want. But when do we dream of abandoning a child? The child, very often in our dreams, represents a part of ourselves, represents the most genuine, pure, childish part of our character that perhaps at this moment, must leave room for a life of seriousness and less fun. These dreams can well represent a resurgence of the dreamer, a new life, a very important evolution and maturation that also leads to being wiser people. But in the dream we can abandon ourselves a child or dream of seeing someone who leaves a newborn in a crib, inside a church, out of the door of a home, perhaps our home. That child still represents us or not? In this case maybe we do not realize that the best thing to do in our lives is to abdicate our way of being, living, thinking and if we can not understand this by ourselves then some people and situations will help us understand. But often in a dream, animals are abandoned on the streets. How many times have we dreamed of seeing a cat or dog left in the street. Animals, it is always useful to remember this, represent our instincts, our character. Maybe when we dream of leaving a dog on the edge of a road, or we see a dog we do not know who asks for help because it was abandoned by someone, then we have to consider the possibility of changing our character, changing our behavior so that the various situations in which we are involved, can be favorable and not negative. Abandoning, ultimately, in our dreams, brings us a message of necessity, the need to change direction in our lives so as not to succub some situations that make us no longer live well. We conclude the article by saying that some psychologists see the abandonment of a child or a person whom the dreamer knows, such as refusing the responsibilities of his earthly existence.


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