"The other night I had a very strange dream in which I discussed with a person I know in real life. What is this dream? Last night I dreamed of punching and slapping my colleague. Why? Why dream often quarrel, to discuss in an exaggerated way with my girlfriend, my girlfriend or my boyfriend? Last night I dreamed of fighting with my ex-husband. Last night I fought with a stranger in dreams." But what it means, what it means to dream of arguing with a friend or with a friend, with his mother-in-law, sister in law, wife or husband, sister or brother, but then maybe make peace? Why you can dream of doing a fight, to quarrel with a priest, maybe the priest of our church or with our mother or our father? Why you can dream of arguing with access tones and vibrant with a dead man, with a deceased person for years now? What meaning and interpretation give dreams in which we argue with the grandfather or grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousin or any other relative in the street? Let's understand.

Often it can happen to turn in a dream to a friend or at least to a person we know in real life and to get his rebellion. That is, he turns against us insulting or hitting us with slaps, punches and pushes. We must not be afraid when we dream of this kind but we still think that there is something wrong in the relationship between us and that person. When the person with whom we fight in a dream is a person who exists in real life then we must try to understand what we have to respect that person, what are the common points and which ones are in sharp contrast. So this kind of dreams we speak of diversity of character and ideas. Sometimes of course, if you have children or teenagers, happened to be punished by mom or dad and dream our rebellion leads to a discussion.

Other times you can fight in a dream with a work colleague or a friend with whom we have excellent relations and then because we discuss? These dream events describe a simple diversity of character and a different way of thinking, working, acting over the other person. These, therefore, are not dreams that should make us worry too much in most cases. You have to think that our subconscious can understand and rework during sleep, concepts that are beyond us in real life. Sometimes it may happen that while you fight in a dream you try to kill the person or is the same person we dream that wants to assassinate ourselves. This does not mean it will happen in reality but simply indicates a difference of opinion. Indeed, in some cases dreaming of being killed or kill a person is a really good sign that may mean that they can get favorable changes in the life of the dreamer.

Only in some cases serious attention is paid to these dreams and that is when we repress, in the life of every day, our anger that necessarily needs to let off steam and then it does in our dreams that sometimes become nightmares. In this case, you really should try to find an emotional stability, to find an inner balance that we have at the moment. In the final analysis it happen to even dream of having a discussion with a priest, in short, a man of the Church and perhaps even within a Church. These dreams indicate a period in which we may not have a lot of faith, a time when we think of not being helped by God, have been abandoned by him or seek within us the answers to questions that can not find a concrete answer.


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