Ambulance in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of making the ambulance number of your city on the phone to ask for help and rescue? What does it mean to dream of calling an ambulance on the phone to request the intervention at home but that while it is suffering an accident? Why is it possible to dream that someone we love is very ill, has a heart attack and then decide to contact an ambulance? Why can we hear the siren sound of an ambulance very close to us, approaching or moving away, stopping near the house, making an accident, bursting, catching fire, being stolen? What does it mean to dream of stealing an ambulance with doctors and nurses inside or being treated in an ambulance after a serious accident? Why do some people dream of fainting in an ambulance or dreaming of being loaded on an ambulance's litter? Often it happens to dream and see an ambulance running in the street very quickly and dangerously, passing at intersections, with a man, woman, child we do not know, hurt on board. What does it mean to dream to drive or be in an ambulance or call 118 or 911 to get an ambulance home? How many times have we dreamed of finding a relative, a friend, a brother, sister, mother, father, work colleague, grandfather, uncle or actor, famous singer who are in serious trouble and are dying or have made a terrible accident with their car or motorbike? Dreaming of a small or large ambulance stationed under the house with a person already dead inside or a person who is about to die. What meaning and interpretation can we give to these dreams? What does it mean to dream of an ambulance that can not leave, can not reach the hospital or stops in the middle of the road without gas? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can I play if I dream of an ambulance that comes to take me from home to take me to the hospital to try to get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I remember dreaming of seeing an ambulance inside and finding my mother on a bed that was very sick and suffering. Last night I dreamed of being inside an ambulance that ran, with sirens ringing very loudly, towards the hospital. Last night I dreamed of being with my grandparents, my boyfriend, a friend of mine, a work colleague, my parents, my son and my husband and suddenly someone was feeling bad and we used the phone to contact a rescue. This night I dreamed of many ambulances that were parked, with the sirens off, under my house". Let's try to understand these particular dreams but that are very common among people.


To understand the oneiric meaning of this transport vehicle we must always start from its meaning in reality. In everyday life the ambulance is a means of transport useful to rescue and transport people who need help, perhaps after having had a terrible accident in the car or on a motorcycle. An ambulance can be called because we do not feel very well or our relative, family member, friend, fainting and has a serious health problem, such as an ischemia or heart attack. So this object is a help for us in real life and from this concept we have to start to correctly interpret our dreams, dreams in which the ambulance is a fundamental detail. The ambulance then rescues someone in need. So when we dream of this object then we have to ask ourselves what problem afflicts us and obliges us to ask for help. In fact, often in our lives, we need help, support because we can not solve our problems on our own. The ambulance represents the need to be helped to solve a problem, to make an important choice, to find a way to work, professional but also family or sentimental that we lost. And here the ambulance, in addition to indicating an alarm, a situation that should not be underestimated, also signals a moment of small or big confusion in our earthly existence. Our life is going through a bad time, our interpersonal and social relationships are not having a good time and maybe we feel particularly afflicted, tired, mentally and physically. Here is a third and useful meaning of the ambulance. When it appears in our dreams and inside we are just ourselves on the bed, then we are probably facing a particularly difficult period, when the energies are ending and we would like to rest, to relax but maybe this is not possible. Let's not forget that the ambulance takes us to a hospital and we know that the hospital is a health resort where you can rest in order to recover physical and mental energy, perhaps after a complicated operation.

The ambulance is the symbol of help, a rescue that can indicate a real situation we are experiencing or a wound that we have inside the soul. So seeing this means of transport is certainly a very positive event in the dream because it can mean an unexpected help that arrives and solve our problem, our difficulty or support for our mind and our body that are really exhausted after a difficult period of hard work or continuous relational struggles. A key element of these dreams is the siren placed above an ambulance that can often flash but above all make a very loud noise. When the siren sounds and blinks then the situation is very serious and this not only in real life. When we dream of an ambulance siren that rings very loud we must think that we are experiencing a situation of strong alarm, a complex situation that requires a very urgent intervention. When we wake up after having a dream of this kind, we must try to understand the problem that must be solved as soon as possible. A concern for ourselves, for a person we love, for someone in our family or a fear, a fear, a nagging thought that does not make us live quietly and does not make us sleep well. Obviously the dreamer can understand much better than a psychologist the problem that afflicts his earthly existence. If the ambulance then signals an alarm, a very clear problem that must be dealt with, however, it is generally a very positive oneiric symbol even if it can scare because of its very loud noise, the speed with which it moves in the streets. Thanks to this object we can become aware of a real problem and therefore look for a useful solution. But the ambulance in dreams can have an accident, it can lose the sick person inside it or it can stop without gasoline or even be called but never arrive. First of all it is very easy to dream of contacting an ambulance for help. Maybe we are at home or we are at work and we decide to call for help because we are not well or some friend, family member, colleague is not well.

If we call an ambulance for ourselves then this means that we are realizing that we have a problem that needs to be solved but that requires help from someone besides ourselves. The help, the support, the collaboration of a person who can provide useful indications to solve all that torments us. Never forget that in our dreams the emotions and sensations you feel, objects that we see, people we meet and places in which we are, are essential to provide other useful indications to find a correct interpretation of the dream. So if we are in the workplace and we contact the rescue, then the problem could be about the job, while if we call an ambulance near us, our brother, our grandfather, a parent, a relative is present. then it is in our family that we must try to solve a problem. And these dreams often relate to love life. Unfortunately, ambulances and sirens, very often, can be compared to the need to find a good balance, a good harmony in sentimental life. When we are in a period when our relationship of love is not very positive or in a period in which we are not happy with our partner and the emotions we experience, then it is possible to dream of the ambulance that helps us or the person that we love. What if the ambulance pierces a wheel or has an accident during the journey and then does not arrive at the hospital? The problem we are experiencing in our lives will not be solved because maybe the time is not yet ripe or because we will not be able to find a useful help. Before concluding this article we would like to offer another possible interpretation of dreams in which this type of vehicle is present. Sometimes, after losing a loved one, after closing a relationship, after having quarreled with our parents or relatives or after losing a large sum of money, we can observe the ambulance in our dreams and its presence justifies precisely this kind of losses.


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