he adoption in dreams, an international adoption, perhaps of many boys and girls of different nationalities. What does it mean to dream adoption ? And dreaming children, babies, babies adopted in church or hospital or dreaming of leaving their family and becoming part of a new family? What numbers of neapolitan grimace I can play if I dream of being adopted by someone to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide on dreams? What meaning and interpretation do dream adoptions make? Why can you dream of adopting a baby with blond or dark hair, an animal, a dog, a little cat, a little girl, a black baby or an abandoned newborn or even dreaming of being adopted by a dead person, dead for so many years? And to adopt a boy, a very old man, an old, sick lady? What does it mean to dream of being adopted by a singer or famous actor, by an uncle, grandfather or grandmother, by another mother or father? What does it mean to dream of adopting someone? "Last night I dreamed a person I did not know wanted to take me away from my parents, to another city or nation. I was crying and I was very sad. Last night I was very happy because I was adopting a beautiful baby that resembled the Child Jesus. This night I dreamed of being adopted by an unknown family, who was very good at me, was very good with me. I often find myself dreaming of being welcomed into a very large family, perhaps foreign, a family who speaks a language other than my own language. The other night I wanted to go away and enter a foreign family because in my family I did not live very well anymore. Sometimes in my dreams my boyfriend, a friend of mine, a colleague, a relative, my son, my husband, my wife, my sister, my brother are adopted by another family and go away from my house". Emigrating, moving away, separating, moving to another home, in another environment is an event that can happen occasionally in our real world, but also in our dream world and thus in the world of dreams. Let's see the meaning of these odd dreams.


Being adopted by someone or adopting someone certainly has a nearly banal meaning. Indeed, in real life adoption takes place when a child has been deprived of parents because they may have died or because they have abandoned him. It often happens that parents have serious problems and can not manage a child, to grow it, deciding to have it adopted by a family who can take care of him. Here, adoption can be interpreted as a terrible abandonment by a person or as a salvation. Adopting in dreams often means that we feel the need to be helped, to be helped, to change air, to change the environment because the life we ??are living is not what we would like to live. For example, we can dream of being adopted by our work colleague because the place of work for us is a fairly heavy environment at some point in our lives and so we want to change, transfer, however, the dream indicates a strong need for malaise and consequently need to try to change something. But in dream we can be adopted or ourselves we can adopt someone. To be adopted naturally means that we have a strong desire to change, to modify certain aspects of our lives, and never forget that to understand the meaning of the dream better, to understand what we need to change, we must remember objects, places, feelings, people we meet in dream world because each of these things can provide us a valid clue to interpreting the dream in the best of ways. So adoption can mean change, desire for novelty, and malaise that we live in real life, but adoption may also mean something else. Someone will take care of us. In fact, in dreams, when adopted, it means that another person wants to take care of us, wants to take us away, in his home or elsewhere or at least this is a hope that we feed, that we have at the bottom of our heart.

Although these dreams often indicate a slight or great inner malaise for the life you are experiencing and therefore can be seen as fairly negative dreams, we must also think positively why, in fact, our problem might be solved by someone who understands our condition. Being adopted then means having a problem that can be solved if we ask someone's help in real life. This dream message naturally urges us to be optimistic, but above all it obliges us not to remain firm, hoping that our lives change on their own but we must act, move, find solutions, people who can help us. Very often being adopted by a person we know can mean a difficult relationship with the person who is with us in our dreams. For example, we can dream of being adopted by our boyfriend, husband, co-worker, friend or parents, by our brother or sister. At the awakening, after this kind of dreams, we try to analyze the relationship we have with the person who adores us because we will probably notice a difficulty communicating with it. A child who dreams of being adopted by their own parents may have a problem communicating with them or being very happy with them. That's why in dreams, feelings are important. So if we dream of entering a new family and feel we are very sad, we are afraid, we cry, then in our life there is a change that can be external or internal, a change that we live very badly and which can be negative for our evolution. Being happy about adoption, smiling, and being happy to adopt or be adopted, certainly indicates our evolution, psycho-physical wellbeing, and an important change. So adopting in dreams can definitely indicate a change and the latter can be positive or negative, considering the feelings we experience.

Someone in your life will take care of you, someone will understand your problem, your difficulties, and try to improve your existence. This is a nice message and often adoption dreams bring to the dreamer just such messages. Being adopted may, however, indicate miseries if the feelings we feel are not positive. But it's not over here. A widespread dream is that where the person who adopts us is a deceased relative, a dead person for so long. What do you want to tell us this person? We need to wonder how the relationship between us and this person was when she lived. If the relationship was very good then this dream brings a message of hope, hope to solve some of our life's problems. If we had a bad relationship with the deceased person who maybe was our enemy, then the dream can signal some difficulty coming out of a complex situation. Certainly, many dreams play starring children and boys as well as animals. The children we adopt in the dream point to our childish part that needs to go out, to express themselves. That child we often adopt in dreams or see ourselves adopting from a family or person we do not know can represent ourselves, our innocence, ours, and sometimes our naivete. We should perhaps start seeing the world with a child's eyes to figure out how to change our lives. Before ending the article, we refer to a particular type of dream where we can adopt small animals like puppies and cats. Animals represent some aspects of our character. The dog, for example, may point to the need to have more confidence in the life and importance of friendship and fidelity while the cat indicates the need to become more smart and clever. Adopting very dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, bears, etc. ... can signal to the dreamer a strong aggression that has to be controlled otherwise it can create several problems in real life. And famous singers and actors who adopt us? We would like to be like them, to do the life they do to them.


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