The swing in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of being on a large colorful swing for children and the disabled in a playground, hanging from a huge, tall tree and falling to the ground? What does it mean to dream to see children, boys or newborns on so many swings that cry or laugh and have fun? Why is it possible to dream of playing with a swing, to return children and play to push a swing? And why can we dream of finding a swing that is broken and does not move? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace must we play if we dream of being on a swing in the countryside to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the guide on dreams? Dreaming of building or buying a swing to be mounted at home or in your garden is a widespread dream and not just among children but also among adults. Very often we can dream of falling from the swing, being on a failed swing, suspended in the air and that does not move. Even in our dreams we push a swing that has no child on it. What does it mean to dream swing with the chain or rope that is about to break? "Last night I dreamed of swinging on a swing with my mother, my father, my sister and my brother and there were also my uncles, my grandparents, my nephews, cousins and my children. Last night I remember dreaming of seeing so many swings in the countryside but I could not reach them. The other night I dreamed of buying a beautiful swing for my son but I could not mount it at home. This night I dreamed of taking down a big swing that was broken and was also full of rust. In my dream I saw a dead person, dead for many years, sitting on a tiny wooden swing. Why can I sometimes dream of sitting on an iron swing with my parents or my children or with a friend of mine, a business colleague or husband, boyfriend?" oday we try to understand the dreamlike meaning of this object that is a fun and carefree game on which we all went up and we walked around, at least once in a lifetime. What interpretation do you give to this kind of dreams and what message do they bring to the dreamer?


To understand the meaning of this dream symbol, then of this object that appears in our dreams, we must start from its meaning and use in real life. The swing is a very fun game that is used not only by children but also by adults. The game consists in climbing on a chair connected to two chains or ropes that oscillate in the air thanks to the push that is given to the chair. Swings can be built manually or bought in the store. So the swing is a game and the game is to reconnect to the serenity, childhood, carefree of some periods of our lives. When we dream of a swing it could indicate a good period of our life but also a very sad period. In fact, often and especially adults or children, go for a ride on the swing not only for fun and spend some moments of joy but also to think, to reflect. Standing on the swing that moves you can think of life, our problems, the solutions to be found to solve some problems. Often using a swing means to become estranged from the world and all the thoughts and problems of life. So if we dream of swinging on a swing of a garden, we must think of being in a moment of our life in which it is necessary to find some solutions to the various problems that beset us and in fact do not make us sleep quiet dreams. This object can very often signal a period of loneliness, detachment from the rest of reality and from all people as well as a period of great melancholy and depression, but to which a solution must be found. Never forget that in our dreams are very important feelings and emotions that are felt and then if we swing on a beautiful colored swing, perfect without problems and we are very happy, happy, smile, then we can hope to solve our problems but above all to live a very peaceful and balanced period, in harmony with the rest of everything around us.

In short, this object, which is only an apparently trivial and stupid game in everyday life, is in fact very important in oneiric life, in our dream world because it assumes the task of making contact between our unconscious and our subconscious, so that messages of the latter can reach our mind. Seeing a swing full of children who are happy and having fun can mean that we are living a wonderful time but also that we may be homesick for some moments of our earthly existence. We must not only remember the sensations and emotions we experience in dreams, but also the places where we are and the objects we see, besides the people who are with us. If children in a dream who play with a swing, may indicate happy moments of our life or the need to return to be children or to exploit some skills that we have lost over the years, to dream of seeing a person on a swing dead for a long time, it may mean that we absolutely have to change something in our lives because death is the symbol of change that becomes inevitable, necessary, indispensable. Recognizing the face of the deceased can be a good indication to try to understand what we must change in our earthly existence. But to understand even better the meaning of these objects in our dreams, we must also think about its oscillatory movement that is often tuned with moments of our lives that can be positive and negative and therefore we can dream a swing just while we are living a period in which some things are positive and others are negative. A very precarious work situation, a sentimental or family instability, economic problems with many earnings but also with many expenses. All these things can be represented by this dream object. The swing, in a very old person, can also signal the great desire to return to being children, to relive the childhood and youth that have now disappeared.

Speaking of precariousness, instability, we must always try to remember the people or places we see in our dreams. If the swing is in our garden or above it we see a parent, a relative, a sister, brother, grandfather, then, probably, we are living a difficult period but above all a very uncertain period, right in the family and therefore our relationships interpersonal, our social and family relationships are not experiencing an excellent time. If, on the other hand, we dream of seeing a swing in the workplace, then the period of uncertainty is about work. Many dream scientists agree that the dream swings could relate to the dreamer's emotional, intimate, and sexual sphere. A boy could dream of swinging a swing because in his life he feels the need to have sexual relations, intimate with a person he has just met. To confirm this concept we need to understand if we find the presence of a person who we like sexually in our dreams, attracts us on an erotic level or with whom we already have a relationship of love in life. Alterna luck, fate very uncertain and unsafe, as well as a feeling of malaise that should not be underestimated. In fact, many people who dream of being swinging on a swing, wake up with a veil of sadness, melancholy and pessimism, just because of the concept expressed earlier in relation to the fact that this object is also used not only for fun but also for think, to think about some choices of our life. The swing allows us to relax and in the meantime you can also think, reflect, try to find solutions to fix some problems that beset our mind. In rare cases this object may indicate the possibility of receiving good news and above all a great joy.


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