Psychological dream Interpretation of Ringing. Lucky and winning numbers connected with the ringing of telephones in dreams according to the Neapolitan grimace. What is the hidden meaning that lies in dreaming of our phone ringing continuously? Why can we dream of answering a phone call but on the other side there is no one talking? Have you ever had a dream in which you hear a phone or a bell or even an alarm ring and then you suddenly wake up thinking that this sound is real? Why can we answer a phone that rings very loud and never stops ringing? For what reason can we dream of turning off an alarm or bell that rings continuously? What does it mean to dream of a phone that rings and wake up? What does it mean to dream of seeing the phone of our mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, grandfather, father-in-law, brother-in-law, friend, work colleague, who rings but we can't answer? What does a smartphone represent in a dream that plays continuously and therefore without ever stopping? Hearing in a dream a phone that vibrates and rings with a really high volume and that stuns us, does not allow us to listen and understand what is happening. Dreaming of a new or old phone, completely broken but still ringing, or a white, black, red phone or even seeing a person, a man or a woman using our phone to call someone. See a relative talking on the phone. In this article we try to understand this kind of dreams that are particularly interesting to analyze and that concern any dreamer of any age. Now the telephone is part of our daily life because we always carry it with us but this does not mean that its presence in a dream is always banal and devoid of dream. Let's try to understand well how it is possible to come up with a correct interpretation while reminding all of you that dreams are very subjective and that it is absolutely not easy to give an interpretation without knowing the dreamer's life well. This is the reason why the same dreamer can find the best answer by knowing precisely her life. At the end of this article you will find the book on dreams from which to extrapolate numbers to play to try a cash win at some gambling game.


Many people always tell the same kind of dream and that is to hear a ringing of a telephone or a bell, even an alarm and wake up quickly as if the sound had really happened. Who knows how many times you have woken up thinking that you have heard a noise, a sound, a telephone ringing but in reality you have heard this sound in a dream. But what do these particular dream events hide? Are they trivial, useless, meaningless phenomena? Absolutely not, every dream can communicate something to us and every dream can act as a detonator of a situation that we could really live. To understand this type of dreams we must start from real life and understand what a phone, a smartphone, for example, is and why it rings. So here we are faced with an object that has now become indispensable with which we can get in touch, with which we can connect with people even very far from us physically. We use the telephone to call a person but also to see them by making video calls. But why do you happen to hear the ringing of a phone, answer and hear nothing? This tool is a communication tool. From this concept we must start to understand the dreams in which it appears. If it sounds then we ourselves feel the need to communicate something to someone in our life. If we respond or do not have time to respond because it stops playing, then it is likely that in everyday life we??would have wanted to say something to someone but we have not been able to for some strange reason. Obviously, to understand the sector of life in which this lack of communication, dialogue can be present, we must also remember any other elements present in the dream, people, things, objects, colors, sensations, emotions or even, in this case, the number or the name that appears on the phone of the person who called us. For example if our phone rings and on the other side we realize that there is the person we love, then perhaps our subconscious wants to communicate to us a lack of communication, of dialogue in the sentimental field. If a parent answers on the phone then it is the relationship with a mother or father that seems to be in the balance, which seems to be non-productive.

Obviously it is always essential to understand what is said in a dream on the phone because these clues can help us better understand the problem which is almost certainly always a communication problem. The noise of the telephone in a dream can be so loud, so powerful, maybe even annoying for our ears but we are not able to make it stop ringing and here the reason for this is easy to understand. In life, we don't like to listen to other people's advice and words even if we think they are right towards us. We can't quite understand what they want to tell us because we are closed and we don't want to listen. The dream therefore wants to tell us to open our hearts and our minds more, to prepare our inner voice to listen to other people too, becoming less selfish, perhaps less narcissistic. Some people even tell very special, really strange dreams. For example, you are able to answer a ringing telephone but you are unable to understand well what is being said by the person speaking. Her words are as incomprehensible as if she were speaking in another language we do not understand. Here we do not go very far from understanding, from communication, from the difficulty in understanding what we are told in everyday life. A phone that rings very consistently always represents a wrong way of communicating that we ourselves have in life and that must not be underestimated but carefully evaluated and improved, if possible so that our life in general can improve, evolve positively. Sometimes dreams are really very explicit in wanting to manifest what they hide through the dream elements. For example we can clearly read the name or phone number of the person calling us and then understand, upon awakening, that somehow we have to talk to that person who perhaps wants to tell us something or we ourselves hear the need to say something to someone. Who knows how many times we keep small secrets within us that can relate to our love life such as simple lies or even sexual betrayal or working life with its professional secrets that we cannot reveal to anyone.

But why do we often wake up during the night after hearing a phone ring in a dream? Why can this happen? According to many scholars of the dream world and many psychologists even if we do not realize it, the sense of hearing is active during sleep and if we listen to a noise it can happen that the brain gives an impulse that becomes a dream scene of something that rings, of any noise that just afterwards makes us wake up. So most likely we hear a noise, a sound, we dream of something related to this and we wake up with a start. If this were the case then it would be meaningless dreams, without a particular meaning. In reality, what these scholars and psychologists have come to as a conclusion is not without foundation. For example, you may have dreamed of sweating a lot or drinking a lot of water because you are really thirsty and wake up with the very strong need to go to the bathroom to urinate. Children even dream of drinking or sweating and peeing in bed. Here, even dreaming of a ringing phone could refer to an external noise that really happens and that our ears perceive and transform into a signal for the brain which instantly transforms it in turn into a dream scene such as the one in which we hear a alarm, a telephone, a trumpet, a bell ringing. Other dream scholars say that hearing these sounds in a dream could mean the possibility of receiving good news very soon, of experiencing pleasant news and this is even more true for them if they happen to answer the phone talking with the person from. other party. Sometimes it can happen to dream of answering the phone and hearing a person, a friend, someone who hasn't been seen for a very long time. A few days or weeks later then you happen to meet this person or hear about them in some way. We conclude this article, however, by reminding you that generally behind the dream of a phone ring, a bell, an alarm there is always a need for dialogue that somehow has failed because each of us lives relationships that are not always easy to develop in every area because of ideas that are often completely different and that we do not accept.

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