Meaning of evil in dreams. Interpretation and lucky and winning numbers of the Neapolitan grimace to play. Dreaming of running away from someone who wants to hurt me. Dreaming of a person who wishes you harm. Let's try to understand exactly how it is possible to interpret the evil in dreams on a psychological level too. Is it possible to dream of who harms you? Dreaming of someone who hurts you. Why can we dream that a person runs after you and wants to hit you or hit you to hurt you very much, to stab you, hurt you in the leg, arm, face, head, heart, shoulder, neck? What does it mean to dream of a friend who hurts you? What does it mean to dream of someone harming your child? How many times have you ever dreamed of being chased, fleeing from someone or something? Or see mom, dad, grandfather, uncle, cousin, mother-in-law, wife, boyfriend, husband, friend, enemy, unknown person, co-worker, relative, brother sister being chased and joined by an evil person who wanted to do a lot of harm. What does it mean to dream of a person who hurts you? Very recurring dreams are those in which the shadows chase us, in which we are reached and suffocated by a shadow that has no face therefore. Dreaming of a black shadow chasing you can be a particularly complicated dream to interpret and among other things really very scary. Today in this article we try to understand what it means to dream of someone chasing you, perhaps being chased by the carabinieri, the police, an unknown man or woman who want to harm us. Who knows, maybe a few times you have dreamed of the ex-boyfriend, the ex-boyfriend who chases you to hurt you very much, to damage you physically, to make you feel so much physical pain. Being afraid and running away from a stranger who wants to kill you. Other people report having suffered physical suffering from a known person and even several times over the course of a few months. Finding yourself in front of a person who does not speak, who does not make us understand what he wants from us but who attacks us with the intent of hurting us a lot. Let's talk about this topic today which unfortunately is very widespread among the population and you will soon understand why. At the end of this article you can also find a link to read the book on dreams and extrapolate some numbers to try your luck at some gambling.


So understanding what lies behind these dreams is not easy as we know that dreams are very personal and if you do not know the dreamer's life very well it is not easy to give correct interpretations. But surely you can start from a very good basis to provide a general interpretation for everyone and understand better, better analyze this kind of dreams but in general all the dreams and nightmares that we can experience during the phases of sleep. But why can a person chase us to kill us or hurt us a lot? Why can a friend, a family member, our boyfriend also stab us or try to attack us? Let's try to understand exactly how it is possible to understand this kind of dreams. First of all, behind these dreams there is often the fear of something, of a particular situation and not of a person who can only be a dream clue to get to understand the sector of manifestation of the dream. For example if we dream of being chased by a work colleague then there could be two explanations. A first explanation concerns the work that can be too stressful, perhaps very tiring, particularly difficult to carry out, a second explanation can concern some professional choices and decisions that are not up to us. We live in a rather complicated, unmanageable professional climate, in which we feel confused, agitated, in which we do not know which paths to take, which choices to make. So what we do is escape from responsibilities, from overwhelming situations and if we haven't done it yet in real life, then we do it in the world of dreams. In this world everything is possible and therefore, for example, the problem of work manifests itself through a colleague who chases us or a boss who wants to hurt us very much or a terrible and frightening shadow that comes towards us in a really threatening way. Never underestimate this type of dreams as they represent concrete threats to our inner stability as well as to daily life. We need to understand the problem behind this kind of dreams to avoid finding yourself again having to dream of such things. But what does it mean when it is a person of our family who follows us? Let's try to understand.

Surely if it is a parent and we are still boys, even adolescents or children, behind these pursuits there is the dreamer's fear of the father or mother figure that is seen as a castrating figure, very debilitating, too severe. Here is the parent chasing the child who runs away in fear. Often children have this type of dreams precisely because they do not have a good relationship with their parents. Especially in adolescence it is not easy to get along with your parents because you want to do it alone, you want to make the first decisions by yourself because you try to mature and live new experiences. Some scholars and psychologists agree in saying that the chase dreams in which actually someone like a person or a monster wants to capture us to hurt us very physically, refer to certain fears that are present in life and that are not precisely addressed as instead they should be addressed. The fear of taking on professional, family, economic, sentimental responsibilities can appear in dreams in many forms but often in the form of a terrible creature of the night, a horrible shadow that wants to kill us, hurt us, capture us. Often the dreamer wakes up very afraid and with his heart beating very fast. Those dreams in which the one who follows us is the person we love are not to be underestimated. Almost certainly when such a thing happens in our dream world, we are facing a tiring period on a love level, we do not feel loved but above all we do not have that harmony that once was perhaps very present. An indecision, a possible betrayal, a lie, are all things that can worsen the relationship with the person we love and within us elements are generated, feelings of dissatisfaction that do not allow us to be calm. Doubts about love life then become dreams and sometimes recurring nightmares in which the same person we love chases us or a horrible monster or even a shadow, an animal, a man or a woman without a face. We must be very attentive to the dream elements, therefore also to what surrounds him or her who follows us in such a way that the interpretation is very correct.

But what does it mean if we are chased by an ex-boyfriend, an ex-wife or someone who has been part of our life in the past? Well these dreams are particularly complicated to understand but almost certainly with this person we do not yet have concluded something, a situation has remained in the balance, suspended, we may not have said everything yet and the dream makes us understand that there are two ways, groped to forget everything or clarify, have a meeting to talk and understand how to solve everything. Let us now analyze a fundamental thing of the dream and that is physical pain. Who knows how many times you have been caught and injured in the body by a person or animal and feel a lot of physical pain. Why do you feel physical pain? Dream pain is the manifestation of a painful moment in real life but not on a physical level, but mental, on an emotional level. Inside us there is something that is not going as we would like, we live badly certain moments of our life and the consequence of all this is a worsening of our inner world, a mental but also emotional fatigue that makes us relive everything with dreams of this kind. in which someone attacks us with a knife, a gun, any weapon to hurt us. The blood that comes out is the manifestation of a tiredness that we are experiencing, of little energy and therefore of the lack of that courage to face everything. We conclude this topic by talking about those dreams in which the dreamer does not seem to be afraid of the one who chases us but manages to face it, without running away therefore. Surely these dreams are much more positive because they indicate a greater awareness of the problem that is being faced in real life, an awareness of the situation from which one does not escape but in which one feels protagonists and wants to find a life to escape, a useful and effective solution. To face the shadow that assails us, to fight against an evil person, against a monster in a dream, is equivalent to fighting the problem in real life, therefore to have a lot of courage, to be particularly daring. Never underestimate this kind of dreams because they also manifest the dreamer's unconscious desire to evolve, to mature, to grow internally and to live his life better.

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