The amulet in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. Amulet: symbol of eternal rebirth. If you had a magic wand, would you change the real world? What does it mean to dream of giving a friend a great ancient amulet against bad and bad luck, against the evil eye? What does it mean to dream of having a beautiful magic wand, short, long, with which to make incredible spells? What does it mean to dream of possessing in your hands an ancient and splendid magical talisman of happiness with a precious stone set in a ring or necklace? Why can we dream of giving a beautiful magical amulet to a person to attract love, money, luck and good health? Arkay amulets and amethysts. Why is it possible to dream of wanting a talisman or of receiving an amulet from a friend or colleague of work or refusing as a gift an amulet from a deceased person, from a relative who has been dead for so many years? Give a lucky object, a lucky horn in dream to our mother, our father, our brother or sister or to grandparents, uncles, children, grandchildren, children, brothers-in-law, mother-in-law. And what does it mean to dream to see, to find a dream catcher in a room, an object of good luck? What does it mean to dream of losing a magic amulet? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace can I play to win at a lottery if I dream of finding an amulet on the street according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I remember dreaming of meeting a very old man, with a very long beard and a stick that he gave me, gave me a fantastic talisman shining and colorful, very special and precious. Last night I dreamed of finding a fantastic and marvelous glittering talisman on the floor. Two nights ago I dreamed of having an amulet around my neck and I could express any wish. Last night I dreamed of buying a talisman from a witch who promised to fulfill all my wishes. This night I dreamed that a famous actor or singer would give me a ring and necklace with a big magic stone". The amulet in our dreams is a very particular object that is not widespread because it refers to a magical world, just to the world of magic, then to a fantastic reality but not true, not real. Each of us would like to have a talisman always with him in order to express wishes and attract fortune and love.


To understand the meaning of this particular type of dream, we must start from the definition of amulet or talisman. Do you know what an amulet is? An amulet is a small object that we can always carry with us hanging from the neck, in a pocket or a finger like a ring, an object that allows us to defend ourselves from bad luck, envy and jealousy and bad situations. In short, the amulet is a lucky charm. For each of us, anything can become a talisman. For example, a woman can decide that the photo of her mother who has been deceased for so many years can be a lucky charm or a simple cloth puppet can become an amulet for a child. In the Greek language the word amulet means protection and custody. In short, an amulet protects and guards a great magic, a mysterious energy that we can use in difficult moments. And in fact these objects are pulled out just in time of need. Well, starting from the real meaning of this precious and magical object, we can try to interpret these dreams in which it appears. First of all these objects may appear in a dream for various reasons but mainly when we are facing a very difficult period of our life and in which we do not know what to do, we can not find a quick solution to a problem that afflicts our soul. Before turning to magicians, fortune tellers, gays, we generally try to follow other ways to solve a problem but when we can not find good solutions, in extreme cases, we turn to magic. Unfortunately, turning to magic does not offer a solution but rather accentuates our problems. So the amulet signals a very complicated period of our life and in which we do not know what to do, we are not able to solve a situation and we could take completely wrong ways. The magic, never forget this thing, is illusion and therefore also a talisman that appears in dreams, very often represents the illusion of being able to realize something that can not be achieved.

So a first meaning of the lucky objects or talismans that we see in our dreams is precisely to make us understand that we can not solve a situation and we could make mistakes in making choices and making decisions. But the amulet is also a lucky charm, an object that should protect the person from envy, from the evil eye, from misfortune in fact. Here, in a dream, to see an object of this type can mean a possible protection or loss of protection if this item is lost. The talisman can therefore represent a real help that can arrive or a real person who can solve the problem that afflicts us and does not allow us to be serene. We must never forget the objects we meet in dreams, the places we visit, the feelings and emotions we experience and the people we meet and talk to. So being in the house and finding an amulet can mean that the problem concerns our family and maybe our parents, our children, our husband or our wife. For example, our mother gives us a talisman in a dream, when, in real life, the relationship with her is very stormy or we can find an amulet in the workplace and then almost certainly we need a great help to solve a problem professional or economic. Does a work colleague give us a ring with a lucky stone? Well then probably this colleague will be essential to settle a matter that we can not solve. In ancient peoples there was much difference between an amulet and a talisman. In fact, the talisman stimulated positivity, while the amulet protected against negativity. If we were to analyze our dreams under this point of view, then we should also evaluate this difference and then finding a talisman should tell the dreamer that a very fertile, positive, lucky and optimistic period is coming, while finding an amulet could mean exactly the opposite of what we have just said and therefore a difficult period, very negative and full of pessimism.

According to our interpretation, to dream of wearing these objects, which are often very colorful and shiny, means seeking help that is very difficult to obtain. When we dream of amulets, talismans or other lucky objects, we almost certainly have to settle a matter, solve a problem that really requires a great help, a stroke of luck and this luck can come if we buy this object in our dreams or it is given to us by a person we love in life or from a deceased person. In fact, a beautiful dream is precisely where we can receive an amulet from a relative who has been dead for so many years. Although these dreams are very rare, they can signal a beautiful period, a period of our life in which so many beautiful things can come. Generally very negative dreams are those in which this type of object is offered to us, given by a person who is an enemy to us, by a person who experiences feelings of hatred and envy towards us. In this case the amulet or the talisman signals the possibility of falling into a trap, being cheated and taking damage. In addition to protecting from envy, the talisman and the magic amulet that appear in our dreams, can represent problems of love. In fact, to protect our love life we??can make use of an amulet or we can buy an amulet that will serve to attract a person that we really like. In real life all this is pure fantasy, illusion, useless magic but in a dream these objects can symbolize protection in love, the possibility of making a beautiful amorous encounter or the possibility of being able to live a very serene sentimental life but clearly only if on our side in our dreams we see the person we love. For example, our partner could give us an amulet. We conclude this article by describing some dreams in which often these magical items are given away by very strange characters or by very old men or women. Old age is the symbol of wisdom and to receive as a gift an amulet, a talisman, a lucky object from a very old man, means that only thanks to some wise advice we will be able to solve our problems.


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