The lamb and the veal in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to eat cooked and raw lamb meat or to see a newborn lamb or that is being born from a sheep? And buy a lamb for a good price? What does it mean to dream of caressing, giving birth or killing and cutting a lamb? And to dream of seeing a flock of lambs and rams grazing in the mountains or in the countryside? Have you ever dreamed of a lamb killed, eaten and eaten by a wolf, or to find a tiny lamb that is then cooked roasted in the oven with potatoes? And what does it mean to find a lamb wounded in a leg that loses blood, sad, asking for help? And dream of having a little lamb in your arms? What and how many lucky numbers of the Neapolitan grimace must we play when we dream of buying, cooking and eating lamb to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? "Why do I often dream of many white and very beautiful lambs giving me Easter? The other night I dreamed of seeing a lamb being killed, murdered, shot, by a hunter who also shot a little lamb, a small black and white lamb. Last night I dreamed of a fantastic young lamb and a dead lamb. Last night I dreamed of slicing lamb meat that was killed by myself but that bites me while he died. I dreamed of being at the table with my grandparents, my fiancÚ, a friend of mine, a colleague, relative, son, husband, wife, sister, uncle, brother, the Pope, a famous actor or singer, father, mother and everyone ate fresh lamb and veal meat". What does it mean to dream of a lamb? Tonight I dreamed of saving a lamb from slaughter. Last night I saw in a dream a lamb milled in a butcher's shop, a dead lamb and hung in a butcher's shop and I was very afraid because there was a lot of blood. I dreamed that my mother and father gave me a lamb. See so many lambs grazing, grazing and eating grass on the lawn or seeing a beautiful lamb at home with a very soft coat, what can it mean? Today we try to understand, understand the meaning and interpretation of those dreams in which the main symbol is the lamb, son of the sheep and who owns a very good meat, tender and valuable.


The people who love animals almost certainly when they meet or see a little lamb surely think about the problem of killing them to get their precious meat as well as their fur with which you can make many clothes. The lamb is the son of the sheep and therefore when it will become an adult it will be a sheep but in the meantime it takes on another name, in fact the name of lamb in order to identify an animal with different characteristics especially at meat level. The calf instead is a male bovine aged less than 12 months. But in the world of dreams why can a lamb or a calf appear and not a sheep or a cow? We immediately say that these dream symbols often refer to a great desire for tenderness. In fact, meeting a veal or a lamb is often a very nice, sweet feeling, an encounter that can open our hearts precisely if we are sensitive and tender people. So the first meaning to attribute to the veal or the lamb is tenderness. When we make this kind of dreams we have to think we are in a moment of our life where we need to be appreciated, loved, we need understanding and affection. This affection may come perhaps from the person who is in our dreams and who accompanies the little animal. We have often said that animals in dreams indicate our instincts and also in this case, a small animal like the lamb can signal a very docile, calm, meek instinct and therefore this type of dreams may mean that we are in a phase of our life in which we manage to tame our instincts, we can control everything we do or in a phase of life in which we really need to control our excessive emotions and passions. And here the figure of the white lamb can mean all this. But the lamb also has other meanings that can take on enormous importance in the dreamer's life.

To see a lamb at home means that in our house it is possible to find a good harmony and a good balance, especially after having quarreled and discussed with someone. Seeing many white lambs and calves with a beautiful hair, means a great positive energy that allows us to live a very peaceful life and very often, we must say that we understand that the presence of many lambs represents the possibility of substantial gains and remarkable work opportunities. In fact, many people claim to receive good news, to have new job opportunities just a few days or weeks after dreaming of a lamb or veal. The lamb is almost always a good sign, an excellent dream symbol, with often positive meaning because it gives happiness, joy, optimism, consolation and favorable changes in the life of the dreamer. Obviously caress and keep an animal company or see many lambs and calves grazing in a green and immense meadow is really a great dream that indicates a remarkable inner peace and a great joy that we are experiencing. If a lamb is black, dead or is killed, the meaning is completely different. Meanwhile, we must say that if we are ourselves to kill the animal, then we are not in a position to live our lives safely and we can not control our instincts that instead overwhelm us. Often the lamb killed can be the symbol of a love that is unrequited, a child that creates many worries or a period of our life that is very tiring, especially when we see a lot of blood coming out of the animal. Killing a lamb or a calf means to kill our emotions that can not find a useful outlet but its killing can have a much more important meaning for the dreamer. In fact, the lamb is also a great opportunity for food, especially its meat is very tasty and full of protein and then kill this animal to eat its meat, often it may mean that we have all the possibilities and tools to progress in the our life.

Cooking raw meat and eating cooked meat of these beautiful animals always has a very favorable meaning because it signals the presence of a strong spirit of adaptation of great physical and mental energies and the possibility of always finding new opportunities to move forward in life. Usually when we eat veal or lamb, we can have a great idea or one of our projects can be realized and bring a lot of money. But a project before being realized can certainly be very tiring and here we can dream of a lamb that suffers, who cries or runs away because it does not want to be killed. Recall that colors in dreams are always fundamental to add useful details to its interpretation and therefore while white indicates purity, nobility of mind, lucky events, joy, serenity, optimism, black almost always indicates some difficulties, apprehension, pessimism, obstacle in our life. Among the most widespread dreams we can often find those in which the dreamer is seated around a table full of food with many friends, family, work colleagues and even with unknown people and celebrities such as singers and actors. Often being together in a dream and eating lamb or veal means that the dreamer will most likely be invited to a party or finally the balance with a person can return. In some cases, especially when the dreamer is a woman, the lamb can signal the possibility of meeting a very kind, pure person, a person to fall in love with and who knows how to love and share his emotions. Nor should we forget that this animal is a religious symbol and indeed all of you have heard of the lamb of God, the one who takes away the sin of the world. When we are in serious difficulty and we often turn to God, we pray and seek comfort in religion, then we can dream of the lamb who asks us to have faith and hope. So, concluding the article, we can say that the symbolism of lamb or veal is often very positive and concerns emotions, lucky events, possible loves that can be born and a great religious spirit.


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