Dreaming of our dear ancestors, relatives, dead, unknown zombies walking towards us: this is the meaning of mourning and death in a dream. Who knows how many times it has happened to you to dream of grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, uncle, cousin, brother, sister who appears in a dream and talks to us, tries to talk, to communicate something to us that we do not understand or that even tries to kill us , to hurt us for no apparent reason. Maybe a deceased who writes something in a letter, in a place, in a notebook, on a wall. In this article we deal with the topic, the meaning of the dead in dreams, their psychological and psychiatric interpretation and for those who are passionate we will also try to find some numbers, using the Neapolitan grimace, which could prove to be successful, lucky at some game of ' gamble. In fact, through our book on dreams we will try to understand what the lucky numbers are when we dream of a deceased person. What meaning do the dead have in dreams? Dreaming of the dead who talk to us, who want to communicate something that we do not understand. What does it mean to often dream of dead people? Dreaming of a dead man speaking what he is revealing to you? Here is the truth behind this kind of dreams that are very widespread among the world population. What does it mean to dream of an already dead person who dies again? What does it mean to dream of a dead person or a dead person talking? What does it mean to dream of a deceased person who hugs you, kisses you, caresses your face or looks at you silently and obsessively as if he wanted to tell you something? Dreaming of a dead relative that we have a person for a short or long time is not a trivial dream but it certainly hides an important meaning that we will analyze during this article. Among the most common dreams relating to this genre, we find those in which you dream of a dead person who walks with you, together with you, holds your hand, kisses you, laughs or cries, is sad or cheerful, happy, smiles. What does it mean to dream of a dead person or a deceased acquaintance or a stranger who is dying. A particular distinction must be made when dreams of this type are made and below you will understand the reason for this distinction but in the meantime, first, I remind you that if you are passionate about numbers and gambling, you can find at the end of this article, the link to visit our dream book from which to extrapolate numbers that could prove to be winning.


First of all we make a very specific person among some types of dreams that often have a deceased person, a dead person as their protagonist. When we give a person in real life, if he goes away suddenly and if we are a very strong attunement, here in a dream, immediately after the earthly death and even for many months or even years, this person can appear in the our own dream world represents the strong union that in life. For example, when you lose a parent who loved you so much, in our dreams he often reappears in various forms, even in the form of nightmares, scary dreams but behind all this there is always a very strong pain that does not fade even with passing. of the months. The loss of a loved one following an accident, a sudden illness, agitates our soul, our unconscious and subconscious and even if it appears in everyday life it seems that mourning has been overcome, unfortunately within us, in the depths of life. our soul the wound is still present, it is very strong and does not want to go away. So these dreams simply identify a pain that remains in people's hearts after the death of a relative or a person who is still fundamental in their life. Scholars and psychologists also agree on a condition that occurs in relation to this kind of dreams. Often in fact, in real life, we may not realize it but we see death and destruction on television, in the newspapers, we hear news related to death, with the killing of someone, we see horror films in which there are often scenes of death and here in the dream all these elements that we experience during the day are transformed and we can find ourselves in front of a deceased person we know or not, maybe even a zombie. But a dead person in a dream can also appear for other reasons that are then more interesting to analyze and that our attention. For example, dreaming of walking together with a dead person we do not know. What can this mean? To understand this kind of dreams we must start from the concept of death in real life, from what it identifies because dreams are then a mixture of what we live, we feel in everyday life.

Death and we have often talked about this concept in our articles related to dreams, identifies the end of a situation, the change therefore, an inevitable change in the case of death because we all have to die and all things die in this world that is not eternal. Here is that the main meaning to look for in the dead that appear in our dreams is the desire or a change or the need to face a phase of change in life, a phase in which perhaps we feel forced to conclude a certain situation to take other paths, to go to new shores. But where can the change take place? In which sector of our life can this inevitable change take place that we should accept? Here is the importance of understanding the one we meet in a dream and who is probably dead in real life or lives but dies in a dream. Yes, because in our dreams we can also witness the death of a person we know, attend her funeral but in real life this person is fine. Let's take an example to understand death in dreams and the importance of deceased people. If we are experiencing a love story that does not satisfy us, full of complications, a monotonous sentimental relationship, devoid of harmony and enthusiasm, then in a dream we could see the person we love who dies or is killed or even we ourselves decide to kill her. Scary dreams that become nightmares but which hide that amorous impatience that is experienced in the relationship in real life. An intolerance that our subconscious perceives better than us that maybe we often pretend and try to move forward and that therefore brings to the surface in our dream world. The same thing in reference to dreams in which the deceased person is a work colleague and therefore there is a professional problem to be addressed or if we are facing the death of a friend. Something in the relationship with this friend must necessarily change so that we can find greater satisfaction and serenity. The dreams that scare the most are those in which a dead man comes towards us in an attempt to kill us, to harm us or in an attempt to tell us something that we do not understand however. In fact, communication, dialogue in dreams, is often indecipherable.

A deceased relative for many years now that we meet in a dream and who writes something, who tries to talk to us but we are not able to understand well what he means. Maybe a warning? Maybe some advice? Maybe a help to avoid falling into a trap, into a deception? Probably yes, probably this deceased puts us on alert about a dangerous situation that we may have perceived in real life but which is not absolutely clear. But remember that dreams are very subjective and therefore each of us knows our life well and can better understand what a dream wants to reveal. Generally a dead person is always the indicator of an inevitable change that is about to take place, of the need to change direction, to put an end to a certain situation to start another path or we are faced with the perception of a problem that must be thoroughly analyzed to prevent it from creating further difficulties. In this sense, this kind of dreams is absolutely positive because it puts us in a situation of alert, attention. It can also happen to kill an already deceased person and here we are faced with a positive dream that signals the concrete possibility that the situation that disturbs us in real life can actually be overcome, can be easily dealt with. In most of these dreams in which the dead are the protagonists, the actions they perform are also important. For example, they approach us and caress us, kiss us, hug us and in rare cases try to make love. These particular attitudes are often in connection with the lack of love, with the lack of that manifestation of feelings that every man should live in order to feel satisfied. A phase of one's life in which one does not feel loved, included, in which we feel alone, too isolated from the world and instead would like to be protagonists, to live life in a more satisfying way. Those who have this type of dreams often have a monotonous life in which they are unable to manifest their impulses, what they have inside their heart and their mind. Here too the concept of putting an end to a situation always returns to change, to turn the page and start a new path that can be more satisfying.

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