Fire in dreams. Meaning, symbolism, psychological interpretation and lucky numbers, winning to play with the Neapolitan grimace. What does it mean to dream of a fire? What does it mean to dream of seeing a house on fire? What does it mean to dream of burning wood? What does it mean to dream of escaping from a fire? Who knows how many times it has happened to you to dream of extinguishing the fire with water or some fabric or trying to blow on it. But why can we dream of witnessing a fire in the distance or that is very close to us? Why can we find ourselves inside an apartment that's going up in flames? See an ember that burns, a man that catches fire, a volcano that erupts with its scorching lava, that is sprinkled with gasoline and decides to die. What does it mean to be in front of a fireplace with the fire lit or with the woods extinguished, burned and therefore finished? Fire in a dream never has a trivial meaning because you will understand well what it refers to. So what does it mean to dream of a fire that burns or goes out? Why can we see our clothes on fire or the furniture in our home? Some have happened to dream of being in front of a fire, a bonfire lit on the beach with some friends. It is important to understand who is with us when we observe a fire, for example father, mother, parent, brother, sister, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, husband, boyfriend, wife, friend, co-worker, grandfather. A person who dies in a fire can have a very relevant meaning for the dreamer. A man burned alive without being able to be saved or to save an unknown person from a huge, terrible fire. Seeing trees and plants catching fire, firefighters putting out a fire, throwing cold or hot water on the flames of a fire to put it out, throwing an object into a fire to burn it. The fire that burns the skin, the clothes and us who feel a lot of physical pain. Warm up near a fire because it is very cold or see very high or small flames or be immersed in a forest with a devastating fire. So let's try to understand the meaning of these dreams which are obviously not easy to analyze because they are very subjective. At the end of the article you will find a link to go to extrapolate lucky numbers connected with the dream elements from our dream book.


To understand the symbolism of fire in our dreams and therefore give a fairly correct interpretation we must start from its meaning and use in real life. The fire with its flames is used for cooking, to heat the environments in which we live and to burn something that is no longer useful, to reduce to dust and ashes things that are no longer useful. Dunqeu fire can be seen as something very useful, indispensable but also destructive, dangerous. If we get too close to a fire we risk getting burned, catching ourselves on fire. Always referring to love and erotic impulses, fire and its flames have been associated with sexual desire, passion but also destruction and creative energies. Certainly when we dream of being with the person we love and we see a great fire or very weak flames that go out, then we are faced with a difficulty in expressing what we have inside on a loving level. Emotions and sensations fail to come out and we feel assaulted by forces and energies that we are unable to control. A disappointment in love or a great romantic relationship that unites us to another person. In short, fire is the typical symbol of that desire which at times can also be self-destructive that unites two people of the same or different sex. Being alone and watching a fire go out could mean that we are going through a complicated moment in which we are unhappy in love because we have no one by our side with which to express our seductive qualities or even though we are living in love, it is not so pleasant, intriguing, engaging. But fire does not only mean male and female ardor, erotic impulses but also dynamism, transformation, purification, illumination, destruction. By analyzing these words we will be able to understand very well the meaning of a fire and its flames. First of all the people who are with us and witness a fire can be essential to give a correct interpretation of this kind of dreams. Probably our relationship with this person who could be a parent, boyfriend, work colleague is in a favorable or unfavorable phase.

For example, if the person who is with us catches fire, dies in a fire, then the relationship we have with them could change very soon, evolve and it is not certain that it is a negative evolution, therefore a worsening of the relationship because the fire destroys, it is true, but through destruction it allows a transformation. Here is another key word, transformation. We can see the dream fire and its flames as something destructive that is happening in our life in a certain sector of it or as something that is transformed, that changes, for better or worse but in any case that changes, therefore that does not end. Trivially, the fire in our dream world can represent small desires that remain unexpressed in our life, desires that we cannot convert into something concrete and therefore manifest themselves with small or large fires. Destructive fire can represent very positive inner transformations because it is associated with the symbol of purification and wisdom. In fact, it will have happened a few times to find yourself in front of a nice fire lit in a fireplace or in front of a bonfire and think of something very personal, of the interior, of something pleasant, perhaps of future projects to carry out in your life. Therefore fire can also be seen as a moment of useful concentration that we need to face a certain obstacle, to support a complicated situation that requires a lot of concentration. But why can we dream of seeing our house going up in flames? Obviously this kind of dreams generates a lot of apprehension in us because we can think that something must happen in our daily life but in reality these dreams indicate the desire to change something within the 4 domestic walls. The monotony of a life that flows more or less always the same, the melancholy of a married life that is no longer as exciting as before. Here these real events can turn into a fire that burns in a dream, into very high flames, into flames that go out just as our energy, our creativity goes out. Speaking of creativity we can also broaden the meaning to other situations too. Artistic creativity, intuition, genius.

If we are artists and we dream of seeing a fire, even lighting it, feeding it with objects, gasoline, wood, then perhaps we find ourselves in a moment in which creativity is productive, is at its peak and we can do something beautiful, create a our artistic work based on the sector we are interested in. So you have seen how many meanings we can associate with fire and its flames. In summary it can mean desire, energy, passion, destruction, purification, wisdom, intuition, enlightenment, creativity, inner transformations, wisdom but also destruction, self-destruction. In fact, in reference to these last two words we can say that the dream fire can be the symbolism of a moment of our life in which we are out of control, in which we are unable to control what is happening to us and we enter a phase. of confusion and indeed of destruction. For example, witnessing a fire in which we are unable to put out the flames, witnessing a person we love, whom we know, who catches fire and dies and we are unable to help him, to save him. Maybe we ourselves catch fire and in a thousand sufferings, physical pains, we die. Yes, because in a dream we can also feel pain and feel the flames that burn our skin. Obviously it is not always easy to understand what the scope of manifestation of a dream of this type is but if we analyze the dream details, every object, place where we are, person, sensations, emotions, colors, then we will probably understand in which sector of our life we??need to purify ourselves, to change, to be more creative, to put an end to one situation to start over with another. Never underestimate fire because it is a very powerful element. We conclude this article by also talking about those black and white dreams in which the flames of a burning fire are in fact black and white. Perhaps our life is rather monotonous and we feel within ourselves the need to do something different, innovative in order to evolve, to get us out of this moment of inner apathy that risks enveloping us, destroying us in the most serious cases. leading also to a period of emotional depression. Fire is life and this often means when it appears in our dream world.

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