Interpretation and psychological meaning of dreams of odd and even numbers. Here's what we cover in this article. Dreaming that a deceased person gives us some numbers or reading a date of birth on a sheet, a newspaper, a letter, even seeing car license plates. What is the number of the dead man speaking? Numbers in dreams: here's how to interpret them correctly. What does the number 49 mean in the Neapolitan grimace? What are the numbers to play, the lucky and winning numbers when we dream of birth dates given by a deceased person, from a long-dead relative? What does it mean to dream of looking at the time? Why can we dream of 2, 3, 4 digit numbers? Why can we dream of a wedding date or a funeral? What is the meaning of the dates of birth or death in a dream and the numbers in general? Dreaming of seeing yourself dead in the coffin and knowing exactly the day, month and year of death is really a terrible dream that creates a lot of anguish in the dreamer. Dreaming of the number 9, 11, 18, 30 or Roman numerals or even house numbers. Numbers and dates appear in dreams in many ways that are not easy to interpret. What does it mean to dream of numbers and dates of birth? Who knows how many times it has happened to read the dates of birth of an unknown or known person in a dream like husband, wife, boyfriend, brother, sister, friend, co-worker and not understanding what they were referring to. What does it mean to dream of a future date or of the past? Why is it possible to dream of reading or writing dates of birth or numbers on the calendar? First of all, before moving on to the interpretation of this kind of dreams we remember that immediately after it you will find a link to go to our dream book where you can extrapolate the numbers relating to things, objects, animals, places , people, actions, situations, emotions and feelings that you have experienced in a dream. In this way you can try to win a sum of money in some gambling but always limiting the expense because the win is obviously never certain in this type of games and lotteries. But let's understand better and better what lies behind the dreams in which we see numbers and dates of birth, actually dreams that are very common among the population but that do not have a trivial meaning, indeed they can say a lot and help us solve certain everyday situations.


Surely dreaming of numbers refers to real life situations that the dreamer is experiencing and that should not be neglected. Obviously, a distinction must be made with numbers that for us can represent something and random numbers that are apparently not connected with events, people of everyday life. First we analyze the numbers that appear in dreams and then we move on to the analysis of the dates of birth or death which certainly have a more important meaning, at least according to the scholars of dreams and nightmares. So when we dream of any number we must always try to understand and understand if for us that number consisting of one or more digits has a meaning, is connected with an event, with a person, in short, if it reminds us of something. In this case it is obvious that that number wants to refer to a situation we are experiencing or have experienced that has caught our attention in real life. Often these are trivial dreams. For example who knows how many times it has happened to dream of car license plates that perhaps we have read in real life perhaps without paying much attention. These life scenes recur in a dream in a confused way, with very strange and imaginative dream events. We do not have to give much importance to dreams in which car license plates appear unless that license plate is known, it belongs to a person we know and therefore maybe an event could happen that involves that person and the dreamer himself. Since the car is used to move, it is a means of transport, it is therefore likely that news will arrive or that during a trip we will receive a message, we will learn of something very interesting for us. But why can we see apparently random numbers, without any meaning and appearing in our house, on the walls, on some papers, on the calendar or in other situations? It is often thought, wrongly, that they are numbers to be played in order to win a sum of money but this is not the case. Numbers often represent the randomness of life, the random events that come and that we may not expect, both positive and negative. If the number or numbers we dream of have a negative meaning for us in real life then it is likely that an unpleasant event may come, otherwise it will be exactly the opposite.

What seems to be more important when we interpret dreams of this kind is the appearance of a date of birth that we know or do not know and which can refer to the past or the future. Why do we dream of birth dates relating to the past or simply dates on the calendar that refer to the past or the future? Obviously if the date reminds us of something it is very likely that it is connected to an event that we have already experienced but if this date is connected to the future then we must necessarily expect that something can happen. An example will clarify ideas about the dream meaning of dates in general. A boy tells his psychologist that he dreamed of a very precise date on a document that had a header linked to the Ministry of Defense. The date referred to the future and not to the past. After some time from that dream, the boy meets a girl who had a father who worked in the military. The meeting with this girl takes place on that precise date indicated in her dream. A premonitory event therefore, a dream event that portends this meeting and it is very likely, in fact, that when we dream of these future dates, they are connected to a situation that will occur and which could be positive or not. But what if the date we read in a dream is connected to the past? In the meantime, we must remember if something particular happened on that date and that concerned us but if this had not been true then it is likely that the dreamer has concluded a certain cycle of his life, he has put an end to a moment of his life to begin with. another path. Therefore the dream date is also seen as the end of a period that starts another phase of life. But why can we read dates of birth perhaps referring to people we know? Here is what lies behind this kind of dreams that are not trivial but which often refers to situations that are not so important. Seeing a date of birth which is obviously a date already in the past, can suggest that we will soon meet the person born on that date or we will receive some news from her. In short, this type of date represents upcoming news that may or may not be favorable.

Dates of death, on the other hand, make us much more afraid. Maybe some of you happened to see a death date written on a grave where there was your photo or that of a person you know, relative, friend, co-worker. Here these dates obviously do not signal a physical death in real life but a change, the end of a situation that allows you to start a new path that could concern the same dreamer but also involve the person indicated on the grave. We never have to worry when we have this kind of dreams because they do not indicate a true physical death but something that ends to allow us to start over. Sometimes these dreams turn into frightening dreams that make us literally jump out of bed and wake up with a lot of fear but we must not be alarmed and carefully evaluate every dream detail to understand well the scope of the dream manifestation. The people we meet, the place where we are, the objects or any animals can provide us with further details to understand well what the dream wants to communicate to us. Widespread dreams are also those in which we dream of being together with a deceased person, a relative who has died for a long time, perhaps as a parent, grandfather, uncle and this person comes towards us communicating some numbers. What do these numbers represent? Perhaps the possibility of being able to win at some game of chance or not? Coincidence often has it that after having this kind of dreams and playing the numbers it was a real win but we are not so sure that all dreams of this kind can be premonitory of a win. In most cases they refer to memories that remain dormant in real life and that our subconscious brings back to life during sleep and dreams. We are all unconsciously connected with deceased people who have been more or less important to us. But is there a difference between an even number and an odd number? According to some scholars and psychologists, behind the even number that appears in a dream there is the need to find greater concentration in real life in reference to some situations that are being experienced and that require making even important choices that cannot be postponed. Usually the odd numbers instead indicate a phase of instability that needs to be remedied.

Now that we have interpreted the dream that sees numbers and dates of birth as the protagonist, we can go and visit the page of our website where there is the very famous dream book in which to find numbers to play. In a dream, many elements can appear that should not be underestimated and if you want to extrapolate numbers to try your luck then our book will be very useful. Hundreds of words all sorted according to the alphabet, so it will be very easy to find each word and its number. Things, people, actions, animals, colors, feelings, emotions, sensations, all of this can be found in our book. Obviously we remind all of you that dreams are not used to bring us luck in gambling but to help us live better, to better understand how to solve certain situations, to become aware of events that perhaps in everyday life we??underestimate. Then clearly try your luck when we have a very special dream in which numbers may appear, is always a thing to do because you never know in life. Don't spend too much though.


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