What does it mean to dream of seeing a syringe with a very bitter needle? And dream of a full and dirty syringe of blood? What does it mean to dream of stitching with the needle of a syringe? A needle in dreams can make you really scared. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace can be played when we dream of a syringe puncture, to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and dream guide? "Tonight I dreamed that I felt stung by a very long and thick needle and injected me with medicines, tranquillizers or even drugs. On the past night I dreamed that my father and my mother stumbled upon me with a huge needle on my arm and I really lost a lot of blood. Last night I dreamed of piercing, piercing, snapping, teasing a baby or something with a very big, long, pointed steel needle. The other night I dreamed of being in the hospital, and a nurse or a doctor had so many needles in my arms, in my hands and in my buttocks. Why can I dream of seeing my grandmother, my grandfather, my brother, my sister, my boyfriend, my friend, a work colleague, my son, my husband, my wife, my uncle, the pope, a famous actor or singer With so many needles and pins in the face?" What does it mean to dream of having a large syringe in hand but having the needle that is broken and stung the same? What does it mean to dream of needles and pins? What does it mean to dream of being points from a series of needles and fainting? Dreaming of pins on our body, skin, head, face, legs, back, hands, right or left eye or on the feet or even on the chest, even on the lips, mouth and tongue, and try a lot Pain and suffering, is a widespread dream. Today we try to understand the meaning and interpretation of gathering small needles in dreams, sewing with needle and white thread or various colors.


Unfortunately, dreamy needles often do not have a very good meaning because they can affect very unpleasant sensations, events and emotions that have been experienced in real life. Pride wounded, displeasure, rivalry, envy, jealousy can only be some unpalatable emotions related to needles and needles in our dreams and therefore in our dream world. Although a needle is a very small object it can do very bad especially when it enters deep into our skin or in our eyes. This means that the feeling of malaise that we experience in real life is really very strong and makes us suffer very much. When someone we know we punches with a needle and we feel sorrow then certainly in real life the relationship we have with this person can be particularly irritating but we pretend nothing and we go on our way, but having the character and the Way of behaving the other person. For example, children and adolescent boys may dream of being stung by a huge needle or needle or a syringe that is in the hands of a parent, mom or dad or another relative. This situation indicates a difficult relationship, a complex communication with parents or relatives, and the child or boy can not prove his character, assuming that of the adult person.

Hurt and distance other people. Here is another very important meaning. The needle, with its tip, can also cause a lot of pain in our dreams and may indicate a love affair in which we are not absolutely understood by the sentimental partner. Very often when we, in everyday life, decide to court a man or woman who we like, but we are badly rejected, then in our dreams we can be the victim of so many needles that sting us and suffering and sadness can also be expressed by the blood blood Flowing out of the skin. These dreams are really very important and should not be underestimated because they often indicate that the dreamer holds in himself a lot of anger that does not express itself in his environment and this anger can result, if accumulated for a long time, in situations of great conflict, Rebellion towards other people and towards society. One should not underestimate another not very favorable aspect of needles and pins in dreams and often affects many women. Sew with needles and pins a vest, a trouser, a bra, a stocking, cover a hole in a garment using needle and cotton can be a very positive dream because it can indicate a great desire to create something new in your life or look for To settle a situation that is not going on as we would like.

So needles and pins can have very positive dreams. For example, if we dream of being in the hospital and a nurse or a doctor uses a syringe with a long needle to inject medicine into our body, then all this can mean that in our lives we are experiencing a fairly complex period in which we are Really very tired, we have lost our energies but fortunately things are going to change and our psycho-physical forces are going to come back. If, when the nurse or the doctor gets the puncture, we feel a lot of pain then before we have a good recovery in life, we will have to fight and suffer. Let's remember that to interpret a dream in the best way it is very important to remember the people we meet, the feelings we experience, the objects we see and in this case the point of our body where a needle or pin sticks. To better understand, let's see some examples. Dreaming of being stitches from a needle at heart height and feeling a lot of pain, certainly indicates a sentimental situation that makes us greatly suffer. If the needles or needles are stuck inside a foot, hand, or arm then we are probably experiencing a difficult time in the work, a period that does not yield good results and frustration increases within us because we would like to be able to realize What can not be realized for now. And dreaming of being points in one eye or head? The head points out our ideas and projects, and so the needles and pins in this position of our body point to the difficulty of thinking right solutions to solving problems. Needles in the mouth or lips or even in our tongue invite us to not talk too much, to be silent because we could combine several troubles.


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