Laurel and rosemary in dreams. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to dream of buying, buying in a shop, oriental, Arab, Indian, Egyptian spices? What does it mean to dream of eating bay leaf? Why do we often dream of finding a branch, laurel tree or rosemary in the countryside, in a forest or forest? What does it mean to dream of hearing aromas of various spices entering the kitchen of a house, a restaurant, a small apartment that we do not know? Why is it possible to dream of buying and using spices for cooking such as oregano, thyme, sage, anise, cloves, mint, myrtle, nutmeg, paprika, poppy, pepper, pepper, saffron, ginger, sesame, mustard, turmeric? Often you can dream of growing laurel and rosemary plants, watering, cutting, pruning, taking care of these plants, seeing beautiful plants and laurel trees that grow. What dreamlike meaning hides behind the green or dry but scented laurel leaves? Why can we dream of throwing whole laurel plants into the garbage? What does it mean to dream of laurel and rosemary with yellow leaves or to plant and water a laurel plant with water or to use laurel to cook delicious dishes with my mother, my father, my grandmother, my aunt, my children, my husband, a famous singer or actor, my friends and work colleagues? And what does it mean to dream of wearing a laurel wreath or seeing someone giving us a laurel wreath? It can often happen to be in the kitchen to cook something using these particular spices. What numbers of Neapolitan grimace do I have to play when I dream of picking bay leaves or some other spice to try to win the lottery according to the dream book and the dream guide? "Last night I dreamed of being with a dear friend of mine who wanted to give me a laurel necklace. Last night I dreamed of being with a dear friend of mine who wanted to make me a laurel necklace. Last night I remember dreaming of planting rosemary in a field with my boyfriend and I saw the plants born. This night I dreamed of buying laurel, rosemary and other spices to use in the kitchen". Dreaming of eating spices together with a deceased person, dead for many years or give laurel and rosemary to a child we do not know. Certainly our dreams can be very special and can often be about food. Today we try to understand the meaning of some spices, some plants such as laurel and rosemary.


Laurel and rosemary are plants used in the kitchen to prepare many dishes. These plants that grow naturally or can be planted in the soil belong to the large group of spices. In order to understand the meaning of these two plants and spices, we must start from the meaning of spices in real life. In fact, they are substances used to season, preserve and flavor food. So spices are a very useful food condiment and serve as a side dish. Here we are faced with a first meaning. When we dream of these spices we must try to understand what is missing in our lives and we must try to understand if what we are doing is sufficient and allows us to have satisfactions. The food and its condiments often represent, in our dreams, the creative energies, the strength of our imagination, our psychophysical well-being and all the rest, so the spices we use to season the dishes are simply small details but necessary details to be able to manage in the best way situations on a professional, economic, family and sentimental level. Of course, sometimes, dreams in which we see food and spices like laurel and rosemary, can simply mean the need to eat, love and attraction for food and very often, especially the very greedy people, they dream of buying, preparing , cooking food. Obviously this kind of dreams is really less important and does not possess fundamental meanings and messages. But if we are not so fond of food during the day so as to dream it often during the night, then it can take on other meanings and messages that should not be underestimated because our subconscious almost certainly wants to communicate a problem, a necessity. Many dream scholars point out that food and various foods such as spices of any kind can represent positive, fortunate opportunities that can come into life and therefore here we are in the presence of beautiful, premonitory dreams. Other scholars are partly in agreement with this concept, but rather than say that the arrival of positive opportunities in the life of the dreamer is possible, they speak of new psychophysical energies, of creative energies that help to realize ideas and projects and consequently various opportunities can come.

All the spices in our dreams represent something we need in our lives. Clearly if in real life we??hate laurel or rosemary or maybe linden, chilli pepper, paprika, thyme, here in our life something causes us trouble, malaise, a torment that must find a solution. Eating something we do not like means doing something we do not want to do but that we are forced to do or to be in a situation where we do not want to be. If, on the other hand, the spices we use in dreams are spices that we like in everyday life, then we can hope to live a very healthy and positive period in different sectors of our earthly existence. But how can we understand the sector of manifestation of these dreams? First of all, food is essential for creating and developing interpersonal relationships and is often an excellent weapon of seduction. In fact, when a man wants to conquer a woman, he asks to invite her to dinner. Starting from the concept of interpersonal relationships, we can then reason on the other elements of dreams. First of all, never forget that in the dream, many elements are essential to provide a correct interpretation. Colors, places we visit, objects we meet, people we talk to, feelings and emotions. If we are cooking and tasting food and spices together with other people, we must try to remember these people because, most likely, the relationship with them will change during the next days. So, for example, if we dream of being in our house with our parents and we are eating something or otherwise we are preparing a dish, then the relationship with our father and mother could be changed. Here the spices can indicate if the emotional relationship can improve or worsen. If we are in the kitchen together with the person we love then together with our lover, husband, wife, boyfriend, we must be careful to the spices that are used for cooking because spices such as paprika, chili, in other words very spicy spices, can signal the need to make more the sentimental relationship is interesting.

Often very spicy spices are connected with sexual life, with eros and therefore can indicate, especially in the dreams of men, a strong propensity to sex, a strong desire and sexual appetite that must find its way out in life. Sometimes this kind of spice signals the lack of sex in the love relationship and therefore a misunderstanding between two people. But returning to rosemary and laurel, we try to refine our own explanation regarding these two spices. Very fragrant spices and ideal for cooking and dressing meat, they can have different meanings. Rosemary, at times, can indicate some joys that can come into our life but only if this spice, this plant is appreciated by the dreamer. A rosemary full of flowers is the harbinger of small satisfactions that can come and concern not only ourselves and therefore the dreamer, but also the people who are with us in a dream, for example our family members. Some scholars speak of possible distractions, periods of relaxation and fun, when rosemary is a fundamental element of the dream. After having dreamed of this element, in fact, it can happen to be invited to a party or it can happen to spend a few hours in pleasant company. The laurel instead can take on other meanings but that should not be underestimated. To dream of seeing or adorning one's laurel body is an excellent premonition of friendship, abundance, successes and especially when the dreamer wears a laurel wreath on his head or around his body. The achievement of goals, goals and goals can hide behind the laurels in dreams but must have the leaves in excellent condition and therefore very fragrant and green because, leaves dry or that give off a bad smell, can indicate obstacles, problems in being able to reach objectives and projects that can then vanish, not be realized. we conclude this article also saying that sometimes, the laurel can represent the possibility of a good marriage for a man while for the woman can get an excellent period of fertility, in which then get pregnant.


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