Friends in a dream. Symbolic meaning and interpretation. What does it mean to find and talk with old and trusted friends or with false friends? What does it mean to see a friend in a dream or to see friends already dead, dead for so many years? Why is it possible to discuss with a childhood friend or call a dear friend on the phone? Why can we dream of sending a message to friends we have forgotten and so we do not hear or see for a long time? What does it mean to be offended by friends or offend a friend in dreams? Friends who die, who fight, that we kill or hurt or who are killed, who laugh, who cry, sitting at the table with us, who steal, friends with whom we fight. How many times has it happened to dream of being in a fight with a friend in a dream? And how many times have you dreamed of disputing, challenging, fighting, competing, competing with just one friend or many friends? What does it mean to dream of a friend who marries, who divorces, angry, drunk, who drives the car with you, who kills, who cries, who is injured, in prison, sick, who is arrested by the police, who is he locked up in jail, hugging you, kissing you? Dreaming of meeting and talking with old friends away from our city or with a former friend with whom we had a discussion in real life. What does it mean to dream of friends? What kind of numbers based on the Neapolitan grimace can I play if I dream to meet and talk with a friend to try to get a lottery money win according to the dream book and the dream guide? "The other night I dreamed of being with my mother, my sister, my brother, my father and a very dear school friend. Last night I remember dreaming of playing football with a friend of mine and together with us there was also a work colleague, a relative, my son and my wife. This night I dreamed of being invited to a party where I saw so many good friends together with my ex-boyfriend and a famous actor and singer. Last night I remember dreaming of beating and killing a friend that I love very much". In this article we try to understand the meaning of friends in dreams that can often appear, take various aspects and do really unusual things. So let's understand what message our subconscious wants to communicate with these dreams that can make you feel good and bad emotions and feelings.


First of all, friends represent important links in our lives. The friend can be a precious thing, a person with whom to confide, a person who can help us in times of difficulty, can give useful advice and be like a brother or sister. A true friend is forever. To understand the dreams in which friendship comes out, that is a friend or more friends are present and are important elements in the dream, we must start from the concept of bonding, help, support but also fun because friends also serve for fun, to spend beautiful days together in a carefree way. Friends in dreams can often indicate a period of rivalry, envy and jealousy towards them. It must be said that we often choose a friend because he is similar to us or because he has some dowry that we do not have. For example, we are not optimistic and make friends with a person who is very optimistic, positive, cheerful and very sociable. In dream these character differences that in real life attract, can appear in a different form. For example, we can dream of arguing with a friend or even beating and killing him. These gestures do not signal a profound hatred of the person we see but simply can indicate and accentuate the character differences. In short, unconsciously or even in a very conscious way, we appreciate the qualities of our friend but we realize that these qualities can not be part of our character. And here a slight envy can spring from this kind of dreams. Obviously when we meet a friend in our dreams, we must try to remember if this person has done something to us in real life. We talked to her, we argued, we have not seen this person for a long time or we've heard of her from someone over the past few days. When you meet someone you know in a dream, you must always try to remember the emotions and feelings you have experienced. Very often, if they are positive, then the dream message is favorable and may indicate, for example, a beautiful meeting, a good phone call, the possibility to review a person you have thought of but not seen for years.

Did you have a fight with a friend in your daily life? So in your dreams you could meet this person and try to kill her, to hurt her, in short your anger against her is also manifested in the dream world because we must not forget that dreams are desires and therefore if we hate a person in our life but obviously not we can do evil, then in a dream everything can happen and we can kill, drive away, annihilate, beat, even make love with a friend. Exact. Very often you can dream of having sex or hugging, kissing, caressing a friend. These dreams can be embarrassing but they often hide meanings that are almost never trivial and really interesting to analyze. If a caress, a hug or even a kiss on the cheeks or on the lips, could represent a betrayal of our friend or that we make ourselves against him, having sex means to live a beautiful period of peace with this person with whom we feel a strong harmony. Indeed, after having made this kind of dreams, we can carry on a project together, collaborate, live a period of sociability with this person who then becomes very positive for us and our work and social progress. But it must also be said that often these dreams could represent a feeling that the dreamer feels towards this friend. For example, the dreamer could be attracted sexually in real life or even be in love with this friend but these feelings are not expressed, manifested in real life and then appear in a dream. Dreaming of a sad friend or crying may mean that you have noticed a difficulty of this person during his life, in short, you are worried about something that concerns your friend. This situation is very rare but it can occur especially when the link between a dreamer and friends is very strong. The power of this bond can even dream of future events that affect our friendships and even the mood of friends with whom we have this strong bond. But the most widespread dreams are the dreams in which we meet a friend we have not seen for a long time.

Often, after meeting a friend in a dream, we can incredibly see him again in real life. These dreams seem to be premonitory dreams and in fact it is often like that. The lack of this friend that we think about during the day, can be so strong as to strengthen the bond, the harmony between the two people who are far away but who can coincidentally meet. Two very widespread and important dreams that always affect friends are those in which one of them is dying or already dead or those in which we see and talk with old friends, former friends, friends with whom we have quarreled and with whom we no longer speak in real life. If we dream of a dead friend or dying, we are most likely faced with a change in our lives, a change that may relate to some links. The death of a friend is the signal of something that is about to change or that necessarily has to change in our relationship with this person. Death usually indicates ineluctable changes, often difficult to accept but essential to progress in life. In short, we want to change the relationship with a person and our subconscious makes us understand this through death in a dream that obviously does not represent a real physical death in real life. But why can we dream of former friends, old schoolmates with whom we have discussed and who are perhaps very unpleasant for us? Probably we did not say everything we had to say, we did not finish saying many things and all that remained pending returns in dream through the meeting with a former friend that we can call on the phone. For example, it is often possible to dream of calling a former friend on the phone but not being able to talk to him, hearing his voice very low and incomprehensible. Or we can receive a message from him but we can not read. All these dreams indicate lack of communication, unspoken things and therefore the need to recover a friendly relationship to fix everything.


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