What does it mean to dream of eating your nails or to see long, very sharp nails of your right or left hand? What interpretation and meaning do you give? "I dreamed that a nail breaks and gives me a lot of pain". How many times have you dreamed the fingernails of your hands or feet? But what does it mean to dream of seeing a broken nail? Dreaming of cutting your toenails and getting hurt or dreaming of cutting your nails to a very old man or woman, or to a child, what does it mean? Dreaming nail polish, dreaming of putting enamel on ruined nails. Dreaming of not having nails. How many dreams can you do with the nails of our hands or feet that are protagonists? What numbers do you play when you dream about your nails? What does it mean to dream broken, chopped, dirty, fake, long, short, black, chopped, crushed, purple, green, red nails? "This night I dreamed that the nails of the thumb, index, middle, annular and small finger, and even the toe of my foot break. Why did I dream of eating my nails last night? Why did I dream of a carved nail that made me very bad and where did my blood come from? Last night I dreamed of my friend scratching me on my face." Why can you dream about cats, dogs or other animals that scratch us with their very sharp nails? And dreaming an unknown person who wants to scratch us with his nail-shaped knife?


Well, dream nails can really have different meanings. First of all, nails in real life can be crucial to show good looks to people. In fact, very well-nailed nails indicate that the person holds much to his health, his physical appearance. Do you also have the vice to eat your fingernails? This terrible vice usually indicates nervousness. So in our dreams if we are eating nails then it means that in real life we are nervous for some situation that creates some problems. Eating nails in a dream also means we are very stressed, we live in a period of strong anxiety and so the message that this dream wants to bring is very simple. We must try to relax. Dreaming nails can also be very long or very short. Usually the length can indicate some opportunities we have in life. In short they can bring luck. If the nails are very beautiful, well-cared and perhaps colored with varnish of various colors, then here we are in the presence of a person who holds us so much to appear, a person very vanity or confident of herself. Hands in real life serve to do a lot of things. If in a dream because of broken nails or too long or still that make us very bad, we can not pick up an object, we can not do anything, then in everyday life we do not have the tools to move on.

Walking with your nails that cause a lot of pain has the same meaning, that is, in our lives we are experiencing a period of great difficulty and uncertainty and we do not know what to do, how to move. If it comes out of our nails blood then this is the confirmation of a phase of our life really difficult and above all with little energy, with physical and moral tiredness. But nails can also indicate an imminent attack by someone we know or by an unknown person. Cats and animals use their nails to scratch all those who are approaching and are considered a danger. To dream of a cat that scratches us, almost certainly, is a danger in life, a person who can hurt us because of his cunning and cunning. And if our dream nails are broken, cut, ruined or very dirty? Our hands, we have already said, are a part of our body that is always in touch with other people. They are a business card and hand care can really understand so many things. If they are in the dream they are ugly, broken, broken then we are afraid to show to others, we are afraid to be part of society. Of course these dreams are an awakening for us that we must try to learn the meaning to improve our existence.

Sometimes, however, we do not dream of our nails but we see the nails of other people. In dreams, we must never forget the people we meet because they can represent our mental aspect or give us useful guidance on some situations in our lives. Eg if in the dream we see a very old person with beautiful nails, we can think that we need some wise tips from very mature people in order to solve our various issues. If, however, we dream of our affectionate partner who has a very ugly nails and who are afraid then our love affair does not go as we would like, so we need to talk and discuss various relational problems. Some people also dream of cutting their nails to a child. That child very often represents ourselves or one side of our character. Having baby's nail care means taking care of ourselves and so this is a beautiful dream. And dreaming of nailed nails? If we do not suffer from this illness in life then this dream can really point to a big problem that must be solved immediately otherwise it can lead to an even worse situation. Finally let's not forget that women have a lot of care on their nails. If a man dreams of the beautiful nails of a female hand then maybe it's time to prove that they also have great female talents to exploit. If a woman dreams of a man with beautiful nails then the woman must try to exploit her masculine talents to move on in her life. Often, many people dream of scratching in someone's face. When someone scratches us in the face almost certainly in our lives we can not make them understand from others, in short, we feel misunderstood.


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