Last night you dreamed of being pregnant but you don't understand what this dream means for you that maybe in real life you don't want to have a child? What is it like to be pregnant in a dream according to current psychology and psychotherapy? What do psychologists and psychotherapists say about this kind of dreams? What sensations can you feel if you dream of expecting a boy or a girl? What does it mean to dream of a pregnancy that does not exist in real life? Have you ever dreamed of being pregnant without having a belly or being in menopause? What does it mean to dream of being pregnant with twins and crying for so much happiness and joy? What does it mean to dream of a newborn? What is the meaning of pregnancy in dreams? What is the meaning of waiting for the birth of a child? What does it mean to dream of being pregnant but to lose the child who is about to be born who then dies in the womb? What does it mean to dream of being pregnant and losing blood or losing the baby? Being pregnant with your boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or husband, a friend from school, work, a relative, cousin, brother, brother in law. In this article we try to understand what it means to dream of being pregnant, according to the most popular interpretations and which numbers hide behind these dreams according to the interpretation of the Neapolitan grimace to also try to win some small or large sum of money in a game of 'gamble. First of all we will analyze the different aspects of a dream of this type in general, reminding all of you that the dream world is very subjective because it is based on the daily life of each of us, on the events that occur in everyday life. The dream of waiting for the birth of a child is obviously very widespread among women but also men can have this type of dreams and we will see the reason for this situation that happens and it is not rare, even if men tend not to reveal then to none this kind of dreams they have lived. Here we are faced with a very powerful archetype that almost always has a positive basis because then we must not forget that in a dream there are other objects, people, places, then we can experience positive or negative sensations and therefore it is not said that to wait for the birth. of a child is an absolutely profitable thing. But let's try to understand everything by calmly analyzing this dream widespread among the world population in the following paragraphs.


First of all in most cases this kind of dreams represent a positive event that could happen in the person's life even if sometimes the amazement, the wonder can give way to fear. In fact, in dreams we can feel pain, experience feelings of malaise, have indeed fear, fear as if we were awake. The key word for understanding this kind of dreams is change. Dreaming of being pregnant is in fact often connected to a change, to a renewal of our life which can be more or less important, obviously depends on each of us. To understand, let's take a few examples. We may have the desire to undertake a new professional path, to change city, to move to a new home or to think of going to live with the person we have at our side and whom we love, even to prepare for marriage or to reach a better level. of studies, to carry out a new project. Here, behind the dream pregnancy, there is not simply a desire to become a mother which obviously can also be a concrete event that the dream could indicate, but many other situations could be hidden. In real life the joy of knowing that you are pregnant can be very great, wonderful, fantastic and therefore when we have this dream we must think of living a really beautiful, wonderful moment, even if we will hardly understand any area of life, unless the more in-depth study of the dream comes out characters, objects, environments that make us lean towards one situation rather than another. Therefore being pregnant is often the sign of a bright, joyful, peaceful future, full of novelty. But these are not always such joyful events because we remember that in dreams we can also experience bad sensations, bad emotions, such as fear. Yes, the fear of expecting a child that we may not want, the fear that the child will be born with some physical or mental handicap. So here we dream of losing pregnancy, losing blood, giving birth to a dead or sick child. We must not be scared when it happens to have these dreams which can be real nightmares for some but try to understand what the reason behind them is.

We said, in fact, that pregnancy can be the symbol of an important change that is about to happen in real life. However, this change can scare us. For example, we decide to change jobs but we know we have to start in a new environment, with new colleagues and we are afraid of not being appreciated. Justified fears that manifest themselves in a dream with unpleasant sensations. Here is what it means to dream of being pregnant and losing blood or losing the baby. In real life we??know we have to face a renewal that will still be a great sacrifice, it will take time to be realized and it does not mean that it can bring us what we yearn for. But luckily here we are faced with a very small percentage of women who live these dreams with fear because in most cases it is a question of living with amazement, wonder and contentment. Obviously we must not forget that dreams often represent desires and what is the most common desire a woman can have in the course of her life? Of course having a baby, getting pregnant for the first time and then her dreams can often be of this type and manifest this kind of desire that would like to find an outlet in real life. Another fundamental keyword to associate with these dreams is creativity. Yes, creativity is often linked to dreams of this type. So if we are women or even men and we dream of being pregnant or even simply of seeing someone we love expecting a baby, then we are probably experiencing a very beautiful phase in which we are creative, dynamic, full of insights and we could therefore start a new path. of life, starting a hobby, dedicating ourselves more to ourselves, finding ample space to express our qualities and our strengths. Some dreams that can often cause concern in the dreamer are those in which we find ourselves waiting for the birth of a child conceived with an ex-husband, ex-boyfriend. What lies behind these dreams? Simply our subconscious makes us understand how much we can still be romantically linked to a person who has had an important role in our life and here is that the umbilical cord that we can notice during childbirth represents this bond that has not yet been definitively broken and that probably this is exactly what he asks, namely the need to break away from an old love relationship.

Let's now analyze the dreams in which it is the man who discovers he is pregnant. A rather rare dream event you will think but you are wrong as dreams can be very strange and bizarre and let's not forget that man hardly tells dreams of this kind for fear of being misunderstood or not understood or even mocked by friends, family, colleagues. of work. So what can we find behind a male pregnancy? An even greater amazement, a sensational change in the life of the male dreamer, an infinite joy, a very important goal that is about to come and perhaps unexpected, sudden. A beautiful dream therefore that men can be lucky enough to try. Returning to the concept of sensations and emotions that can be experienced in our dream world, therefore also of physical pain, always present during a real pregnancy, here we are faced with the concept of sacrifice, resistance, courage, audacity, tenacity and awareness that only after so many battles will we be able to get what we want to the end. So you must not be frightened if during a dream in which you discover that you are pregnant and maybe you are in the hospital to give birth, you suffer a lot, you have a lot of pain, just like that of a real birth. All this suffering simply indicates that the great change that will take place in life will be the result of a lot of sweat, of a lot of commitment, of great efforts that will allow us to enjoy even more when we reach the goal. Finally we return to the umbilical cord that could appear in a dream during a birth. If it is cut then we are ready for a new start, we are ready to leave what no longer gives us satisfaction to go towards a new goal. What if we dream of having twins? What if we give birth to two, three, four babies? Very rare dreams because they represent an even more important, crucial event, an event that could upset your life in an unexpected, sensational, exceptional way. Never forget to analyze objects, people, places, sensations and emotions that you observe and experience in a dream because the key to a correct interpretation is precisely in the study of all these details and therefore, simply, even crying can give an extra starting point to understand. better the dream because you can cry for joy for the arrival of a healthy and strong child but you can also cry for sadness for the dream birth of a sick or even dead child.

Many people try to extrapolate a series of numbers from their dreams to try to win some gambling and thus earn some money. Let's say right away that dreams do not exist to make us win money but only to help us understand ourselves and thus find solutions to the different problems we experience. Obviously, many times, it can happen to have dreams in which we see numbers or we manage to pull out, for some unknown reason, perhaps by intuition or divine help, numbers that really allow us to win. Here, over the centuries, many books on dreams were born and we created one of them. A very complete dream book, with many words that represent objects, actions, people, sensations, emotions. For example, if you have dreamed of getting pregnant then you can find different words related to this dream such as newborn, pregnancy, woman. Do not spend too much money trying your luck at gambling because certainty does not exist in these cases. Here is the link below to go to the page of our site where you can find the book on dreams. Good luck.


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