"Last night I dreamed I heard a very strong explosion like a bomb. The other night I saw in a dream that a factory in my city exploded and went up in flames. I had a lot of fear. But what does it mean when you dream a bomb exploding, I see a great big bomb blast? That is to see so many explosions and fire that burns everything around me? Last night I dreamed that a cylinder of gas broke into my house. My parents, my children, my died husband. Last night I dreamed I heard a mighty roar, a bang, a gunshot, a download, a thunder". What does it mean to dream a loud explosion in the air even if the sky is clear? Because you can dream of the outbreak of a volcano erupting lava or a mountain? Why can we dream of the detonation of an explosive device as a bomb that blows up our home, the home of our parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles, friends, co-workers? What it means to see a plane explode in the sky or even see the sun, the moon, a shooting star exploding? Let us understand the meaning of these dreams and to give a correct interpretation.

The dreams in which we see the explosion of a bomb can do a lot of fear and make us wake up in the middle of the night. We must say that very often such dreams are tied to a rebalancing mechanism of our body. In fact, During the night even though we are sleeping our bodies can incorporated, through the ears, it sounds That as from the outside or from the inside of our house. I know this auditory stimulus comes to mind That, During sleep, can make us dream of a burst, an explosion, a bomb explosion. So here we wake up with a start. Sometimes just the noise of a simple door opening or closing, the sound of a car or a motorcycle, the sound of a barking dog that to operate this kind of defense mechanism of our body during sleep and dream.

But this is not the only meaning to be given to this kind of dreams. Often when we dream of the explosion of a bomb, a gas cylinder must think maybe be in a period of high stress, we have accumulated so much stress in our lives and then in a dream we can ease this tension just seeing explosions, fires, etc... If we do not realize that we are in a very stressful then our minds, our subconscious makes us understand with dreams. Clearly this is a very useful mechanism and understand how important it is sometimes to dream. But as we always say, you should never underestimate the places where the outbreak occurs, the people involved and the feelings. For example if you see an explosion in your home then in the family there is some serious problem that must be resolved because there is making life very hard and difficult. If there's a fire or a bomb on your workplace then you have been accumulating stress that comes from that very place.

Typically when you do an explosion the feeling you get are feelings of fear, sadness, melancholy because maybe in the blast someone you care about is dead. Sometimes these dreams bring with them a message of liberation. Maybe in real life, there might be an event, perhaps traumatic but necessary to free yourself from a burden that had become suffocating. Often when we see a plane, a shooting star, the Sun or the Moon exploding in the sky then maybe some of our desires can not be realized while a volcano erupting lava indicates the risk that you yourself get angry with someone very much, you will not take it all in and become a danger for whoever meets. In the final analysis sometimes dream of thunder, lightning, sudden explosions as the sky is completely clear, may portend a terrible event that can happen in your life and that will be very heavy to bear but fortunately this type of event is very rare.


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